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A Glimpse Of The PastCategory: Stories
Wednesday, 24 August 2011
08:41:03 AM (GMT)
The bright morning sun rose over the horizon but didn’t reach one dark room in the
house. This room had no windows so hardly any light came in unless it was from the
crack under the locked door. Laid on a small bed with a hard mattress was a young
pale looking boy of 15, curled up and awake as he couldn’t sleep all night. He was
locked up in here for one reason; his two different coloured eyes. His parents saw it
as a curse so he was locked up in here like some sort of prison. The boy didn’t
know it was now morning until he heard people moving about outside the room. He
stared at the door blankly, waiting to see if someone would come in or not; hoping
that no one did as they would just be horrible to him. The lock clicked and he
flinched, backing up into the wall and trying to shrink away. The door opened and the
morning sun flooded into the room, making the pale boy cover his eyes to see who was
“Brother…” A small voice whispered.
It was a little girl of about 7 or 8 years old. She quietly shut the door behind her
and walked into the room and climbed onto the bed next to her brother, hugging him
with her small arms. 
“What if mum and dad find out?” The boy spoke quietly, looking down at his sister
and hugging her back.
“They’re still in bed, I’ll be okay.” His sister answered, not saying another
They hugged in silence for a while, not hearing the door slowly open to the room. 
“Lucy! What do you think you’re doing?!” Their mum shouted, going over and
pulling the small girl from the boy’s arms.
Lucy screamed and struggled against her mum and she was carried out of the dark room
and back into her own. The boy pushed himself against the wall as his angry looking
dad walked into the room after his mother left.
“Dad I’m sorry!” The young boy said desperately as he covered his head with his

The warm sun poured in through the window as the same boy suddenly sat up in bed; the
only difference was he now had two wings, one midnight black, the other of the purest
white. He looked around the large room which had an orange glow from the sun and let
out a sigh. It had only been a dream of his past; a horrible memory. 
“Brother?” The same voice asked as in his dream.
The boy with the reddish-brown hair looked up at the doorway and it was indeed the
same girl, though she also had the same wings as him.
“Are you okay?” She asked in her small child-like voice.
“I’m fine Lucy. Just a bad dream…” He answered her, running a hand through
his already messy hair.
The little girl, Lucy, climbed onto the large bed and crawled over to her brother.
She sat next to him and hugged him as best as she could.
“It’s okay Lou-bear, it was only a dream.” Lucy said softly to her older
“I know. I’m fine really.” Lou answered, hugging her back for a moment.
“Come on. Let’s get breakfast! Mark is already getting it ready for us.” She
said happily as she let go and jumped of the bed, landing lightly on her feet.
“I’ll see you down there.” She stuck her tongue out playfully and ran out of
the room, going downstairs into the kitchen.
Lou laughed and got out of bed and pulled on a pair of black jeans before heading
downstairs; he never bothered with a top, it was awkward with having the wings. Once
at the bottom he went into the kitchen and saw Mark at the oven, boiling some eggs;
he had messy black hair and black wings, also not wearing a top as he also found it
awkward. Lucy was sat at the table swinging her legs and humming a little tune as she
waited. It was just another morning for the three siblings.

This is a story for a competition lonely_forever is doing. It was to describe a
morning of their dream characters. So I thought I'd twist it around and make Lou
dream about a bit of his past, a morning of course. :D
Last edited: 24 August 2011

‹~[Athazagoraphobia]~› says:   24 August 2011   367288  
Read & Added
Once more people enter i will add a deadline.
‹Shadow♥› says :   24 August 2011   728461  
Cool okay :D


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