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Sunday, 7 February 2010
02:12:34 PM (GMT)
found this on sage's diary and i had to do it


1. Name: Taylor

2.Gender: female 

3. Screen name: for what?

4. Birthday: October 30

5. Race: Albinooo~

7. Job: Nothing
8. Status: Taken

9. Hometown: Spring Hill

10. Current Town: Spring Hill

11. Parents Still Together: yupp

12. Siblings: 1 sister

13. Pets: 2 fish, 5 dogs and a little sister

14. Smoker: sure

15. Drinker: yupp

16. Virgin: yes-ish

17. Orientation: straight 

18. Drugs: yup

19. Hair Color: brick red, brown, dirty blonde, and bleach blonde

20. Is it Dyed?: yea duh

21. eye colour: blueee

22. height: 5'1

23. Style: whatever i feel like wearing

24. Glasses/Contacts/None?: glassess

25. Freckles: not really

26. Shoe Size: 8-9

27. Piercings: ears 

28. Want More?: cartledge, nose and belly

29. Tattoos: pfft i wish

30. Want more?: yea 

31. Braces?: hahaha looooong gone

32. Overall Best Feature?: my eyes

33. Overall Worst Feature?: hair...and my height

34. Do you get most of your traits from mom or dad?: looks come from my dad and my
attatude comes from my mom

35. Fave colour/s: neon blue

36. Worst Color: brown

37. Favorite Number: 21

38. Favorite Animal:  wolves

39. Least Favorite Animal: snakes

40. Favorite Flower: rose

41. Favorite Food: italian

42. Worst Food: mashed potatoes ;^; 

43. Favorite Junk Food: smores poptarts 

44. Worst Junk Food: sour patch kids >>

45. Favorite Restaurant:  chillies :D

46. Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: coffee

47. Favorite Candy: skittles

48. Favorite Alcoholic Drink: piniacolata or whatever lmao

49. Favorite NON Alcoholic Drink: coke 

50. Worst Alcoholic Drink: so far, no bad alcohol lol

51. Worst NON Alcoholic Drink: tea
52. Favorite Genre of Music: rnb, acustic, rap, tecno, alternative rock and all that
other crap i adore :3

53. Worst Genre: country and gospel Dx

54. Favorite Band/Artist: damien rice/ lil wayne/ eminem/ florence + the machine

55. Worst Band/Artist: idk alot lol

93. Ever Had Sex With Just a Friend?: nope

94. Are You a Tease?: when you get me at a good time

95. Do you Flirt a Lot?: when im single

96. Longest Relationship:  2 1/2 years

97. Shortest: half a day

98. Have you Ever Gotten a Poem?: yup

99. Ever Get Flowers?: yupp

100. Sweetest Thing You've Ever Gotten: idk

101. Do you Like Valentine's Day or Sweetest Day?: dont really care lol

102. Do you Believe in Love at First Sight?: at times
--|accidentally deleted.|--

104. Do you Fall in Love Fast?: waaaay to fast

105. Are you a Player?: no

106. Would you ever Hook Up With Someone of the Same sex?: lmfao no

107. Have You ever Kissed 2 People in One Day?: yea first sam then shannon lol

108. Kissed 2 People At One Time?: well now arent we getting a bit kinky

109. Had Sex with 2 People in One day?: im a vergin you nit-wit

110. Had sex with 2+ People at One Time?: omg >>

111. Ever cried over someone of the opposite sex?: now theres an answerable

112. Ever Been Dumped?: yup

113. Ever dumped someone?: oh yea 
114. Ever been rejected?: not really

115. Do you have a lot of ex's?: yea sorta

116. Are you a slut?: um no?

117. Ever been called one?: yea alot lmao

118. Ever dated someone more than once?: yea

119. Do you ever make the first move?: depends

120. Double dates or single?: double are fun but single are more intimate ;]

121. Do you want to get married?: eventually

~OPPOSITE SEX (what you're attracted to)~

122. Hair Color: light-ish

123. Short or long?: short has been my fetish lately....

124. Style: not a total douche :3

125. Age: older ;]

126. Height: taller

127. Weight: lmao as long as he doest eat me, its all good

128. Muscular Or Skinny: dont careee 

129. Boxers or Briefs: BOXERS!

130. Do you care about looks?: at first
131. Can you drive?: fo sho

132.  Do You Have a Car?: nope 

133. Do you have a cell phone?: yush. lg nv touch babyyy ;]

134. Are you online a lot?: pfft yea

135. Do you like gay/bi people?: sure lol

136. Can you speak another language?: carny :D

137. Do you do well in school?: sureeeee >>

138. Do you collect anything?: not really lol

139. Have an obsession?: eminem, the color blue and allways having my nails done

140. Do you hate yourself?: alot

141.  Ever smile for no reason?: yea but then there is a reason for me smiling for no

142. Talk to yourself?: so much lol

143. Do you have any regrets?:  yea

144. Believe in magic?: to an extent

145. Do you support gay marriage?: sure

146. Sex before marriage?: eh :/

147. Do you trust people easily?: not really

148. Forgive easily?: too easily

149.  Do you have a secret no one knows?: yea

150. Do you get along with your parents?: uhh... 

151. What about other people?: eh.....

152. How do you vent your anger?: screaming, writing and hitting things  :]

153. Do you like George Bush? WTF?

154. Goal Before you die?: idk...

155. Biggest Fear: spiders

156. Biggest Weakness: when a guy comes up behind me and wraps his hands around my
waist :3 i just melt

157. Do you play an instrument?: i wish i could lol. but thats what my slave guitar
man tyson is for >:3

158.  What do you want to be when you grow up?: an author or an actress


A bitch?: ha yea

A daydreamer?: not so much

Shy?: at times

Talkative?: very much

Energize?: idk

Happy?: at times

Depressed?: above

Funny?: funny looking xD

Slutty?: no

Boring?: like your mom? yes very much ;]

