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Second one:: Fun in the School Bathroom !!WARNING MATURE CONTENT!!Category: Sex story
Sunday, 17 July 2011
01:08:52 AM (GMT)

You violently bit Essie's lip. She gasped, but kept her mouth on yours. Fine,
you thought. You slipped your hand up the back of her button down shirt. She jumped a
little at your cold hand on her back, but remained where she was. You slowly found
your way up to her bra clasp, and easily unhooked it. You then ripped her shirt off
violently, breaking every button off of it. By now you had broken the embrace, and
you listened satisfied as the buttons clinked on the floor. 

Still, Essie remained where she was, with no shirt or bra on, unfazed. She looked at
you seductively and stuck her thumbs in the waist of her knee-length plaid skirt. She
continued looking at you that way as she slowly wiggled them down to her feet. And
there she stood, wearing only her underwear, biting her lip and grinning widely. You
looked at her pussy, and saw it was wet. You couldn't hold it in anymore. You rushed
to her, kissed her, and began massaging her nipples (which were really hard). As you
did this, she ripped open your tube top, and revealed your breasts. You hadn't worn a
bra that day.

She then proceded to your skirt, kneeling in front of you. You still had her breasts
in your hands, so you had to bend slightly too. She unbuttoned your mini and pulled
them down slowly, and it seemed to take forever before you were able to step out of
them. Since you had already taken your thong off, you stood there, naked, wearing
only your gladiators. Essie squealed in delight. She leaned into your pussy, slowly,
til her lips were against your pussy's. She nudged them open with her tongue. You
moaned softly and you could feel her smile against your pussy. She teased you a
little at first, running her tongue around your vagina hole.

 After suffering through the longing for what seemed like forever, she skillfully
thrusted her tongue right up into the hole. You moaned louder. She swirled her tongue
around inside of it, and you moaned even louder. She kept this up, and soon you were
on the verge of cumming. You said so, softly, in her ear. She paused and took out her
tongue to say, "Please, baby, cum all over me! Aaaall over me!" She quickly put her
tongue back and reached up to pinch your nipples, which were hard as rocks by now. In
a matter of seconds, you cummed and you could see it all over Essie's face. She
grinned and licked it quickly off you pussy before standing up. You could see how wet
her underwear was, and you ripped it off her and grinned as you heard the ripping

You gently placed your fingers on her pussy, and playfully opened and closed it over
and over. She whimpered longingly, and you finally slipped on finger into her vagina.
You then remembered your vibrator... but then decided you prefered your fingers. You
would save the vibratore for later. You then slipped in a second finger, and Essie
moaned. Without even waiting, you slipped in all five fingers. She screamed in
extreme pain and peasure. It seemed to take her forever to cum, but she finally came

Quickly, you brought your fingers to your mouth and licked them clean. When you were
done, you pushed Essie to the ground and sat on top of her pussy, making sure yours
was right up against hers. Then you leaned over and licked all around her nipple.
Essie sighed, "Yes, baby, touch me, don't hesitate, I want to feel you!" After
hearing that, you nibbled on one nipple while slightly bouncing, so your pussy
slapped against hers. She moaned in pleasure. Suddenly, she pushed you over and layed
on top of you. 

Obviously, Essie had experience in this. You couldn't wait to see what she had in
store for you. 

Strangely, she got up and walked to the sinks. You froze, sad and lonely without her
touch. But soon, she turned around and came back to you... with a long piece of paper
towel. You giggled, wondering what she was going to do with it. She walked over to
you and again sat on you. She leaned forward and tied your hands above your head with
the paper towel. 

"There," she said, "nice and vulnerable, the way I like 'em."

You smiled seductively. You couldn't wait to see what she had in store for you. 

She got up again, much to your sadness. You watched her lean over and pick up your
vibrator. You could feel yourself getting wet just thinking about it. She walked
slowly back to you, and turned on the vibrator. Though she was only 6 feet away, she
took 5 minutes to walk back to you. By the time she reached you, she had the vibrator
on high stuck all the way up inside her vagina. You were slightly disappointed. You
were hoping the toy was for you. She smirked when she saw the disappointment on your
face. She took it out and held it up to your mouth. You hungrily licked everything
off of it. She smiled, satisfied. Then she put the toy on low and played with you.

She opened your wet pussy with her fingers, and, like she did with her tongue, traced
all around your vagina before finally jamming it all the way up. You screamed. You
didn't care if anyone heard you. The pain and pleasure and newness of all this made
you burst. You felt yourself cum AGAIN. You had only been in here for about 2 hours
and you cummed 4 times. New record. 

You jumped up. You had been in here for 2 hours! You rushed to the door, where you
could here a group of people, trying to open the door.

Essie sighed seductively. "My slut, my toy, my cum-baby, come back to me. I wasn't
finished." She pouted.

I pressed my fingers to my lips. I recognized one of the voices. It was my boyfriend!
I could also hear our homeroom teacher. Crap! They were trying to get in. I could
also hear my favorite man in the world, Officer John. (Sarcasm) (He's arrested me a
few times) They were trying to get in. They must have heard us.

Essie quickly realized what was happening. She came up with a devious little plan.
You broke the bathroom window with the vibrator and threw it outside, where it was
quickly covered with snow. Then she retied your hands and gagged herself. 

You layed down on your side in a corner and bit your tongue til you were crying. You
watched Essie sit against the wall, still with your cum on her face. You two set it
up to look like someone broke in and raped you guys. 

Finally the men burst into the room. You screamed, as if you didnt want the men to
see you. The policeman and your teacher quickly covered their eyes, but your
boyfriend strode over to you and picked you up. 

"Babe, what happened? Something happened, calm down and tell me."

You tried to sound like you had been crying. "It was horrible. H-he broke in. I got
locked in the stall and Essie came to help me out. We- we heard the window shatter
and we screamed. The man... the man was wearing all black. He told us to shut up.
Then- then he..." you produced more fake tears. "It was horrible, baby, horrible. He
tied us up and used us like sex toys. He hurt us when we tried to scream or escape.
He barricaded the door. He... he told us he was gonna take us away and marry both of
us then use us like that every night. Then he heard you guys and ran away. It was

You and Essie burst into tears in unison. The officer came back with gym clothes for
you to wear. You both quickly changed. Then they brought you two to the office where
they asked you questions and gave you hot chocolate. After that, you and Essie met in
private almost every other night. The case of the "raping" was dropped, but the girls
were told to report any suspicious activity. 


‹** I Think Im fallin' For him **<3› says:   17 July 2011   800526  
it was really good.
lovestocyber says:   17 July 2011   826625  
i love it
Red_knob says:   17 July 2011   621640  
Very enjoyable 
emily1243 says:   17 July 2011   147397  
‹Jameson Tokes› says:   18 July 2011   409386  
isubscribed. ._.
dessdemona says:   2 April 2012   323373  
...your first one made me wet...showed me what u could do... i
started with this one masturbating... thanx for 2 orgasms... 
brookie1011 says:   3 December 2013   892644  
hey i am only 11 but wanna have sex with you i have experience and
you should txt me you know and i know this is weird but i am very
passionate  thx XOXO ;3
Hallo303 says:   16 March 2014   580770  
Hiya @brookie1011 I don't have experience but I'd like to get some!
Mabye with u? I'm 11 
DirtyGirl says :   6 July 2016   216803  
Hey, Hallo303, and brookie1011. I would be willing to help out, and
since you are so young, I could probably teach you guys a few

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