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Ranting about sickness xDCategory: (general)
Friday, 12 November 2010
08:33:45 PM (GMT)
I swear that life hates me! I'm getting sick ALL the friggin' time. =_= I missed a
whole week, (aka this week), and all I got to do was die on the couch XD My life
sucks yo TwT Pffft, I would trade anyone bodies. I feel like Helen Keller. (Is that
bad to say? o.o) I'm blind (Glasses giving me a headache so I can't see SQUAT...YES.
I have extreme asstigmatism TTwTT), My hearing sucks right now cuz I feel so groggy
and puffed up ._., and other stuff xD My chest hurts and I keep running into

I find this kinda funny actually XD
Muuurp, I am havin' a tough time breathing -_-
I'm pretty sure that I would die earlier than most people, don't you think? C:

Aaaaany ways, ranting about this crap since I have literally nothing to do! ;3

Have a magically delicious day~ <3
(Pfft, I don't even eat lucky charms since I can't have breakfast or else I'll get
ultra sick =_=)

‹•TheUltimateHipster;Poland•› says:   12 November 2010   695992  
Meh, I had to go home early today cause I'm super sick. There's a
stomach bug going around school, and, unfortunately, I got it. ._.
‹~Sebbi~DirectionallyChallenged<(@.@<)› says:   12 November 2010   399512  
Gaaah, that's awful D: Do you have to take gross medicine? >.< 
‹•TheUltimateHipster;Poland•› says:   12 November 2010   839209  
No, my parents are too cheap to take me to the doctor, so I'll just be
sick for a while. xD 
‹~Sebbi~DirectionallyChallenged<(@.@<)› says:   12 November 2010   438077  
That's awful xD Yet lucky XD
(I'd rather not have any medicine at all TTwTT)

I'm so sick of this crapload of medicine! D< 
‹•TheUltimateHipster;Poland•› says:   12 November 2010   678350  
Well, I take pills, so it wouldn't matter either way. I would just get
better quicker. 
‹~Sebbi~DirectionallyChallenged<(@.@<)› says:   12 November 2010   416675  
Gotta love them pills Cx

Have you ever choked on one? o.o 
‹•TheUltimateHipster;Poland•› says:   12 November 2010   802801  
Yup! When I first started taking them. 
‹~Sebbi~DirectionallyChallenged<(@.@<)› says:   12 November 2010   225725  
Urgh, I hate it when you choke on them x_X 

Wanna hear the weirdest thing my brother suddenly sang when we were on
the couch? :D 
‹•TheUltimateHipster;Poland•› says:   12 November 2010   644547  
Um, sure. xD 
‹~Sebbi~DirectionallyChallenged<(@.@<)› says:   12 November 2010   866404  

"Hey! Don't touch me there~ That is my no-no square!~" 
He likes to sing random things alot xD

This is the stuff I have to listen to everyday -w-' 
‹•TheUltimateHipster;Poland•› says:   12 November 2010   266732  
I can tell. xD

I have to listen to my 7 month old little sister scream all day. o3o 
‹~Sebbi~DirectionallyChallenged<(@.@<)› says:   13 November 2010   683972  
Lmao xD

Woah! 7 months already? xD
Screaming, must be tough TwT 
‹•TheUltimateHipster;Poland•› says:   13 November 2010   979839  
Yeah, already seven months. They flew by waaaay too fast. XD
‹Inactive. On hiatus. Sorry guys› says:   13 November 2010   148635  
Maybe this is because of your bad dieting habits? >_>
‹~Sebbi~DirectionallyChallenged<(@.@<)› says :   14 November 2010   625706  
Ikr? Tis' so weird!
Meh. I don't eat meat cause it makes me sick, and I prefer soy milk
That's pretty much meh diet XD

I've been overheating alot too x_x 


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