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Saturday, 1 October 2011
10:52:29 PM (GMT)
Cross saw the anger and hate in the young girls eyes. Ah, but to
Cross it was as soft as kitten fluff against his face. He's broken the hearts of
many, and
trampled on the dreams of the physically weak. He could deal with a teen's
angsts. But Cross was nowhere near done, so he expected the girl's hate to only grow
stronger for him.
"Now i was going to have you do a coloring worksheet but now- I only find it fitting
make this detention the worst you've ever had. So i will never see you here again,
Ms.Calantha." Cross took out a pair of scissors and began to snip away at the air
meticulously.. "Snip.. Snip.. Snip.. Snip.. Such pretty hair you have." Cross
hinting at how lovely it would be to snip of a few inches or two. He had a class on
bio elements of the human body- and real sample of hair would be perfect for
Cross took a glance at the other students in this small group. He got an idea that
one of them will jump in and try to do something, or maybe escape. But Cross would
come to
that bridge later. The male teacher took a step closer towards Calantha with the
he knew if Calantha tried to move his arms the glue would burn her skin, and if she
trying it would peal off. It was a compound chemical Cross made himself, it looked
regular super glue, and it had no smell. "You wouldn't mind would you?" Cross asked
a piece of Calantha's hair and twirling it around his fingures, "I could use this for
of my classes."

The moment Calantha saw Mr. Cross began snipped the air with his pairs of scissors
compliment her hair, she got the impression he was about to cut her hair.  he's
 was her first thought, but after seeing the look in his eyes, she realised he was
kidding.  shit... She chewed on lower lip a little. As much as she despised
admitting it, her hair was sort of like her pride and joy. It was similar to how Mr.
felt about his tie, though she really had nothing to do with it getting ruined.
was always told she had goregus hair and the sudden thought of losssing it shook her
fiesty attitude for a moment. 
A very brief moment. Afterall, it was hair. Hair grows back. She decided wasn't going
give him the satisfaction of her fear or doughts. So, Calantha released her lower lip
pulled her mouth into a hard line. Then she kindly showed Mr. Cross her middle
without uttering a single word. That was the best she could do to give him some
insight on
how she felt; a propper anwser to his last question. She wanted to speak so badly.
wished he could have the unpleasent pleasure of hearing her swares and curses against
Still, Calantha vowed to a misanthropists' silence and continued to keep that vow.
small crease of anger in her eyebrows smoothened out with resolve. She decided short
was in, anways. It was still war. She was gonig to get even with him, eventually.
let him have his fun, because she knew she was going to have hers. This wasn't over.
 Honor's eyes grew wide when she realized what Cross was about to do. And
the poor girl wouldn't even be able to fight back.... that was like shooting someone
without a weapon, while they're back was turned! She saw they way he was smirking at
girl, and she knew she wouldn't fight back, or even mutter in protest. It was a
matter of
pride, and neither of them were willing to back down. Cross was getting a real kick
out of
 This guy was either a genius.....or insane.
 Honor giggled, but was really despairing about what she was going to do next. She
couldn't let the girl go through this, she had noticed they way her face went when
she saw
the scissors, even if it was only hair, it was just cruel. Half of her was
partly at Cross, but mostly at the way the other half was giddy with excitement.
There was
nothing else to it.
She took a deep breath, and swung out of her seat, cartwheeling and hitting Cross's
making  him gasp, mostly in surprise and causing the to scissors fly into the air.
they were still airborne, she used another desk as a springboard, and caught them,
executing a perfect roll upon landing, and springing to her feet beside the
seemingly-blind girl at the back. She threw the scissors out the window, and glared
at cross, only slightly out of breath. Hopefully, his attention would be aimed at her
the next few minutes.

