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Wednesday, 8 June 2011
04:56:20 PM (GMT)
   I was doing some thinking about the internet and stuff last night, and I
realized that on anonymous sites like Kupika, we all have friends and sometimes even
friend groups.  However, a friend should be someone who knows you very well.  From
the various posts we make, I'm sure everyone has a fairly good grasp of each other's
interests and social opinions, and through surveys we learn some pretty odd and
interesting facts, but that doesn't mean we really know each other.  I was reading
through my old diaries yesterday and I realized that I never even made an
introductory post.  So, that's what this is going to be.  I am going to try and
describe myself in thorough detail to the best of my abilities, which aren't very
good in that field.  Oh well.  Here it goes...

   Hi everybody!  My name is Mary-Catherine, and I'm exactly sixteen years and one
month old today.  I'm an Irish dancer, and I think the fact that that's the first
thing I think of when trying to describe myself really says something about what it
means to me.  I'm really competitive, and it truly is my life.  
   As far as family goes, I live with my mom, my dad, and my fourteen-year-old
brother.  We also have a golden retriever named Maxy, whom we've actually had since I
was five.  That's pretty amazing because over the course of our lives, we've had
eleven other pets and they really have not worked out well... yeah, let's just leave
it at that.

...Oh goodness I'm stuck already.

   Umm... I live in Canada and have all my life.  I was born near Toronto, moved to
Nova Scotia at age one and moved back to Ontario at four.  I've lived in the same
house for twelve years now, although we're probably going to move closer to the city
soon, considering we pretty much live there.  Both my parents work an hour away, all
my family lives there, and that's where my dance school is.  Needless to say, it's
only natural that we move, but it's going to be really weird.  I can barely remember
any house besides my current one.

   As far as my personality goes, I like to think I'm pretty interesting.  I can be
really shy until you get to know me, but sometimes I speak out randomly in an effort
to break the proverbial ice, and 99% of the time I regret it.  However, once you get
to know me, you can barely get me to shut up.  I also have no problem expressing my
opinion, especially if I think someone is being unjust.  That's one situation in
which I'm not shy at all.  I don't care who you are- if you're doing something wrong
or rude or whatever, I'll let you have it.  I'm also an insane perfectionist, and
that has lead to some not-so-nice experiences in my life, but it's okay.  We live and
we learn, and I don't let anything get me down.  I have a lot of negative thoughts,
especially about myself, and yet I'm generally one of the happiest people you'll ever
meet (not fake happy either; I am really, genuinely happy).  As such, I truly believe
in the power of positive thought.
   I like to think that I have a lot of strengths, including intelligence, honesty,
good work ethic, friendliness, empathy, and supportiveness.  However, I'm not
perfect, which is something I have to wrestle with every day, and my weaknesses
including being an "elitist" (according to my mother... I genuinely do not agree with
this one but whatever), having a rather vulgar vocabulary, being judgemental of those
who do not meet my expectations, and sometimes being too brutally honest.  I know, I
just said that honesty was a strength of mine, but sometimes I can be honest to a

   I'll admit that I'm a huge nerd.  I love school- literally love it.  I get 90's in
everything except math, which I always get 80's in no matter how hard I try and it
really makes me angry.  I like weekdays better than weekends, and I'm seriously that
kid who stays back in Civics to talk about politics with the teacher.  I'm obsessed
with Harry Potter and I honestly feel like I will have nothing to look forward to
after the last movie comes out, but at the same time I'm so excited.  I'm a big
reader of all types of books, and I have a huge crush on Liberal MP Justin Trudeau. 
So yeah.  Nerd.
   Oh, speaking of, when it comes to politics I'm definitely liberal.  In fact,
according to the afformentioned Civics teacher, I will one day be the leader of the
Liberal Party and eventually Prime Minister of Canada.  To be honest the thought is
growing on me a little more each day.  If you ask my dad, he'll tell you the only
reason I'm a Liberal - the only reason I care about politics, even - is because of
Justin Trudeau.  My dad is a little bit cynical.    If anything, it's really the
other way around.

   I'm too lazy to type any more paragraphs so I will just tell you some random facts
about me...
       -I have low iron.
       -I'm closer with some of my cousins than I am with even my best friends.
       -I'm fluent in French.
       -Visiting France is basically my dream.
       -My favourite actors are Audrey Hepburn, Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio
       -I have met a lot of famous figure skaters.
       -I compete against the World Irish Dance Champion for my age group regularly,
because she's from my region.
       -My mom, my aunts, my aunt's daughter, my grandmother, and I all look almost
exactly alike.  I'm the tallest out of all of us.
       -This semester my favourite subject is history and my least favourite subject
is biology.  Overall my favourite subject is English and my least favourite is math.
       -I have really small feet.
       -I'm a crazy activist.  I go insane over every little cause.
       -I can't think of anymore facts so I'm finished this entry now.  

Hmm... maybe I was wrong, because this stuff all seems really familiar.  If you
learned anything at all about me by reading this, can you please let me know?   
Thanks guys.

lillymill says:   8 June 2011   243740  
lol I never met you before this, but...WOW!!! WE ACTUALLY HAVE A LOT
-speak fluent french
-have an extensive vocabulary
-do pretty well in school (but have horrible work ethics)
-idk if you're irish, but I'm part irish
-i am pretty honest myself
- i always want to do something in the world, and I am mostly happy
(and also mostly's really weird!!), but have negative
thoughts about myself
- the reason I'm sad is because of all the sadness in the world.
-I am also really shy xD but on computers when people say mean stuff
about others I'll get all up in their face xD
I think I'll do the same as you did (make a diary that sais stuff
about me)
lillymill says:   8 June 2011   795211  
lol I am currently adding you to my friends're awesome!!
tiggerlemon101 says :   8 June 2011   221825  
OMG I AM IRISH :D  You, dear, are AWESOME.

- the reason I'm sad is because of all the sadness in the
When I was your age I was that way, too.  Now I guess, because I'm
more mature and more capable, I channel that sadness and anger into
doing something about it so I don't feel so bad anymore.  But I
totally understand where you're coming from.  

I'm gonna add you, too!  
And I'm gonna read what you wrote. 


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