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Chapter 17, FINALLYCategory: Sam & Meaghan Stuff
Thursday, 15 July 2010
06:57:29 PM (GMT)
Thank You Sam For Putting Up Ch.16 Finally, As To The Link, Her Addition Hasn't
Shown Up On My Homepage Yet XD
Oh Look It Appeared =)

Chapter 17: Sleep, What Is It Again?
	It was the second day of having Mikino, Jin and Rin in our houses. And I was
starting to believe I’d never sleep again. Mainly because having a baby in the
house keeps you up all night, and you spend the time you should be sleeping fighting
with the other person to go and take care of the baby instead, thus ignoring the baby
and getting into a fist fight with the other person.
	“Ryoki.” I said while pushing the lump next to me.
	“WHAT?!” Ryoki yelled at me, well at least he was awake now, that perverted
	“Go take care of Rin.” I said. Ryoki got up and pulled me up with him.
	“No you do it. I’m tried Meaghan!” Ryoki cried at me. I slapped his arm.
	“Don’t ever tell a girl to do something. Do it yourself right now Ryoki or I
will get mad.” I said. Ryoki glared at me and then looked at the clock on the
	“It’s five am, I did it all last night, why can’t you. Please just take this
shift!” Ryoki pleaded with me. I shrugged off his plea and took him by hand into
the living room where Rin and Mikino were asleep. I shoved him towards Rin’s crib
when we were close enough.
	“You change her diaper. I’ll feed her.” I said. And then I thought again,
Ryoki was a pervert... Nah he wouldn’t dare touch a baby right? Anyways if he did I
was standing right there.
	Ryoki grumbled but got to it anyways while I headed to the fridge to warm up Rin’s
milk. I was amazed how Mikino could always sleep through Rin’s crying no matter
what, so amazed that it scared me. I mean I could understand me waking up, because
I’m a light sleeper that wakes up whenever someone moves around me, and Ryoki was a
deep sleeper, harder to wake than a rock, I mean one time I pushed him, and he fell,
and he didn’t wake up! Was Mikino faking it? For that I didn’t have an answer
because I was always too tired to check.
	“Ryoki are you done yet?” I asked, turning to take the baby from him, but
instead Rin was on the counter and Ryoki was falling. “Hey!” I yelled, but he
didn’t respond, instead Ryoki fell onto me and kissed me.
	Well it was more like him falling on top of me, bringing me with him to the ground,
and then laying a kiss on me. But STILL that was my first kiss that freaking bastard!
REMEMBER YOU ASKED TO BE KILLED THIS TIME!” I yelled into his ear, and then I
pushed him off of me and started kicking him in the balls as Rin cried on the counter
and Mikino began to wake up. 
	“OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!” Ryoki cried, he looked up at me as he
grabbed my foot. “What’d I do?” He asked in a weak voice. Furious I hit him on
the head and started lashing out at him again, all the while he held my foot.
	“HEY WHAT’S GOING ON OVER HERE?!” A voice yelled. I looked up to see Ed and
Sam in the doorway; I paused, looked at them and then continued to kill Ryoki.
	“Save me Ed! She just all of a sudden started kicking me!” Ryoki yelled. I
socked him one in the gut. And then hands were around my waist and dragging me off of
Ryoki as I still fought at him, thus causing me to scratch the person holding me.
	“Let me go EDWARD ELRIC OR I SHALL CUT YOUR HEAD OFF!” I screamed. Immdetly
everyone froze, Sam looked at me in shock, knowing something really bad had happened
and Jin who was just coming in the back door with Aki both paused to look at me. 
	“She’s finally lost it.” Aki muttered. Steam was coming out of me, but I
stopped fighting when I started to notice something... Jin was see through! Like he
wasn’t there, he also had ripples going through him in a crazy way, like a TV show
going into static.
	“What’s wrong with Jin?” I asked. But no one answered me, because they took
this as an opportunity to lock me up in my room until I had calmed down.
	“Sorry, just until you’re calm.” Ed muttered as he closed the door. I banged
on it; I had to see Jin again, to know I wasn’t crazy! 
	“Ed if you don’t dare let me out, I’ll tell Sam your secret!” I yelled
through the door, sudden footsteps rushed towards me. I could almost see Ed’s face
pressed up against the door.
	“You wouldn’t dare.” Ed said. I laughed.
	“I would. Oh SAM!” I yelled. The door was banged on and then suddenly it was
open and Ed put his hand on my mouth.
	“No, No! You gave me a month!” Ed cried at me. I muffled words through his hand
that we both couldn’t understand.
	“A month for what?” Ryoki asked painfully as he crawled into the bedroom. My
anger surged back then.
	“YOU!” I cried and I kicked him in the balls again.
	“AW SHIT! They’ll fall off! I wanna have kids you know!” Ryoki cried. Steam
blasted out of me and I fell to the ground.
	“You make me sooooo mad you dick!” I yelled. Sam came into the room then; she
put Ryoki against the wall and looked at me.
