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Superstitious? Future? Books? :DCategory: Challenge
Sunday, 6 December 2009
09:05:33 PM (GMT)
I just got a book today!!!! :] Night World 2!!
Ok thats not the  weird thing xD
Ok well the time period of the book is  set a few weeks before Chrismas and in real
life its a few weeks before Chrismas. I know it may not that weird but I  just find
that  to be a little weird.Isn't it weird when things like this occur at the same
time, it almost feels as if it were planned out.
    Ok has this ever happen to you? Have you ever  thought that you have seen or done
somthing before... de ja vu , well that happened  to me.Not just once like   more
than 10 times.Ok I go to a new middle school its only  like 3 years old and before it
was bulit I some how knew what  it was going to look like. I think I saw it in a
dream or somthing.

  I just finshed reading  this one book called Black Magic , White Magic   and
 it about magic, magical creaters like  faries ,brownies, dragons ,and a lot more.
Also it had a chapter about future telling and  it said " Oneromancy is the art of
fortelling the futrue by the interptation of dreams."I think thats what i have  but i
don't think i will have it much longer, i had a lot more of dreams coming true when I
was younger and than I got less and less  the more older I got.

Ok the Titanic sunk on April 14th, Lincoln died on April 14th ,  my birthday is on
once again April 14th(You guys better wish me a happy b-day on b-day >.>  )).....any
way you know  how  some people are all like " WE ARE GOING TO DIE IN 2012!!!!!!OHHH
NOOOOOSSSS!! :o"   2012 is going to be the  100th year since the Titanic sunk. I 
going to me  moping  around on my 17th b-day saying that today is the 100th year
since the Titanic sunk ((and also my Great Uncle Geoge's 100th b-day!! Woohoo!!:D 
OHH also i took this on  quiz to see who you were in the past  and well it said I
might have been  a passenger on the Titanic. Link for proof!! :

If you don't like what i wrote don't comment saying you think its stupid  and what
not. Ok?!? 
thanks for reading!


Days till Chrismas : 19         C:<

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