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I Challenge You... To Write A Story!Category: (general)
Thursday, 23 December 2010
04:13:58 PM (GMT)
I Challenge You... To Write A Story! "Words don't exist so that we can tell the truth; they exist so that we can conceal the truth." Everyone has a talent to write, whether they believe so or not. Though their strengths may lie in technical correctness, imagination, broad vocabulary or deep insight into the chosen topic, anyone can produce words of meaning. Thus, a competition. Just for fun, if you will, because, to me, words are the greatest tool of expression. I'm looking for the greatest writer on Kupika, someone with flair and originality, someone who stands out above the rest. All you need to do is write, about whatever you feel like, about whatever crosses your mind at that fleeting moment in time. But, then again, a twist is always fun! I have included a list of twenty five brief prompts, one of which you must use as the basis for each entry you submit. This tests the skill of the writer, the ability to understand the words as if they are their own, but it can also be comforting, knowing that you have an objective and a guideline. Writing should not be chore; what are you waiting for? Rules >> Up to three pieces may be submitted per person. >> No piece may be idenitcal to another. >> Plagerism is forbidden, no copying from other works. >> Pieces may be of any chosen length, though less than 5000 words is recommended. >> Pieces may be on any topic, as long as sensitive subjects are handled with maturity. >> Each piece must be based on one "title" from the prompts list below. The number of participants will be unlimited. When you have finished your piece, please comment here with a link (such as to a diary, a webpage or FictionPress), or add it as an attachment to a letter. All entries will be judged impartially, with personal taste disregarded by the judges. The winning entry will receive 100 KP and a pat on the back. Possibily more, but I haven't decided yet. The deadline for all pieces wishing to be judged in February 4th. ----- List of Prompts 1. Don't Take Your Guns To Town 2. Enter From The East 3. Memoirs of an Invisible Man 4. Occultism and Egoism 5. The Man Who Would Be King 6. Unfinished July Rains 7. Three Steps From The Sun 8. Purgatory 9. Demented Black Sun 10. Paper Hearts 11. The Skeleton Boys 12. No Hoping Soldiers 13. True Blue Will Never Fade 14. Camaraderie 15. Agent Orange 16. We Dive At Dawn 17. The Lark Is No Guide 18. The Invisible Wall 19. People Who Hold The Light 20. Ignited 21. The Toughest Facade 22. The Reckless Moment 23. Vagabond 24. Fantastic, Posing Greed 25. Prismatics Good luck, please enjoy the writing!
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StarDust says:   27 December 2010   184852  
Am gonna enter 8D
StrawberrySHOCK says:   28 December 2010   770067  
if i didn't procrastinate too much, i'd enter :D
Lyncheh says:   28 December 2010   246428  
I'll enter if I remember.
pinkypincessz says:   31 December 2010   150989  
couldn't be arsed to read all that
‹ғяєακazoid› says:   31 December 2010   195820  
I think I might enter. :D
I've been wanting to work on my writing, and this gives me a perfect

Then don't bother commenting or even clicking the journal? You know of
the 'back' button, don't you? o: 
pinkypincessz says:   31 December 2010   532187  
shut the fuck up
‹ғяєακazoid› says:   31 December 2010   935901  
I'm sorry, but I don't have to?
I'm just saying. It doesn't make any sense, is all. 
pinkypincessz says:   31 December 2010   106013  
err pisss off ugly bitch
‹ғяєακazoid› says:   31 December 2010   893311  
See, you're still commenting even though you didn't read the journal.
It just doesn't make sense. You're just promoting something you don't
pinkypincessz says:   31 December 2010   705323  
I can comment if I want.
‹ғяєακazoid› says:   31 December 2010   647001  
But it doesn't make sense. Are you interested in joining the
pinkypincessz says:   31 December 2010   567771  
maaybe... I need kpoints
‹ғяєακazoid› says:   31 December 2010   269494  
Everyone needs the points. xD
Well then, I wish you the best of luck. c:
All I can really say is that even if you don't want to,
you ought to make sure you read and follow the rules,
so you know what you should and shouldn't do, that way you can get a
better change at the points. C: 
Bootheghost says:   1 January 2011   401297  
It'd be wise not to feed the troll. :P 
‹ғяєακazoid› says :   1 January 2011   516831  
< o < I think I might have been pissing her off, actually. 



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