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Sex is a Sin Chapter Seven Part TwoCategory: (general)
Monday, 1 March 2010
11:37:24 AM (GMT)
Still Jace

Sebastian looked at us like we were crazy. We were on our way to New Orleans on a
school trip. I was sitting next to Nyl. She was fighting with me, sitting in my lap,
and, at the same time, trying to watch Medea Goes to Jail. 
  A laugh rippled through the bus. 
  She hit me. "Stop touchin' my butt!"
  "You like it!" I pressed her onto my lap.
  She bit me.
  "Ow! You hoe!"
  "I'm still a virgin!"
  Her bipolar mood swing was back. I gripped her waist, pulling her down to my chest,
holding her there. I nuzzled her ear, tempted to kiss her. But that would be against
the Game. She has to fall first in order for me to win. And I don't think I can hold
on much longer. 
  She let out a squeal that recieved some looks from the people on the bus. I slapped
a hand over her mouth. "Shut up before we get in trouble," I hissed in her ear as she
wiggled to get free. "Stop moving before I get a boner right here, right now."
  She stopped, then let out a giggle. Thank God Madea was saying something funny that
made it look not as weird she was giggling. "I always make you have a boner, my
King." She wiggled free ffrom my grasp and sat next to me. "We're still in New Roads?
Oh my God! So we have like two hours left? Oh well. I'm going to sleep." She rested
her head on my lap, bringing her feet under her. "I'm so close to givin' you a blow
job right now."
  "Don't tease me, My Queen," I replied, trying to focus on the movie instead of the
fact that she was that close to giving me a blow job because, damn, it
wouldn't have been pretty. Especially with nothing to distract me and the fact that
we had two more hours left. 
  Sebastian peered over the seat at his already alseep sister. He arched an eyebrow
at me. "You need help?"
  I shook my head. "Noo...I'll be fine as long as I listen to my Ipod." I plugged the
earphones into my ears. And the first song to come on? Colte 45 by Afroman. I skipped
the song, but my Touch froze. And it kept playing, and playing, and playing and it
wouldn't turn off. 
  About to go crazy, I flung it at Sebastian. "It won't go off!" I groaned because
now I was all aroused, and it wasn't pretty, and I couldn't move Nyl because I needed
the protection, and Sebastian was laughing his ass off at me. I glared at him. "You
wouldn't find this funny if you were in this predicament."
  "That's why I never fall in love."
  "I'm not in love with her."
   He didn't say anything, but his smug smile said it all. I was not in love
with Nyl. I just wanted to sleep wit her. That's a big difference. She made me horny,
but I was not in love with her. She made me happy,but sex did that, too, was I in
love with it? Hell yeah, I was. I had never fallen in love, and I wasn't now. Love
leads to one girl and babies.
  I wasn't sure I could commit to either one.

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