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Saturday, 29 May 2010
03:20:12 PM (GMT)
When Pokemon battle, neither one of them dies. The loser simply faints. It's a kids
anime. I've seen every episode and not once does someone die. I don't know who told
you all this false information about Pokemon, but they were lying to you. They
tricked you. Actually, Pokemon teaches a lot of good things; friendship, loyalty, and
becoming your own person. There are even some scientific concepts; water conducts
electricity, for example. 

You say you are a Christian... I am a Christian myself. I understand that some people
who call themselves Christians can become overly obsessed with rules and rituals and
certain 'Christian' practices. Well, I think you need to consider your shoot list.
This means, if someone held a gun to your head and said "Do you believe in God?" (for
example) and you knew if you said yes they would shoot you, would you say yes? If so,
than the question "Do you believe in God" is on your shoot list. Is the question "Is
Pokemon evil?" really on your shoot list? I certainly hope not, because that would be
pretty sad. There are more important things out there! God doesn't want you to sit
around and stress over trivial things, He wants you to get out there and live your
life for Him. Take risks for Him. In the face of eternity, this doesn't matter. Not
at all.

Also, I think you have misunderstood Japanese culture. Often, especially in Anime,
characters are shown having special abilities or powers. But...lighten up! It's just
for fun, just for pretend. If a child actually beleives they have these powers, than
their problem is not with the Tv show itself, but something a little deeper. Its fun
to pretend, but we know it's not real. Japanese culture shows characters with powers
as a good fictional story. Obviously it's not real. It isn't the same as going around
trying to move things with your mind or light things on fire just by looking at them.

There are no 'potions' in Pokemon, as you say. That is the word used for the spray
that heals an injured Pokemon, true, but when translated directly from the Japanese,
the word potion means a kind of healing solution or medicine, not an evil brew made
by a witch. 

In the Pokemon game the term 'master' means a person who has captured every species
of Pokemon. It does not mean a god. 
The term 'wizard' does not necessarily mean a person who casts spells, it has another
meaning, and that is some one who is exceedingly good or talented at something.
And the kids in the Pokemon game do not return home with Pokemon to attack their
parents. That's just rediculous. Their parents encourage them to leave, and to find
adventure and new friends.

It says in the Bible that if you believe something is wrong (the Bible uses the
example of eating meat) than it is wrong for you. This means that if you are
doing something that you have been taught it wrong, and you feel guilty doing it, it
is a sin. But someone else who was taught that this same action is okay, and who
doesn't feel guilty when doing it, for them it is okay and not a sin. I believe
Pokemon falls into this category. 

If you believe that it is a sin to watch Pokemon, than for you, it is. But do not try
to force your own personal convictions on everyone else. Because for us, it is not
a sin. 

I'm a Christian, but I also love Pokeomon, heavy metal screamo music, and facial

I hope this helped you see things a little more clearly.
God Bless you, 
<3 Lexii

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