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Disney Land Trip!Category: Test thingy :D
Thursday, 8 October 2009
12:38:44 PM (GMT)

Yer going tomorrow . Who are you bringing ? 

1 . Beth
2 . Katie
3 . Rachel
4 . Duck
5 . Zoe
6 . Josine
7 . Emma
8 . Flick


YAY . Yer at the airport now ! Whee , isn't this fun ?

Answer the following questions .

1. Out of the frans you brought , who's already stressed about the plane ride
Flick is scared of the noises, and Beth feel's like she will die but only tells a few
of us.

2. Who's talking to random strangers in the waiting area ?
Me and Katie. We lubbs it 

3. Who trips trying to put their luggage in the compartments 
Probly Zoe. She was too excited!

4. Who's got their nose buried in a book ?
Me and Joanna get bored and get out our twilight book, we start writing spoof's.

5. Who's headbanging to their iPod ?
Rachel, she partly sings most of it! xp

6. Who's being the mother & making sure no one is forgotten ?

THIS IS FUN . Kay , so now yer at the hotel ! Go you !

1. Who's checking everyone in at the front desk ?
Beth and I stand next to her. Emma tries to steal her computer. Everyone else is
pissing around while Flick is still trying to work out how to get through the door.

2. Who's getting their pichur taken with Goofy ?
Me, Katie, Rachel, Josine! 83 Beth get's camra shy as does Zoe. Joanna is too busy
chasing 'Chiken Little'. Emma is trying to find a computer to Roleplay on.

3. Who's hittin' on all the ladies coming in the door ?
Josine shouts some random crap in dutch. That around it!! XD

4. Are 3 and 7 together or separated in the lobby ?
They don't know each other all that well, but they do talk!

5. Who's sharing beds ? (:
Rachel + Katie
Zoe + Jo.
Emma + Beth
Me + Flick + Josine

6. Who's ordering room service ?
Rachel and Katie. They like to piss them off.

7. Who's raiding the bar at one am ?
Josine. She like to be the oldest 

8. Who got lost searching for the room ?
Flick. No-one helped her through the door. But Emma-Chan Find's her! 8D

9. Who called their mommy as soon as they were all checked in ?
Beth Family's rings her and chat forever! Duckie rings her sister, then rangs up when
she talks about green day. And Flick rings her mummy, and all she get back is "Flick!
I am in the next room for goddness sake!"

 we're gettin thur . What next you ask ? 
Are we there yet....

1. Who kicked who in their sleep ?
Zoe mange to kick Katie even if there are not in the same beds.

2. Who's snoring ?
Josine! XD

3, Who woke everyone up at eight am because they couldn't sleep ?
Joanna awakes, the Rachel wakes up to talk to her. Then I wake up and join and ect

4. Who's already dressed fo the pool ?
Rach! SHe loves to get a tan!

5. Who's wearing what by ze poolside ?
We all wear bakini's part for Emma how wear a swim suit. This has armbans.

6. A smoking hot chick is hitting on five . What does two have to say about this

7. Would six ever ask one to smooth your on their back ?
No, I would do it myself

1. Who's bugging everyone to move their arses so they can eat ?
Me most likely. XD

2. Who decides where everyone's eating ?
Err.. Emma. She is fussy/

3. Two and three are sitting next to each other . Do they enjoy it ?

4. Are eight and five hitting on the waitress ?

5. Who's eating what ?
We are all eating fast food! 8D

6. Who's eating off the kids menu ?

7. Who tells everyone to behave as the waitress takes orders ?
Josine and Emma. Of course the rest don't follow


1. Which park is first ?
Crazy house!

I tagg, everyone i brought with me! 8D

2. Who grabs the kid strollers and demands to be pushed ?
Katie! XD

3. Who's already bored / in a bad mood ?
Emma, she wants to roleplay.

4. Who brought an umbrella just in case ?
Bethhhhhh! Good old Pod! XD

5. Who brought the Autograph book & is stopping at every character ?
Me and Rahel! Wooh!

6. One & four get stuck on a two seater ride together . How do they handle it

7. What are the little cliques while traveling around the park ?

8. Who ditches wearing shoes halfway through the day ?
Zoe, She wants to run freee!

9. Eight and four are being pulled into a pichur with Mickey Mouse . Do they take
Joanna made the mistake of picking her up. Now Flick wont get off.

10. Rock & Roll Rollercoaster . Hell yea . Who's going on it and who ain't ?
Everyone part from me Josine, Flick, Emma and Josine

11. It's the end of the day , and yer watching the Mickey Mouse fireworks show in
Magic Kingdom . 
How is everyone ?
Tired man. *0*
Last edited: 8 October 2009

‹WeaponFace♥› says:   8 October 2009   434982  
‹{Hari-ru♥}› says:   8 October 2009   622264  
Its fun! Takes ahwile though ¬3¬
‹WeaponFace♥› says:   8 October 2009   433382  
I Know.
I've done it. :B
‹{Viva}♥La♥{Vida}› says:   8 October 2009   126628  
DUDE. I took Flick to see MICKEY. 
‹{Hari-ru♥}› says:   8 October 2009   141278  
You did. 8D
‹DasAtem› says:   8 October 2009   593498  
This looks pretty interesting.
Im gunna take it if you don't mind. 8D
‹{Hari-ru♥}› says :   8 October 2009   477473  
Go Ahead dear c8


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