	“Meaghan, tell me what Ryoki did to you that’s got you so mad.” Sam said to
me, looking me straight in the face. I looked back at her and stood up. I could feel
a black and purple aura grow behind me as I pointed a finger at Ryoki and my eyes
glared with a sparkle of evil in them.
	“He kissed me. HE KISSED ME!” I yelled. Everything went silent then, and then
Sam and Ed looked at each other and started laughing. Ryoki looked up at me in
	“I’d never kiss you!” He yelled.
	“YOU STOLE MY FIRST KISS YOU BASTARD!” I yelled. Aki came charging in then and
took Ryoki into her arms.
	“NOOO Ryoki! You’re first kiss was supposed to be mine!” Aki cried, she only
looked up to glare at me with evil eyes. Yeah well, it wasn’t my fault runt.
You’re brother’s the one that fell on me and kissed me, that UGH IT WAS MAKING ME
	“I need to ditch this place.” I said, walking out of the room. Sam came after
	“Where are you going Meaghan?” Sam asked me. Ed came out then and came to my
other side.
	“To hell.” I answered. Sam stared at me weirdly.
	“Ed, stay here. I’m going with Meaghan.” Sam said. Ed grabbed me and Sam,
stopping us from leaving, I shrugged him off.
	“No Sam, there’s a pervert being left with a baby, I’ll go. You stay okay?”
Ed told Sam. Sam, speechless stood there and watched as me and Ed headed out of the
house, taking our jackets with us as we went.
	“Be safe.” She muttered and then she disappeared back into me and UGH I CAN’T
	The walk with Ed in the forest was very quiet. I think he was just letting me blow
off steam, that or he didn’t have anything to say. Either way I was glad there was
	“Meaghan, were you really going to tell Sam?” Ed finally asked me, I knew he
would ask this sooner or later.
	“No. Once I promise something, I promise it. I just had to make sure I wasn’t
crazy, because well... Jin was suddenly there, and then he wasn’t.” I answered
Ed. Ed stopped and I looked back at him.
	“What?!” Ed asked me. I shrugged and stepped towards him.
	“I know, crazy right? I thought maybe it was because I hadn’t gotten much sleep,
but well...Ed I don’t think Jin is real.” I said. Ed scratched his head and then
	“How can that be possible though, at all?” Ed said. I shrugged. I really
didn’t know. Maybe my mind was just going haywire.
	“I don’t kno—” I got cut off by a loud screeching sound that came from the
woods. Ed grabbed me then and put me behind him. “Hey I can take care of myself!”
I protested, but Ed covered my mouth with his steel hand. OH REALLY? Well I got a
trick for you! I tried pushing on his hand but it wouldn’t budge.
	“Shut up Meaghan!” Ed said, he had turned for a split second to look at me. I
muffled words at him angrily. But as the ground shook Ed let go of my mouth and we
grabbed each other in a death hug. Sam would kill me if she saw this...
	“What is that?!” I yelled at Ed. He shook his head, oh right he was just as
clueless as me as to what was happening.  And then before we knew it another screech
sounded and the biggest assed Lycan we’d ever seen jumped through the trees and
charged right at us, both me and Ed, being the loyal sacrificers, jumped at the
	“Run Ed!” I yelled.
	“Run Meaghan!” Ed yelled back at the same time. I landed before the lycan, and
so did Ed. But instead of taking me, the thing went after Ed.
	Completely angry that my sacrifice had been ignored, I pushed the animal off of Ed
with my mind, but I couldn’t hold it for long because Ed was screaming death
screams that hurt my ears.
	Taking a look at him all I saw was blood, blood and blood. The Lycan had dug its
teeth into his torso, mauling him.
	“Ed!” I yelled. Pushing the lycan away about a good fifty feet I rushed to fix
Ed’s wounds, but I was quickly pawed away by the Lycan when I had only made two of
the four holes from its teeth fixed.
	Angry I pushed the lycan away again and rushed my medical skills on Ed, my mind
rushing over every wound as fast as it could.
	“Run.” Ed whispered. I didn’t move, but instead felt his pain as the Lycan
took off his steel arm. I screamed with Ed as he screamed, his nerves feeling pain. I
was so busy screaming with Ed that I didn’t notice the Lycan take off his steel
leg, we both screamed in unison together again, both clutching the grass as the pain
started to fade. 
	Huffing, trying to breathe, I stood up and charged at the lycan. “Okay big bad
wolf, let’s dance.” I said. And then I was grabbed by the lycan in his mouth,
being shaken furiously. 
	“Run Ed! Run! Leave your arm and leg! Get to safety!” I yelled, Ed looked up at
me in horror.
	“I won’t leave you!” He yelled at me. I shook my head and winced as the
lycan’s teeth dug in.
	“If you go, you know I’ll come back.” I said. “Plus you don’t want to turn
into a lycan with that bite do yo—” I got cut off by another bite. Angry I
smashed my fist into the lycan’s head and with that the lycan got mad with me, and
charged into the woods again. It was taking me back to its home, where it would
finish me off, once and for all. I just hoped I could put up a good fight before I
went down. Ryoki’s kiss didn’t even bother me anymore.
Last edited: 15 July 2010

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