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Tuesday, 23 August 2011
10:30:59 AM (GMT)
I love her more than anything in the world, but sometimes she couldn't be more
She thinks she will screw up.
That she will have to cut.
Even though I know she doesn't have it in her to burn everything, I won't let it
She promised she would call if she felt like cutting.
She promised she wouldn't cut before I got there.
That alone proves that it won't happen.
I am a man of my word, and she won't lie to me.
She knows how important honesty is to me, and she won't compromise our relationship
for anything.
She thinks that one day she won't be able to handle her problems.
She thinks that she will return to old habits.
We made a promise to never do anything on our own.
And I'll be damned if I let her hurt herself when she is around me.
I will be there for her.
She doesn't have to be strong all of the time.
She has me.
I will hold her, love her, kiss her.
She will be safe in my arms until everything is better.
And if that moment never comes, I will hold her until we both die in a loving
She thinks that she isn't perfect.
She is beautiful, funny, creative, smart, loving, honest, spontaneous.
She is perfect to me in every way.
And other opinions about that don't matter, even hers.
As long as there isn't a doubt in her mind about how I feel, then that is ok.
She thinks she has to worry about me.
I know as well as any that worrying just happens.
But I will never do anything to hurt myself.
Accidents happen but they aren't likely, and we can't control them.
I will control everything I can to make sure I will always be there for her.
She thinks that I will leave her.

She couldn't be any more wrong than when she thinks that.
Really, firefly?
The only way that would ever happen is if she left me.
That is up to her but I don't see it happening.
I have found the most amazing woman in the world.
She is perfect.
She is the one person in the entire universe for me.
You really think I would throw that away?
Yeah fucking right.
In all honesty, she could lie to me.
She could cheat on me.
She could beat the shit out of me, spit in my face and insult me in the worst
possible way.
I would still love her.
She could move away, find another guy and never talk to me again.
I would still love her.
She could stay up one night, cutting, drinking, taking pills, shooting up, and not
tell me for a month.
I would take the butterflies, watch them die, look her in the eyes and say,
''I love you''
And we would start again.
These are all hypothetical, but it is all true.
In all actuality, none of that will ever happen, as long as I am around.
She is absolutely breathtaking, but she couldn't be more wrong sometimes.
Jesse, if you are reading this,
You won't screw this up
You CAN'T screw this up
Nothing you can do will make me stop loving you.
I promise everything will be perfect in the end.
Believe in me
Trust me
Love me


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