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Tuesday, 5 July 2011
05:30:03 AM (GMT)

[x] I constantly fight with my parents.
[x] I constantly fight with my sibling.
[] I never help around the house.
[x] I lie to my parents a lot.
[] I never do what I'm told.
[] I've cussed at my parents before. 
[] I've been grounded for a month or more.
[x] I've tried to sneak someone in.
[x] I've slapped a family member.
[x] I've screamed at my mother.
[] I've been out way past my curfew.
[x] I've insulted a sibling and made him/her cry.

[x] Teachers have called me a slacker.
[x] I've gotten a detention.
[] I've been suspended.
[] I got expelled.
[] I've cut class.
[x] I skipped school altogether.
[] I've done drugs or drank alcohol on school premisis.
[] I've been sent to the principal's office.
[x] My teachers have had to phone home several times regarding my bad behaviour or
[] I get bad grades. 
[] I don't try in school.
[] I've sworn at the teacher or principal.
[x] I stuck up my middle finger at the teacher or principal. [they weren't looking]
[] I've ran off the school grounds during school and didn't come back.

[] I've been called a slut.
[x] I've been called a bitch.
[x] I've been called an asshole.
[x] I've been called a liar.
[x] I've been called a fake.
[x] I've been called a poser.
[x] I've been called any other kind of insult.
[x] I have called anyone any of these things.
[] I have made fun of a retarted person. 
[] I have been kicked out of a public place.
[] I've caused a scene in a public place.
[x, younger days.] I threw a fit in a public place.
[] I'm hardly ever invited to parties and such because the person is afraid I'll
do something mean.
[] I've been asked to leave a party.
[x] I've emotionally hurt somebody.
[x]I've made fun of someone because of they way they look.
[x] People have said they hated me. 
[x]I don't have many friends.

[x] I have never kissed a boy.
[] No guys ever talk to me.
[x] Guys have made fun of me.
[x]Some guys talk bad about me behind my back.
[]Screw that, they talk bad about me to my FACE!
[] In a relationship I have psychically abused my boyfriend. 
[] In a relationship I have sexually abused my boyfriend. 
[x]I don't have much of a love life at all.
[x]It's been at least half a year since I've been in a relationship.
[x] I've asked someone out and they rejected me. 
[] I've been cheated on by my boyfriend.

0 :: This seems almost impossible. You are totally pure and innocent and I'm
surprised you're even reading this, you're so sweet. Obviously you would never
of doing anything rebellious as this which
is why many people think you are

1 - 10 : Wow, you must be an angel. Friends, boys, teachers, and family all
love you. But all that love might be a bad thing, it seems like you are too 
perfect to be true. Try doing somethingspontaneous and out there for once.
It doesn't have to get you in trouble, but you need to have some fun once and a
LOL, Try getting in trouble? With MY parents? Hell no.

11 - 20 : I think this is the level most people should be at, or in their low
twenties. Good job. You have a good attitude, and people generally seem to like you a

21 - 30 : We're starting to enter the danger zone, but not quite. This is a pretty
good level, but you should consider working on your attitude a little more so you
won't have to worry about these crappy things happening to you again.

31 - 40 : Some of the things you do make you seem like a pretty mean person or a
not very well liked person. In order to change all that, you need to change your
 first and learn some proper manners.

41 - 50 : Well hello there, teen rebel. You appear to think you can do whatever
you want whenever you want but in today's society that's not the case. 
I think you should try to act more appropriate before someone really gets

50+ : This is not good. I'm sorry to tell you, but you have a really bad attitude
and you sound like an asshole. But this is probably not the first time you've 
heard this from anybody. Therefore, you should listen for ONCE and do
something good that will make you a nicer person.

NeMeQuittePas says:   5 July 2011   991651  
negro plz. you HAVE made fun of a retarded person.
ecstasy says:   5 July 2011   117584  
I didn't put that because i don't know if Jason applies to the word
NeMeQuittePas says:   5 July 2011   745184  
bro you are so funny omg i think i just pissed my pants
ecstasy says:   5 July 2011   121250  
NeMeQuittePas says:   5 July 2011   631851  
ecstasy says:   5 July 2011   104401  
Do that one survey thing~@NeMeQuittePas 
NeMeQuittePas says:   5 July 2011   978252  
which one?
ecstasy says:   5 July 2011   684255  
NeMeQuittePas says:   5 July 2011   780019  
bro fuck that you sounds like jackie
ecstasy says:   5 July 2011   686205  
and don't compare me to that asswad again. 
NeMeQuittePas says:   5 July 2011   482431  
nah man i don't feel liek it
ecstasy says :   5 July 2011   947807  


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