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CancerCategory: (general)
Saturday, 13 February 2010
04:23:08 PM (GMT)
In fourth grade, i was diagnosed with cancer, and i lost my sense of smell, thus
also losing my sense of taste. i went through chemo and all the shit, and i was

But recently, on February 6, 2010, i was diagnosed with the same cancer. It had come
back, and it was worse than before. the next daynight, i fainted and had a
"juevinile mile febriele stroke" and Kerry came to my house to see if i was all
right. she called 911 and they came and stuff...

i know its unbelievable, i have proof, but i have the link handy if anyone wants it. 

i hate cancer, but my hair isnt falling out
i just dont know what to do
im scared that im just gonna fall asleep and never wake up again...

nea14 says:   13 February 2010   220676  
thats so sad. 
alexautomagically says:   13 February 2010   474718  
i dont know what to do anymore ):
help me please
‹<♥TheBrokenKid♥>› says:   13 February 2010   285833  
My Mom Went Through The Same Thing Im Here If You Need Someone To
Talk To.
Im Afraid I Might Get It Because My Mother,My Grandmother And Great
Grandmother All Had Cancer.
Im here For you :]
alexautomagically says:   13 February 2010   910653  
AWWW thanks!
(: i ireally need the help right now! :]
‹Al!ce_Pan!k› says:   13 February 2010   684249  
That's so sad.  I don't know how to help you, but I really think that
you're not going to not wake up one day.  Have faith, you'll win.
‹<broken.hearted.katastrophe>› says:   13 February 2010   481658  
You beat it once, youll beat it again.
The fear of death is completely natural. 
But, live your life to the fullest, so that the people around you will
know youre strong, and will help you build your memories. Whenever
youre afraid, all youll have to do is think of the memories youve been
able to gather, and fear will be the last thing on your mind.
Im sure you have many friends and family who will support you. Dont
give up. Live for them, live for the memories, and most of all live
for yourself.  
Message me ! Im here 
alexautomagically says:   13 February 2010   786108  
awww thanks guys (people)
im really scared, but if you survive, i survive
(: thanks
‹<3 YoUR mY WONdErWalL› says:   13 February 2010   530925  
omg im so sorry.
thats horrible.

my aunt died from cancer and it was horrible. 
it was hard to watch her go through it, it must be horrilbe for you to
have it. im so sorry.

just stay strong and dont give up. keep up hope and u'll beat it

if u need to chat or n e thing..u can always message me!! 

i hope u beat it again

‹HANNER› says:   13 February 2010   269261  
I don't know you, but I hope you get better again; it happened once,
it can happen twice. (: Positive thoughts, girl. And don't waste your
energy being scared... I mean, you can either be scared that you might
die, or you can be happy that you are living right now. Don't be
scared of death... everyone dies eventually. 

Good luck with everything.  <3
‹SugarCoated_HeroinJunkie› says:   13 February 2010   313442  
I'm alway's here for you Alex darling, if you ever need to talk or
anything. We don't no each other too well but I'll alway's be here if
you need someone to talk to or if you need advice or anything. I no
you're a strong girl and you'll pull through this.
<3 Heather x x x
thedecadefromhell says :   20 March 2010   677744  


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