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Sunday, 12 December 2010
11:58:49 PM (GMT)
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Waitin' for Lunasan to tell me who I'm supposed to be doing D:

Name: Edgeagen but doesn't go by anything longer or shorter than "Ejin". He
will answer to his full name to be polite, but if someone refers to him as "E", "Jin"
-or worse- "Jin Jin" he is quick to explain that he doesn't like it. Ejin pretty much
comes from ignoring the middle bit of his name.

Occupation: He's one of the heirs of Shank.

Age: Fourteen.

Physical Appearance: Young looking, tallish, and stands perfectly straight. In
private he smiles a lot. His hair is straight, normal guy length. He sweeps the front
part over to one brow when he's really afraid. He dresses as sensibly as one can
without standing out in court, but admittedly there is some silver thread involved.
Ejin does not approve.

Basic Information: Ejin wants to open the world someday, so that anyone who
wants to explore can. He dreams of ending poverty so that everyone in Shank can get
medicine when they're ill. He also hopes that anyone who is still poor has the
opportunity to seek a better future off the peninsula.

Since he was six he's been teaching the other heirs magic. Gren is the one who really
knows how to do everything, but when Gren explains it only Ejin understands, so then
he has to find a way to pass it on.

Ejin feels like growing up an heir has stopped him from understanding how much
suffering there is in his Kingdom. Sometimes he actually blows issues of poverty out
of proportion. He takes every individuals problems very seriously, but also believes
strongly in the idea of making sacrifices for the greater good. He will always make
the choices that he thinks will save the most lives in the long run. He has trouble
empathizing with people he can't see.

The eldest group of heirs has been ready to take on more responsibility for a long
time. Behind the scenes, they've orchestrated any number of very helpful political
moves that they really shouldn't have. Ejin and Gren are the ones behind the decision
of when they're going too far, and they have no choice but to trust the adults to
handle it. 

Ejin's grow of heirs reached the usual age of adulthood two years ago. They're still
considered children by a fluke.

Greatest fear(s): Somehow failing to become an adult agian, his people
starving to death, the assassination of another noble, what people will say if he has
to run the country without being king.

Greatest desire: For his people to live happier lives.

Greatest regret: Not being able to make any of his countrymen look at the

Extra note: Ejin has magic. He also uses it more than most people- like all
the heirs, he levitates to clear his head sometimes.

More information: The heirs are an absolute unit. However as they got older it
became pretty obvious that Ejin was a leader among leaders, eventually casing every
other heir to admit that they'd be coming to him for advice if they got the throne.
Ejin doesn't like that. If the people knew that the real king or queen couldn't make
their own decisions, they'd lose faith in the monarchy and the country would suffer.

Even more information: He knows that if he doesn't help whoever gets the
crown, they country will suffer worse.

Some tidbits: Ejin, being a post pubescent boy, wants to have sex. He also
really likes the heir Farinlindal, and it seems that the feeling is mutual. However,
since both he and she will probably need to enter arranged marriages he tries to
ignore it.

A few more tidbits: He's grown up with servants, so he doesn't think much of
them. At all.

Background: Same as all the heirs until they turn six, except that for one
year he spent a lot of time around some Tandere courtiers. A whole lot. It's probably
the reason he likes cats, stargazing, and the idea that even, or perhaps especially,
commoners need a chance to rise above their station.

Ejin loves the nobles who raised him, and the other heirs. They are all his immediate
family. There have been occasions when he becomes very attached to his tutors as

When he was young, Ejin used to go into cities or towns so he could try to talk to
regular people. They were always too busy working. He stopped trying when he realized
that while they were afraid ending the conversations would be rude, and they
obviously appreciated that he wanted to listen, they didn’t have time.
Once though while he was in a city Ejin saved a boy who was getting lured by a
kidnapper… Then proceeded to interfere so much with the boy’s life that Ejin was
scolded for it, since peasants are supposed to be able to raise their children as
they see fit, even if that means referring to them only by insults and not letting
them eat for a day or more. Ejin gets really frustrated by kids like that, since
there’s nothing he can do. The one boy he gave a letter to have a scribe read to
him “when things get bad”. Ejin’s still hoping the boy will get the courage to
write back someday.

                           Imma be making mor of these, 'kaaay?
Last edited: 14 December 2010

‹TonTon› says:   13 December 2010   246988  
He sounds like a Buddhist, as far as the suffering part.
or at least as much as I know about the Buddha.
which is admittedly, only a short paragraph in a history book.

so, I may not know a clue what I'm talking about.
Kirti says :   14 December 2010   834956  
Ack, what you read was more of a draft. It's edited and generally
better nao~ 

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