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I read half of The Hunger Games todayCategory: You don't really need to read this.
Thursday, 13 May 2010
12:39:00 AM (GMT)
and that's absolutely irrelevant.

Do you listen to alternative music? Yes.
Have you ever met an Amish person? ...Not that I can remember. That would be pretty
cool though.
What's your favorite movie with Ashton Kutcher in it? I don't know of any right now.
Did you listen to Aaron Carter back in the day? No. Even when I was little I was
ignorant to popular things. XD
Name a friend/aquaintance who's name starts with the letter A. Amanda! (:

Have you ever seen a Broadway show? Nope.
Name a brand that starts with the letter B. Uhhh damn. 
Who's your favorite character on the Brady Bunch? Jan. (:
Who is the last person you called a bitch? Uhm... a guy. Don't actually know who
though. XD
When's the last time you were on a boat? Last summer! <3

Have you ever seen a 'Casper' movie? Nope.
Do you own anything Coach? Nooooooo.
How many names in your contact list begin with the letter C? Two.
Have you ever sang in a chorus? Yup. 4 years.
Name someone famous who's name begins with the letter C. Carly Simon.

Which word do you use more: damn, dang, or darn? DAAAMNN.
Do you ever say 'dude!' before saying something moderately important? Probably.
Did you notice that there was a Disney and Nickelodeon version of the show 'Doug'?
Which version did you like better? ...No, I didn't. And no, I didn't.
Do you like Dunkin Donuts? Yeah.

Do you live on the East Coast? I do!
Do you like Elvis Presley? Sure. I guess it's hard not to. x]
What about Ellen DeGeneres? SURE.
Is Elmo cute or creepy? Elmo is adorable and I love him. Kay?
Have you ever done ecstasy? No.

Do you believe in fate? idk. Sure.
Have you ever heard the song "Fuck It" by Eamon? Nope.
When's the last time you saw a relative who's not in your immediate family?
Uhh. I don't know.
Who is the last person you called a freak? Probably Sammie. xD

What's a goal you have at the moment? I don't know. Not fail school.
Do you like things that are grape flavored? Not really.
Do you own a gaming system? If so, what? No. xD
Do you like the movie 'Grease'? Never seen it.

Do you think you make a good host or hostess? Hah. No.
Do you wear hats often? Yeah. (:
Who is the last person you held hands with? Dan?
Name a place you'd like to visit beginning the with letter H. Hungary? idk. xD that
would be pretty cool.
Do you like any Hilary Duff movies? One! She was my idol when I was like eight.

What's your favorite ice cream place? Hayward's.
When is the last time you did something illegal? I dunno.
What was the last thing to inspire you? ...I don't keep track of that.
Do you take Ibuprofen? No.

Is Jennifer Lopez a better actress or singer? I don't knowwww.
Have you ever been to Jamba Juice? No.
Do you like Jeeps? YES.
Is anyone jealous of you? I kinda don't think so.
Which month do you like the best: January, June or July? July <3

How many people have you kissed in the past year? One.
Do you like kettle corn? No.
Do you consider yourself kind? Sure.
What's your favorite song by Kelly Clarkson? That one I don't remember the name of
that was randomly on the radio the other night.

Does it annoy you when people say 'lol' or 'lolz' in a verbal conversation? Yeah.
What lake is closest to where you live? Baboosic Lake. Or Dream Lake. They're
probably about equal.
Who is the biggest liar you know? Oh there are a few.
What's to the left of you? Dartboard, DVD player, candles, stuff.

Do you listen to MGMT? No.
What was the last thing you received in the mail? Kiros shirt.
Are you anything like your mother? I guess. I'm small. And care too much sometimes. I
think it ends there, which is ok with me.
Have you ever experienced a miracle? I don't know.

What is the last thing you said 'no' to? I don't know. The last question that I
answered with a no. xD
Did you watch Nickelodeon as a kid? Yeah.
Did you ever watch 'Next' on MTV? No.
Do you ever use the 'n-word'? No.
Who's the last person to write you a note? I'm not sure.

Do you like the color orange? Sure.
When's the last time you were near an ocean? Boston with Sarah.
Have you ever been to Old Country Buffet? No.
What about Olive Garden? No.
Do you have a friend whose name starts with the letter 'O'? Hmm. I know an Olivia,
but I wouldn't say she's my friend exactly. Sooo I guess not.

Which pain is wore--physical or emotional? Emotional. Easily.
Name a song starting with the letter P. The Patient Ferris Wheel-The Gaslight Anthem
Have you ever seen 'Pretty in Pink'? No.
Are you a people person? When I want to be.

What's the last grade you received on a quiz? Not sure.
Who is the most quiet person you know? Abigail.
Have you ever quit something you've been doing for a while? Not really?
Do you own a quilt? Yeah (:

Do you like to run? Rarely.
Don't you hate when surveys ask you about religion? I don't really care.
What's your favorite ride at an amusement park? idk.
Are you planning on relaxing later? Sure.

What's your favorite soda? ROOT BEER, RANDY.
Who was your last sexual encounter with? HAHAHAHAA. Funny.
When's the last time you went to a salon? Several months ago, to get my hair cut.
Can you sing well? No.
Where do you go to school? A school.

What's the last thing you watch on TV? The Office.
Have you seen Lady Gaga's 'Telephone' music video? Nope.
Do any of your friends run track? Monroe? Or he used to. Uhh. There are others.
Do you have any upcoming tests? Yeah, finals week. Yay.

Do you think anyone is truly ugly? Depends on your perception of them.
Do you own a pair of Uggs? No.
Have you ever been to Utah? No, although I might this sumemr.
Do you like the song 'Umbrella' by Rihanna? Actually, yeah.
Is your underwear cute? Hah.

Do you like vanilla-scented things? I guess.
Who is the most recent person you know to lose his/her virginity? ...?
Do you shop at Victoria's Secret? No.
Do you listen to Vampire Weekend? No.
Who's the last person you visited? Uhh.

How's the weather today? Cloudy, but not too bad.
Do you smoke weed? No.
Do you live on the West Coast? Nope.
Do you hate winter? Kinda, sometimes.
White bread or wheat bread? Either.

Do you know anyone named Xavier? Nope.
Did you play with xylophones in elementary school music class? YES.
Do you know anyone who takes Xanax? WHEN I FIRST READ THAT I THOUGHT IT SAID "NAMED
XANAX". I got confused.
Do you like X-Men? Never seen them.

Have you ever done yoga? Yeah. For a month or two in my gym class this year. hahaha.
And in gymnastics we used to sometimes.
What's your favorite flavor of yogurt? Blueberry or strawberry.
How was your day yesterday? Ok.
Do you like the color yellow? sure.

When's the last time you visited the zoo? The summer before second grade. Roger
Williams Park Zoo, in Rhode Island. Fun day.
Do you like zebra-print things? Not really.
Have you ever heard the song 'Zingy' by Ak'sent? No.
Last edited: 13 May 2010

‹✖ мocкιηg вιя∂; ✖› says:   13 May 2010   803909  
retreaux says:   13 May 2010   188105  
Loved the Hunger Games, yess. ♥
/copypasting quiz.
fireonthemountain says:   13 May 2010   646562  
Oh yes. <3 
‹A role to play› whispers:   15 May 2010   881218  
Hunger Games, for the win. I think the last book, Mockingjay,
is coming out later this year. :3
fireonthemountain says:   15 May 2010   520837  
It is. And there's going to be a movie in 2011. (: 
‹A role to play› whispers :   15 May 2010   520104  
XD I never knew about that. Dang... Betcha it's gonna be rated R, if
not, then changed to the point where it's been messed up.

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