Mean?: oh hell yes

Nice?: to the lucky ones >;]

Caring?: above

Trustworthy?: if you earn it

Confident?: not in the least bit

Friendly?: sometimes

Smart?: well lets take a look at my report card.... ;^;

Sarcastic?: like your mom, of course :D

Dependable?: sure if you deserve it
Quiet?: sometimes

Weird?: ohyes
Adaptable?: not really

Strong (emotionally)?: surprisingly yes
Strong (physically)?: oh hell yea. i can lift an elephant with my pinky toe ;]
Mature?: pfft not at all

Logical?: eh
Religious?: for my religion yes

Modest?: ish

Indesicive?: ish

Sympathetic?: yea

Polite?: hahaaha no

Creative?: very

Fun to be around?: pfft yea

Lovable?: of course! who doesnt love a crazy ass blonde chick ;]

Easily Amused?: ohyes

Outgoing?: sure

Daring?: When I wanna be

Clumsy?: haha yea

Nosy? yea

Lazy?: ohyes.

Scary?: just like yur mom dear ;]

Optimistic?: no

Persuasive?: very ;D 

A good listener?: yea
Curious?: at times

Determined?: eh

Artistic?: In certain ways

Honest?: brutally

Respectful?: to some people

Conceited?: HAHA YOU WISH

Cocky?: ohyea

Controlling?: when im having pms (pissed at men syndrome) 

Playful?: yea
Easygoing?: yup

Carefree?: when im flyin

Hot Headed?: ohrlyyy?
Serious?: at times

Thoughtful?: idk

Considerate?: yea

Stubborn?: very

Romantic?:  at times

Ambitious?: yup 

Jealous?: oh my gos yes

Insecure?: you have no idea

Obsessive?: yes

Attentive?: idek

Helpful?: I try
Punctual?: idk

Rational?: idk

Sincere?: eh
Sure?: nope. 

Tolerant?: no

 Did you enjoy this survey?: not as much as i enjoyed your mother last night ;3
 Was it too long?: yea
 Do you think it contained just about everything?: sure?

sagebff says:   7 February 2010   856935  
Its sooo freaking loonngg ehh? xD.
‹She'llFlyThatBlackHawkDown♥.› says:   7 February 2010   875235  
Omg my hands are offically broken e.o' 
sagebff says:   7 February 2010   359598  
haha SLUT! 
And awhh. xD.
‹She'llFlyThatBlackHawkDown♥.› says:   8 February 2010   872520  
Yes awww ;^; 
sagebff says:   8 February 2010   306049  
Haha, oh yesss :P
sagebff says:   8 February 2010   844530  
No, Im YOUR slut. ;D.
‹She'llFlyThatBlackHawkDown♥.› says:   8 February 2010   498830  
Cool so does that mean I don't have to pay you for last night? I'm
broke at the moment ;] 
sagebff says:   8 February 2010   882078  
Oh no, That was free baby ;P
‹She'llFlyThatBlackHawkDown♥.› says:   8 February 2010   845699  
Okay thanks. Again tonight at 9 darling? 
sagebff says:   8 February 2010   528340  
Oh yes,
Same time. 
‹She'llFlyThatBlackHawkDown♥.› says:   8 February 2010   442777  
Okay, wear that Little Blue dress ;] 
sagebff says:   8 February 2010   624778  
noo I got a black one just for you. ;P lmaoo.
‹She'llFlyThatBlackHawkDown♥.› says:   8 February 2010   961598  
Oh even better
You know exactly what pleases me Sagie-bear x] 
sagebff says:   8 February 2010   385811  
Obby :$
‹She'llFlyThatBlackHawkDown♥.› says:   8 February 2010   536078  
I'm gona start calling you Sagie-bear now xD 
sagebff says:   8 February 2010   394086  
haha, Okayyy xD
WAIT! I need a nickname for youu. 
‹She'llFlyThatBlackHawkDown♥.› says:   8 February 2010   539513  
Your my slut so you can't name me
You're like my pretty little slave >;3 
sagebff says:   8 February 2010   186763  
Okayyy. ;D...
master.. LMFAO! XD.
‹She'llFlyThatBlackHawkDown♥.› says:   8 February 2010   365097  
sagebff says:   8 February 2010   639330  
‹She'llFlyThatBlackHawkDown♥.› says:   8 February 2010   877857  
sagebff says:   8 February 2010   547386  
I fail. x3
‹She'llFlyThatBlackHawkDown♥.› says:   8 February 2010   403599  
sagebff says:   8 February 2010   311377  
‹She'llFlyThatBlackHawkDown♥.› says :   8 February 2010   792602  

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