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Sex is a Sin Chapter NineCategory: (general)
Monday, 8 March 2010
12:03:54 PM (GMT)
Jace POV

I broke away from Nyl. I know, shocker. You would think it was her, but she was
kissing me with such vigor and...shit. I don't even KNOW words like that to even
describe. Horny, desire, and sexual attraction does come to mind, though.
  She looked at me, looking like someone had a rough night in bed....I, of course, by
this time, was raised to the fact that something was probably sticking her in the
stomach. If she did notice, she wasn't saying anything about it.
  "Oh, God, I'm sorry," she apologized, looking sick to her stomach. "Geez, something
just came over me...and damn."
  "Please don't apologize. I enjoyed it. A lot. If you want to take this back to my
room....we still have an hour and half. And, we could hide know they won't
check," I told her, pulling her closer to me, not wanting nothing more than to have
her in my bed.
  She held my eyes for a moment and I could see the fact that she was tempted to say
yes. I urged her on with my eyes, rubbing that area on the back of her neck that I
knew she liked to have rubbed. She shook her head. "I need to go back to my
room...and rethink my pizza!"
  She dashed off before I could question her. Rethink her pizza? Nice excuse, Nyl.
It's original if anything else. I turned off to go to my room, which I had the
fortune to have by myself. I couldn't even go to my room. Instead, my feet--yes, my
feet because I was thinking about kissing Nyl and NOT about her at all--brought me to
her door, and my hands--and yes, my hands, because I still wasn't thinking about
her--knocked on the door.
  "Yes?" she called, sounding breathless. I heard running water. Ah, taking a shower.
Reminded me of us playing strip poker, and her making me horny, getting half-way to
sex with me, and then just leaving me lying there, completely naked. What a tease.
  "Open the door! It's me," I told her, leaning against the door. What's the chance
she actually opens it? I should've left, but I was already here, and I had already
knocked on the door, so, yeah why waste my time? We'll go with that excuse.
  Suddenly, I lost all balance as the door was yanked from behind me. I fell back,
landing on my back, staring up at Nyl. Her hair was the tiniest bit wet, the tips of
it clinging to that tight red shirt she had on....oh goodness. She didn't sleep with
a bra on. "Hello!" I chirped, my voice cracking and raising ten pitches. Oh wow. Why
don't you put on a red mini-skirt and coconut bra, too, Jace? Make yourself
completely gay!
  She stuck a hand out and pulled me up. She was strong. She grinned at me. "Missed
me? It's only been fifteen minutes. I thought it'd be a bit longer." She winked at
me, turning around to go into the bedroom part of the suite. "They got me a suite and
my partner roomed with someone else. You're welcome to stay."
  Was she flirting with me? This wouldn't, not at all, be good. Not if I was in the
  I walked over to the bed, which she was laying on, legs in the air, crossed at the
ankles, looking ever the picture of perfect ease. I sat down on the bed behind her,
gently messaging her back.
  She shivered slightly, eyes on the TV, but she was thinking about me. I knew she

(Author's Note: After this, it gets a bit R-rated. Read at your own

I brought her on top of me, the Serta mattress comfortable underneath me. I kissed
her on the mouth, prying her lips open to deepen the kiss, catching her tongue in my
mouth. I moved from her mouth and down her neck. Her legs wrapped around my waist. I
pulled her shirt off. Okay, fuck apples, she had whole watermelons!

Her hands worked at my pants, unbuttoning them, and I wiggled out of them, careful
not to break the kiss. Her hands ran through my hair, as I stripped off her pants
with ease. I kissed down her chest, moving down to her waist, kissing the soft apex
of hair between her thighs. 

She moaned quietly from underneath me. I was careful to keep my weight off of her. I
caught her nipple in my mouth as I slowly guided my manhood into her. 


‹KieraCharnay<3› says:   8 March 2010   551995  
great story i loved to read this! keep writing this is an amzing
princessbrandi says:   9 March 2010   421180  
keep writing dese stories gurl u need to be an book writer or becuz
dhis is eefing amazing
‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says:   9 March 2010   561858  
Thank yall some much! 
‹NeverThoughtLoveAndLossFeltSoMuchAlike› says:   9 March 2010   178807  
Wow chick totally intense
‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says :   9 March 2010   663767  
Not at all. But it was awkward writing that. 

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