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The Death of a Sinigami...Category: Kuroshitsuji
Monday, 6 December 2010
04:20:11 AM (GMT)
Tempest was walking along the streets of London. By herself, once again. Her Death
Scythe (Umbrella with spikes on the spokes) hung over her shoulder. Her cracked
glasses hanging off the end of her nose. Her wings tucked into her back, and her face
showing no expression. Even though in her heart, she felt alone. She had been sent
out to work with Grell Sutcliff, to reap the souls in their Death Scrolls. But, Grell
had told Tempest that he was off to find 'his Sebas-chan'.
Leaving Tempest to do her work, plus his. She didn't mind that. She didn't want Grell
getting in trouble. Because she had been developing a crush on him each and every
day. So whilst Grell was off seeing Sebastian, Tempest would be completing her work,
and Grell's work.

That cold winters night, she had just finished with all the work she had to do. She
was walking around London, trying to find Grell. When she caught sight of a couple,
walking hand in hand. This reminded her of how much Grell loved Sebastian. This made
her wildly jealous, and angry. Without warning, her brain snapped, and she thrust her
death scythe at any random person in London. Killing and collecting the souls of
people that were not on her Death Scroll. Afterwards, she ran as fast as she could,
before any of the members of Scotland Yard could get to the scene of the large
She had been running for a while, and finally stopped running. Right outside the
Phantomhive Manor.

She looked through the giant gateway, and stared at the mansion. Suddenly, she
started to get pains in her chest. Sharp pains, but she shrugged it off. Thinking it
as nothing. She started to feel dizzy, and found it hard to walk. She pushed with all
her might against the gates, and eventually got them open. She stumbled into the
grounds of the Phantomhive Mansion, nearly falling over. She now felt as if she was
burning up inside. Her breath creating clouds of mist in the cold air. Suddenly she
collapsed to the ground, onto her knee's. She suddenly remembered what was happening
to her.
Turns out that she was one of the unlucky shinigami's to be born with the disease
'The Thorns of Death', and was now slowly dying of it. She wouldn't let this get in
the way of her getting to see Grell, just once more, if she was to die here.
She crawled on her knee's through the snowy ground, getting closer to the mansion.
The cold wind hitting her in the face like a harsh slap.

Suddenly, her heart stopped... Her eyes rolled to the back of her head, and
literally... she collapsed. Her head falling flat into the snow. It was as if she was
buried in the snow, because of how deep it was. But you could still tell she was
there, because of her purple hair, and her unusual wings. Suddenly, a new batch of
snow started to fall from the sky. This was no ordinary snow. This was the souls of
those the dead Shinigami had collected, but only the souls of those people who
weren't on the death scroll. The snow fell and fell and fell. If it kept falling the
way it was just now, it would end up that no one would be able to see Tempest's body,
lying in the grounds of the mansion.. Dead!

The last thing that went through her mind before she parted her lonely life, was him.
Grell. And how she had helped him one last time. And she wished that he would be
happy, whatever happened.

What had happened to Tempest? Basically, 'The Thorns of Death' disease had struck her
badly at that moment in time. When Tempest went to collect a soul, that soul had
embed itself into Tempest's body after being released from its own body.  The soul
then slowly burrowed itself into Tempest's being, like a thorn, until it pierced her
heart, and eventually killed her.

The snow kept bucketing down. Huge chunks of it infact. The scenery was like that of
a fairytale.
The snow had now covered Tempest's body completely. She was out of sight. Apart from
a small sight of one of her wings, sticking out from the ground... Would she be found
by anyone..?
Last edited: 7 December 2010

‹SetTheWorldAlightAndLaugh› says:   6 December 2010   479082  
Amazing :]
‹☢CAUTION!!☢› says :   7 December 2010   705994  
Thankyou very much ^.^ 


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