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How to talk to your CrushCategory: Love Help!
Sunday, 5 September 2010
09:56:24 PM (GMT)
This is 20 ways to talk to your crush!
Hope you enjoy!!

 ‎1. Become friends of your crush. 
He/She will like you if they Know Your True and Good side. 
Make sure you show them everything they should know about you.

‎2.  Compliment on the little things. 
They can be the most important.
 Make sure she/he knows your paying attention to them. 
It will make them feel happy. 

 ‎3. Look for some body language from him/her. 
He/She is your crush, BUT you may be his/hers too.

 ‎4. Talk to your crush a lot. 
The more you talk the more it will get easier for you to talk to them. 
Make easy convo not hard qs. like "So, who do you like?" 
That will be to weird for them. Ask stuff like " 
Hey have you seen that new movie that just came out with that actor______ and actress
____?" or 
"Hey did you compl...ete that eng. assignment that was handed out?" 
They will feel more comfy around and talking to you.

‎5. Practice talking in the mirror. You'll want to make sure your ready... unless
you are friends with them.
 Then You can skip this step. 
If your friends with them then you should still talk to yourself in the mirror
sometimes it will help alot. 

 ‎6. Sit near your crush or kinda be close to them. 
This can allow you to take part in his/her conversation that your crush may be
This is good so your crush notices you. 
Making coments, asking questions, and cracking for some jokes can help you. xD

7. Ask your crush about him/herself. Try some simple questions like, "Where do you
like to hang out?" 
or "What music do you listen too?" But don't make an interrogation. 
Just talk to them like you would to anyone else. Like i have said a million times.:P

‎8.GUYS! DO NOT look at her boobs. 
Most girls think thts just stupid. Never look lower than her chin and in fact Stare
into her eyes. 
GRLS! dont were to much makeup. Sometimes it makes yew uglier. And it turns guys off
so becareful with that makeup!!!

9. Try to talk in stories. Like if He/She has the same teacher as you, then talk
about the teacher. 
Remind Him/Her of something funny the teacher said. Anything BUT question after
You want to talk about the answers and if theres nothing else to talk about ask a
question that will lead to, hopefully, a story thats intresting.

‎10. NEVER talk about their previous love lifes.
 Don't ask about their ex-girlfriend/boyfriend until you are going out, 
you might give them the wrong impression and you do NOT want tht.

‎11. HAVE A BACK UP PLAN! You may stutter or look silly. 
Or if your asking him/her a yes or no question he/she answers no (or yes depending on
the question) 
Think of what to say or do. I do and it works out perfectly! You will be amazed!

‎12.remeber pick a good spot! If you see him/her in the hallway-perfect. 
Try to have no more than 3 to 4 people so if you make a fool or he/she makes you feel
stupid you won't die.

‎13.The only way to over come your nervousness is from within. 
Before blabbering, think about what you want to say. Take your time but don't take
too long. 
Find a comfortable moment to say. Remember take your time, say what you have to say,
don't scream. 
(Summary: Be comfortable to overcome this obstacle.)

‎14. Smile at her/him and make eye contact, but don't be creepy. For example, if
you have not met a boy/girl, get to know him/her slowly 
(Asking him/her for the time and then complimenting him/her on him/her shirt, or
If he/she is a friend, start flirting slightly.

 ‎15.whenever you see your crush walk into the room, you should calmly approach
them. Come to them, start a small conversation. 
Here are some things you can say in order to start that small talk up: "Do we have
homework in Math?"or
 "What type of work do we have tomorrow?" You see, all of this may be small talk, but
it could lead to something even more bigger.
 You should talk to the guy or girl as if they are your friend.

‎16.As you are talking, if the conversation is going well and he or she is smiling
at you and putting a lot of effort into that conversation, 
then chances are, they are interested in you. In order to learn how to talk to your
crush, no matter what you do, you should never chicken out. 
You should always have faith in yourself. but don't get to cocky!

‎17. Avoid drama. 
Don't get your friends to ask her out for you, and don't get your friends to ask if
she likes you etc. 
(Very Important!)

‎18. Don't tell her that you like her, just make her like you. 
Once you guys are on a flirty basis you may ask her out, just don't actually say 
"I like you". Doing so leaves you open for rejection.

‎19. Don't fear if you are rejected. Here is where the asking out technique is
preferable to outright declaring your love for them. 
If you say "Wanna see a movie Friday night" and she says "I don't like you in that
way" you can respond "
Wow, no offense, but I wasn't asking you out, a bunch of us are going." 
Then make sure that a bunch of your friends come to the movie.

‎20.Help them/be kind/helpful If they need help opening their locker, by all means
But make sure you know how to do it too! 
Don't offer to help open their locker if it takes you twenty times to open your own!

Well there is 20 ways to talk to your crush.
Hope it helped! 
Thanks ,

Miss_Tay_And_Stayin_That_Way says:   5 September 2010   303405  
did you sriusly write that whole fucking thing synthia, you were
sposed to go to the lake but instead u wrote that where has ur life
gone nowadays LOL JKJKJK luv ya XD
Synthia says :   7 September 2010   825152  
LOL LOL LOL!!!! Luv ya too!!!! i did this before the lake tho!!!

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