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Chapter 1Category: My Only Love (a love story)
Friday, 28 May 2010
11:24:00 AM (GMT)
My name is Moka, and yes, i have been named by the character from the manga
Rosario+Vampire. My mom liked that named, she says is short and cute. i agree, i do
like it. Moka!
        It was my first day at school. i was meeting my best friend, Sam, or as i
like to call her beastie. She has been my beastie since last year. Yes i know is a
short time but since then she had never betrayed me. So i know she would never do it.
Sam is a blond, which Michi thinks she's a fake blond. Michi is the evil part of
Sam's life. I don't know why but she is never mean to me.
       So there i was sitting with my legs crossed, alone. Everybody who was passing
by where staring at me, i was asking myself why? It was my skirt since it was to
short, you could almost see my whole legs all the way to my underwear. It was a
little embarrassing but i didn't really care. Not like I'm a wh0re, it because it has
been a while since i haven't dated. I still remember my last boyfriend, Emmanuel. we
called him "radio" because he singed to much, but he was still the cutest, and the
first boyfriend i have ever had. I broke up with him because he wouldn't let me go
for a long time. i thought he hadn't any guy friend but i think he had more then me.

        My friend finally got here. "hey Moka!" she said exicted. 
        "Hey Sam, i missed you so much" i answered and i really mean it. i havent
seen her since the last day of school. We didnt hang out at summer because she said
that she was going to Spain. Its really cool having a friend from a different
country. i mean you can learn a new language and culture. 
        "i missed you too" Sam said hugging me. i could hardly breath. 
        "so how was Spain?" i asked her with curiosity 
        "it was so fun" she said. 
        "i wish i could go with you" i told her smirking. She just laughed. 
        In that moment Michi came and said "look girls wat a loser Sam is" they all
        "hey!" i said "back off" i pushed her 
        "watever" she said and walked by me pushing Sam. 
        "dont listen to them" i told Sam who was almost letting a tear out 
        "hey its a new year and we wont let those preps get in the way of our happy
life" I told her and smiled, she smiled back.

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