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Tuesday, 24 November 2009
10:26:30 PM (GMT)
Characters, setting, ect, curtusy of realality as interpreted by moi. 
Team building.

Everyone pretends to find it stupid and boring.

They also say they can't sing most of the pokemon theme song, and don't want to play
with bubbles.

Isn't it fun to know when people are lying?

      So to lay this out for you- The freshmen class is in the bleachers to the left
of the auditorium. 
      Left as in, you drive to the school from the gas station where the seniors
sneak off to to buy cigarettes and you crash through most of the school until you get
to the auditorium and the direction you are facing in your totaled, rubble strewn
     To your left from there. Not, "there" as in the emotional state there, just, you
know, from that physical positioning...
So the entire freshmen class is in the left bleachers. "Why left?" one might wonder. 
   Painted on the right bleachers, in big letters, is the initials for our school,
written in such a way that you can only read them if those bleachers are folded
against the wall.
     On the floor are all the crazy colored lines you see on public gym floors, the
ones that allow the gym teachers to set you up playing basket ball, indoor volley
ball, indoor track, wrestling, archery, adventure, any other crazy gym unit they care
to have us do, even though most of us don't care if we have the correct
corresponding line on the floor pertaining to our unit.
Standing on those lines, talking extensively using her hands, was Srt. Barun, the
Spanish teacher.
    She's nice, but slightly creepy, and pretty, but slightly creepy, and she does
her job well. 
But she's slightly creepy.
    I really like her, but she makes me feel very insecure. She's a good person, and
she's nice looking, and yet people still don't like her, and what can she do about
it? She probably doesn't even know about it! Couldn't I be just like her,
helplessly creepy, pushing away all but a few other creepy people??
    Well duh, in fact I almost definitely am. 
The bleachers are all red, with metal railings so that people don't die as they head
to the top bleachers (where I am), the lines on the floor are white and red, and the
walls are white. 
    Wanna guess our school colors?
We're very spirited about our colors. There's a whole cheer about it! We chant
it before every cross country meet, and it goes like this:
       Red, white, fight fight!
          Red, white, fight fight!
          Who fight? We fight!
          Run, fight, win!
WHOO! We all cheer, and then begin discussing "Oh, it's 'run fight win'? I
thought it was 'red fight win!' "I thought it was 'Red, white,

So now you know the setting more or less. Let me lay out your narrator.

I'm Janet. I started dying my hair pink in seventh grade. I now keep it in small
pigtails, with some ringlets left loose near my ears to frame my face.
     This is because my head is shaped like a potato, and if I move that front hair
into the pigtails, I think people might notice.
     Another important thing about me is that I have low self esteem- because I
want to. People hate it when other people are confident, despite what they
say. So I'm not. Hey, call me a crowd pleaser.
     I'm a total fake. I have about eight personalities that I use depending on the
situation. I don't know which one is the real me, but they're all helpful. My friends
know I'm likely faking any emotion I display, but they like me anyway. I'm funny, I
share my cookies, I give advice, and I value them as friends, because I know they're
waaaay to good for me.
    Fact of life (my life anyway)- If they're good enough that I'm not annoyed
by them, then they're probably annoyed by me.

    Okay, now here's what's goin' on. We're supposed to love each other this school
year, so we're doing weird things, like hugging people until we can pop balloons with
our chests, and singing strange things. Everyone is hiding how much fun they're
having if, indeed they are having fun, which I think a lot of people would, were it
not for the people who insist of not enjoying this.
    "Now, when we were arranging each other without talking by birthdays..." Srt.
Barun, we were all here, no need to be so specific.
    "I saw some girls who we sitting together, don't worry, I won't embarrass you by
pointing you out," So... You're bluffing then? 
    "These girls are living miracles, I think because, strange though it may seem,
their birthdays changed. They put up fingers to represent what month they were
born in, but when they didn't match they changed so that they could stay together.
That's dangerous. I call friendships like that "Bungee cord buddies" because you try
to do new things, but you keep snapping back to your friend, and then you lose a
piece of yourself..."
     Wait... So friends are bad now? 
Blah blah blah, Srt. Barun talks about best friends...
     "Quick! you have twenty seconds to shock your best friend! Go!"
The crowd in the bleachers stretching below me churned dizzyingly, as I turned and
scooted past legs. Shock Jess? Hm... Challenging...
     "Ten seconds!" Srt. Barun urge from the gym floor.
"Jess!" I reached out to her forearm and pulled her within hearing range, determined
to succeed in this activity.
    "Janet! Boo!" Shocking? Hm...
    "Jess, I attempted suicide by dropping myself on my head in sixth grade, cut
myself through most of seventh, and was an undiagnosed anorexic in eighth!"
"TIME! Back to your seats."

I didn't look at Jess's expression. Either she wasn't shocked, she'd pretend she
wasn't shocked, she'd be shocked, or she'd pretend to be shocked. But if I minded
that she's as likely to be lying to make her, or me, feel better (or worse) as she is
to be honest, I wouldn't be her friend. I'm just glad she didn't know about that
stuff as it happened.

    High school is shocking. How often do you know your friends? And how often do
they care?
This is all one hundred precent true, except names of people are changed, and my
spanish teacher did not tell us to shock our best friends. If she had though, that's
what I'd have said. Because it's true.

My mind is weird.


lunasan says:   24 November 2009   345883  
The onyl thing I can think to say is "it's too, not to. Paragraph 21.
no, the other 21, where you're talkign about your friends and being a
crow pleaser... yeah, BELOW that one."
Kirti says :   24 November 2009   489937  
Wait... What? I have no idea what you mean... Below what? Huh?

Do you consider the word "anyway" a paragraph?


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