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Top Annoying Things on KupikaCategory: (general)
Sunday, 6 February 2011
12:30:08 AM (GMT)
This was written by VampireApple on and I just had to re-post this
because I completely agree with them on everything in this. Except ONE thing. When
you get to the part about the gays; I am NOT gay (happily marryed), but I couldn't
change anything of what they wrote.

So on with their blog/thread. Enjoy!


Yes, this was a diary to begin with. But I figured it might be more appreciated as a
thread. If I'm wrong, forgive me for my useless threading xD

I've been on Kupika for a long time and I've noticed certain irritating
patterns within the website. I'm sure most of you will appreciate this neat little
sum up of the things that have really taken the cake. Lets get started.

1: Cyberers
Clearly this is the biggest problem on Kupika. If you want sex, the internet is
loaded with pornography. It is completely unnecessary and honestly ineffective to
search for sex on this particular website.

2: Trollers
I, myself, have trolling moments so I know most of you will be confused by me adding
this to the list. However, I completely understand how irritating trolls are,
especially those who are terrible at it. If you want to troll, be creative. Yelling
cuss words at people for Lulz is retarded and brings a bad name to all the other
trolls on the website. It is completely possible to be a troll without being

3: Anybody Under 14 (Biologically, Emotionally, or Behaviorally)
Now, I know this doesn't apply to some of you who fit under this category but a good
chunk of those who do are a huge problem. This is an open website, everyone is
welcome here, but if you're incapable of acting like a human being in a social
context, you should really stop bothering the rest of us.

4: Preachers
I respect that you love God (or whatever you believe in) but you also have to
respect the fact that not everyone believes in that. Trying to convert us is
irritating and won't work.

5: Fakers
Simply said; if you want to fake who you are, for the love of all that is good, be
better at it.

6: Emos
This goes for only those who take this label way too far. Nobody wants to hear about
how you want to kill yourself and nobody wants to hear about how you mutilate

7: Self-Righteousness/Fake Maturity
I'll admit, I have also fallen under this category myself. That doesn't mean its not
annoying. Belittling people because you think you're all that is irritating,
especially if you do it to make a point. If you're really as intelligent or mature
as you want people to think; you'll know that the internet isn't serious business
and you're making an ass of yourself.

If people feel the need to comment on your pictures/diaries/clubs/profiles/etc, they
will. Relentlessly spamming "COMMENT ON MY ..." will do no good.

9: False Reports
If you're mad at somebody, reporting them in the courtroom doesn't do anything
(unless they're violating the handbook and you have proof) besides spam the forums.
If you're upset at someone, blacklist them or ignore them. Or simply don't let it
upset you.

10: Lovers
I love that you're in love. I think its cute that you've found someone you get along
with in that aspect. But Kupika doesn't need to hear about it 24/7. If it's to the
point where it irritates even the people who have a partner, you know you've gone
too far.

11: Gays
Don't take this the wrong way, I love gay people (as I am gay myself) but flaunting
it like it's your whole life is taking it too far. If it's so bad that you're
annoying gay people, you sure need to take it down a notch.

12: Intolerance
I'm aware that most of the intolerance that occurs on Kupika is spawned from
trollers but I'm speaking of real intolerance (as I've met a couple people who fall
under this category). If you honestly can't handle the way some people are, I highly
suggest you stay off the internet until you learn how.

I promise you, your point will not become any more valid if you type it in caps

14: Illegible Messages
By this, I speak of people who have coded their messages to be yellow on white/neon
green on neon blue/or any other harmful color combination, or have used a font that
is impossible to read unless you copy/paste it into word and convert it to something
reasonable. I know you think you're cool but nobody will want to talk to you if your
messages induce seizures or cause blindness.

15: Lifestyle Pushers
This is similar to preachers. I respect how you live your life, as it is your choice
how to do so. However, if you enjoy actions that are highly controversial and you
decide to constantly talk about them, it gets a bit old. Your 12 and like sex? I
don't care but if it's all you talk about, you should probably pick a new topic.
You're a smoker? Good for you, we get the point. Etc.

16: The Over-literal/Easily Offended
Chill. I promise you that nobody is after you. Have some fun once in your lifetime.
Note: Trolls thrive off of people like you.
(Lets see how many comments come from people like this, eh?)

17: Spammers/Harassers
You also need to chill. Nobody cares about what you're spamming and harassing
somebody is no way to handle your anger. You're just making a fool of yourself.

18: Ridiculous Profiles
If your profile freezes my computer even with the user styles option turned OFF; you
need to simplify what you have on there. You don't need a flashing background, a
million videos, gifs, and a customized clicker. Nobody is going to wait half and
hour for your profile to load. (I probably fall under this category as well lol)

19: Haters
I don't mean "haters" as in intolerant people but rather people who complain about
celebrities, music, etc. If you really LOATH a celebrity (i.e. most of you who don't
like Justin Beiber) you're using up the same amount of energy that you would be
if you LOVED them. My advice: Get over it.

20: Tiping Lyk Thiz
If you're going to spend time on the internet (which is completely dependent on your
ability to communicate properly through text), you need to learn how to type like a
normal person. Spelling errors happen, whatever. But I know for a fact that "you"
cannot be accidentally spelled as "u". Learn how to get the seizing animal off your
keyboard or get off of Kupika.

If any of this offends you, I apologize. ^^

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