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Early to Death, Early to Heaven: Chapter 1 (Skipping the preface)Category: Early to Death, Early to Heaven
Sunday, 15 November 2009
12:41:56 PM (GMT)
When I found out I was pregnant, I was ecstatic like any mother would. Well I didn't
really know for sure. But 6 days after my missed period, I just knew. A mother has an
instinct, for sure. My husband Brian and I had been trying to have kids for over a
year. He thought romantic getaways to beaches would help, but I never could get
pregnant. I thought I was barren, I saw several doctors who said I should be able to
have kids. Then I thought it might have been Brian's problem. I badgered him to see a
doctor, and when he finally did the doctor told him the same thing I had heard. "You
are in fact able to reproduce." We didn't know what was wrong so we were considering
seeing a fertility doctor. I scheduled an appointment to meet with the fertility
doctor in a week. I was usually pretty consistent with my periods, so when it was off
by two days I got a little suspicious. I unscheduled the appointment. If I got my
period by the end of the week I'd rebook the appointment. Pretty soon, Saturday
rolled around and still no period. I couldn't drive, never got my license (and
believe me I tried to. Took that damn test about 10 times) so I had to wait for Brian
to get home from work before we could go to the drug store and get a home pregnancy
test. When he came home I was sitting in the foyer in one of the plush red chairs.
"Got bored?" Brian asked chuckling and throwing his briefcase by the coat rack. "And
this is the most interesting thing you could find to do? Sit in a chair?" 
I got up and ran towards him and practically tackled him in a hug.
"Woah!" Brian said laughing. "Hello to you too!"
"Brian, my time of the month was well, supposed to happen last Monday." I said with a
sly smile.
Brian's reaction was priceless. He kind of opened his mouth like he was gonna say
something, and then closed his mouth. Then opened it again and smiled a big toothy
grin. "Do you know for sure?" he asked.
"No, so drive me to the drugstore." I said giving him a quick kiss.
Brian pulled his keys out of his trouser pocket and picked me up bridal style. I
laughed as he walked out of the front door and locked it and then unlocked his car
door. The neighbors probably thought we were crazy.
The car ride to the drugstore was unbearable. Imagine my excitement. As soon as we
got there, I ran inside and grabbed one off the shelf and quickly ran up to the
counter to pay for it. I forgot my money in the car. Brian was laughing at me as he
pulled out a $10 bill and handed it to the cashier and apologized.
"You're expecting?" the cashier asked raising an eyebrow.
"Yes." I said breathlessly, as Brian wrapped an arm around my waist.
"Best of my luck." the lady said handing me the receipt.
We walked back out to the car and Brian drove me home. As soon as we pulled back in
the driveway Brian stopped the car and turned towards me and grabbed my hands.
"Even if it's a no, I still love you and we can consider something else. We can go to
that doctor you told me about or we can consider adoption." Brian said kissing my
"No, I know I am. A mother just knows." I said.
"Don't get your hopes up too high baby." Brian said smiling sincerely. 
I frowned considering it could just be a coincidence and could be a no. I got out of
the car, I needed to know. I didn't wait for Brian to get out of the car as I went
into the downstairs bathroom. I did the test, my hands shaking. As I set it down on
the counter, I had to wait 5 minutes for the result and I couldn't take it. I sat
down on the toilet cover and flipped through an old copy of People that was in the
magazine rack. I checked my watch, it had been five minutes. I grabbed the test, and
I almost cried as I saw the + Sign.
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