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Im sick and tired of KUPIKACategory: (general)
Wednesday, 20 July 2011
03:00:30 AM (GMT)
Ya know, everyone being mean, telling me that love is not ..... love, i hate it! I really want to join where everyone is nice. I also hate how all the popular emo kids stay on FT. If i ever post something, i usually get no reply or a mean one. Im so angry at kupika right now and with all my other problems, its making my life not worth living. Bye guys

‹emo-queen› says:   20 July 2011   101620  
I could invite you to Kupi UK, but I have to say. It's kind of a
ghost town.
‹MilshakeMonstarr ★› says:   20 July 2011   889767  
How is it a ghost town? 
‹MilshakeMonstarr ★› says:   20 July 2011   281787  
Oh, you mean like noone there? 
‹emo-queen› says:   20 July 2011   974286  
I mean, about one person logs in a month. I suppose you could try to
revive it with a few people you know from here. o: 
‹MilshakeMonstarr ★› says:   20 July 2011   263634  
Lol ok, invite me 
‹Kairos› says:   20 July 2011   931989  
Ok so don't get me wrong or whatever but love on the Internet is rare
yes there are some veryyyy good relationships here but not many
because it sometimes doesn't last because said it's online And not in
person. We A'S young A'S we are commonly mistake love for lust and
everywhere you go that bs is gonna be there. I'm just saying begin on
KP you won't get one opinion you're gonna ge alot more and that's just
it: theyre opinions meanig advice you can chose to tale or not. It's
your decision to believe in or whatnot.
‹MilshakeMonstarr ★› says:   20 July 2011   241585  
Not love on the internet,

‹Kairos› says:   20 July 2011   351307  
I know not love on the Internet but in general. See? Ok, You complain
that people tell you what love is and what it's not. That's all I'm
trying to say is that people have their own opinion on certain things
and in some cases we often mistake love for lust. 
‹MilshakeMonstarr ★› says:   20 July 2011   628485  
Oh lol but i didnt know how to right that, they are saying that i cant
be in love with my crush.

What is lust? 
‹Kairos› says:   20 July 2011   174917  
Ok I got this one in the bag Bc I felt liek this before too 
ok, I'm sorry but you can't be inlove with your crush. Beign in love
means being in an actual relationship and yes getting the jitters
every damn time you see him is apart of that but its not just the
jitters Hun. Being in love can't really be explained but it's like you
would give anything to protect that person and do anything you can to
help them. I know it sounds like what you would do now but it's not.
Ok this may be confusing..Lus is like a one way ticket but love is
like a two wayer..lust is the idea that your I. Love with him or her
bt you only have a strog deep desire towards them while love is having
a strong healthy deep and meaningful relationship. 
‹MilshakeMonstarr ★› says:   20 July 2011   506777  
‹Kairos› says:   20 July 2011   792247  
I'm not saying and explaining this to make you sad believe me I hate
it when I'm the cause of someone hurting. But Hun I'm also not saying
there's not gonna be a chance with you and him. Youre still young and
it can happen (: just right now it's just a crush and who knows?
Today's you're said inlove with him but tomorrow you'll drop him for
someone else I'm just saying love isn't like tAt you can't just drop
‹MilshakeMonstarr ★› says:   20 July 2011   311964  
 The other crushes ive had werent my in love crush because i dropped
them and didnt mind if i did. This crush is my in love crush, hes been
my crush way longer than the others and i never want to drop him, u
dont understand 
‹Kairos› says:   20 July 2011   170112  
I don't understand?? Shdjsjk the hell I don't. Im 15 I've been there.
I was inlove with this one guy for three years. He never knew and to
him inwas invisible. Everynight I dreamt of our wedding and everyday
at school I'd look at him everytime I had a chance. Whenever he talked
to me I grew bright red and people would start to laugh at me so don't
you DARE say hat I don't understand because I do Nd I'm just trig to
‹MilshakeMonstarr ★› says:   20 July 2011   106624  
Ok and would u call that story love or lust? Because thats pretty
much my same story,

Sorry for saying u dont understand, i meant something else, its hard
to explain lol
‹Kairos› says:   20 July 2011   154596  
Lol it's cool I tend to get pissed off at people when I hear things
like that because I actually do understand and I'm just frustrated
that they don't get that i do.

Now I call it lust but back then I kept thinking audrey your inlove
with him. Your heart flutters everytime his eyes meets yours and for
those few seconds you had a connection and. You cnt help blush when
you think he smiling at you and you can help die at the touch of his
touch. That's his I use to feel and o was totally convinced it was
love but as I got older I realized it was just I wanted to be his so
bad I didn't realize I needed to have some type of relationship with
him before I go serious with him or else it'll go nowhere and that's
when I realized it was lust. Not love. 
‹MilshakeMonstarr ★› says:   20 July 2011   778603  
Ok so it is lust for me then
‹Kairos› says:   20 July 2011   936842  
yeshitisbuttosparefeeligs lets not call it it a
crush :3 
‹MilshakeMonstarr ★› says:   20 July 2011   789616  
Ok thats better <3 
‹Kairos› says:   20 July 2011   166861  
Lol  Its alot less pressure I get it :S 
‹MilshakeMonstarr ★› says:   20 July 2011   850151  
So, do u wanna be friends? 
‹Kairos› says:   20 July 2011   429654  
I was sooo gonna ask you that xD
Friend me and then inbox me
I'll reply in the morning its so dang late xD 
‹MilshakeMonstarr ★› says:   20 July 2011   118915  
Ok lol 
‹+゚*。Magical Artemis。*゚+› says:   20 July 2011   364727  
Hmm...okay, so I'm not going to judge you or be mean to you but this
is my opinion with teenage or young people being "in love":

They're not deeply in love. They're just in love with the
idea of loving a certain person. :/

Err...I dunno how to explain it in a good way so sorry. xD And yes,
I'm a teenager myself and had a lot of crushes which I thought were
really "real love". >_< But look where that got me? xD
‹Kairos› says:   20 July 2011   638830  
I like that. Theyre inlove with the idea of loving someone..I think Im
inlove with that opinion riiiight now. Oh and I do believe she's rigt
which is a wayyy less complicated thing to say than what inwas trying
to say. 
BenSon says:   21 July 2011   544108  
love, to me is that feeling that's still there years later. What i'm
trying to say is that at first you feel this deep euphoric feeling
when you like some one right? You get all excited and nervous. You go
on to form a relationship with them, telling them your secrets,
everything, until they know you inside and out.
but of course that happy feeling doesn't last. This is when being in
love comes in. Love is that feeling that stayed long after the
excitement left. IT's when you've grown so close together that it's as
if you've become intertwined with eachother. Obviously this takes
time, one doesn't fall in love overnight.

and as for the definition of lust i disagree.
it is an intense or unrestrained sexual craving
‹IcePath› says:   21 July 2011   578736  

the FT is full of bitches.
Rebby says :   21 July 2011   956427  
don't let some stupid website ruin your life 


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