Clantha closed her eyes a gave a barely noticible wince as she anxiously anticipated
sound of blades snipping through her long ringlets of hair. It was irritating. Why
was he
taking so long to cut it already? The prolonged silence was slowly eatting at her
and nerves. Then suddenly, there was a soft thud that sounded like the noise of
kicking something. She heard Cross gave a slight growl and then there was the
sound of metal sliding lightly across the smooth marble floors. Calantha peaked open
of her eyes and stared around to see what just happened. To her surprise, she saw
purple haired girl had retrieved the scissors and was now holding them in her grasp.
Clanthas' sea-blue gaze grew wide with bewilderment. She didn't think they where
of such a thing, let alone little miss quiet and obediant. She  had  to be bipolar.
There was no other explanation. The thought made Calantha laugh a little. She seemed
have a new expression of a rather smug relief.  Take that, Cross.  she thought with
a scoff. She continued to watch as the scissors where tossed through the window. A
the piericing noise of shattered glass dividing into small sharp shards and falling
the floor was heard. That was amusing. Calantha almost felt pity for Cross. Her
attitude was clearly contagious. This class was begining to get entertaining.
Now...if she could only find a way to get free. She knew with the attention on
this was her chance to make a move. Calantha shifted her gaze to her left and right,
trying to find something useful that could aid to her annoying current state, being
to a desk and all. She noticed a container of oil on the far left side of the
Just Great. Unfortunately, the desk Cross placed her in was isolated from everything
including the window. She needed someone to get it for her. Calantha looked at
"Pssssssst." she shifted her head, noticiblely, trying to get her attention. Then
pointed to the oil, hoping she would fetch it for her. It was all she needed to
loosen the
hold of the glue. With the sound of the  shattering glass still ringing in her ears,
grinned. She glanced at Calantha, and noticed the girl discreetly pointing to the
of the room, towards an oil can. She understood immediately.
Cross hadn't noticed the exchange, he was stil staring at her in a mixture of shock,
rage. She chuckled, she was enjoying herself now. She waggled her fingers at him and
hopped onto the nearest desk, trying to seem like she was just aimlessly teasing
waltzing around the room like she owned it.
He glowered at her, and started to advance towards her, but by this time, Treachery
was in
control, and if Cross was gong to follow her, she was going to like it.
she flipped off the last desk in the corner and picked up the can on the way down,
it behind her back. Cross was now in front of her, his features fighting to remain
but she could see the infuriated look in his eyes, and sensed his anger in the way
She winked at him and tossed the can over to Calantha, where it landed on her desk
started leaking all over it, already loosening the hard coating of glue.
Now she was just left with Cross, who growled in annoyance, suddenly realizing what
going on.

ooc:  ForgiveForget needs to post Cross xDD

"Hmh..." Calantha gave a small irritated grunt as Honour tossed the can at her.
it scared her a little. She thought it was going to hit her in the face for a
Luckily, the propelled flying can of oil landed on her desk and exploded on the
impact of
its' hard wooden surface. Calantha strecthed out her hand to reach it and
picked the can up. Then she spilled the ramining oil over her arms and legs. The oil
loosened the hold of the glue, causing the strength to weaken immensily. Did he
think she was going to sit there like some helpless bimbo? She felt insulted. He
underestimates me. Calantha thought to herself. She waitted for a few moments,
allowing the oil to loosen enough of the glue, so that she could move without it
off her flesh. The mere thought of that made her wince a bit. It sounded painful and
did not want to experince it. Calantha wiggled her way free, slowly letting the glue
off against the friction and oil. Then she stood, once she was free enough to stand
from the desk. Free! She still had noticible chunks of glue on her clothes and skin
that didn't matter, she was free!            
After that, she looked at the enraged Mr. Cross, knowing she had quite a few options
She could either escape out of there again, or help Honour start a revolt. Either
way, it
seemed to have a promise of ending badly. Most likely, if she ran, the ones in all
would capture her and bring her back. And if she helped Honour, Cross would still
reguardless. Unless they managed to tie him up. Calantha smirked a little with
intent. That might be fun. She decided to start her vow of war against Cross.
Calantha looked around the room and found a long string of rope. perfect. She then
over to him, sneaking up from behind and wrapped her arms around him with the rope in
hands. Her hands worked quickly and double-knotted the rope, so that he couldn't move
arms. She did it in a way that if he tried to get free, the knot would only tighten.
Calantha let go of him and laughed at him as she skipped to Honours' side and
the bipolar girl. She made faces at the detention teacher, finding joy in his anger.

 OOc: i know, but i don't think he would just stand there :P and wow u can find
everything in this classroom lol

Honor stared up at cross, her elation fading away. But suddenly hands appeared out
nowhere, and  Cross was tied to a chair, glaring at them from behind a curtain of
Calantha walked grinning from behind him and high fived Honor, looking immensely
with herself.
Honor  laughed outright at the tied up teacher, almost falling to the floor at
funny faces. 
She looked around the room ad spotted a pot of black paint. Her face lit up in
delight and she skipped back over to Cross and Calantha, grinning happily. It had
been a
while since she had practiced face-paintingHonor

 Sorry Wish, Jessie, i'm afraid my laptop hours have been cut DRASTICALLY.
So no rping for me- say- Forever- maybe or close to it. lol
Your welcome to roleplay without me, because i don't want to pause the beautiful
you two already made with your characters. :P 
SOO Consider Mr. Cross officially DEAD until further notice. Thanks. :D

ooc: W-What?  o ^ o'
He can't die.  I never made Calantha to be that evil.  geez.  unless Honour
kills him with the face-paint somehow, because then it'd totally be her fault. 

Online ooc: whatever you guys have to do to explain away his sudden absence is
fine with me. Sorry again Jesse, Wish, - EVERYONE!

OOC: nooooo!! and  Honor / Treachery  was totally falling for him too, in a
weird way
danm, almost same here tho, i wont be on as often ethier :/
-sigh- ok, i guess we'll try and make do without your awesomeness

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