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Forbidden- Part 2/3 of Chapter 2Category: (general)
Saturday, 3 October 2009
04:48:00 AM (GMT)
oooooooooook so the end of the last part starts here?: Aaron looked over my head into nothing. Then he whispered to himself, "I knew it." "Knew what?" I said back, taking his hand in mine. He looked away. "It's nothing..." he said. "Don't worry about it..." He looked away. He slipped his hand out of mine. "Just stay clear of Jake and them..." I sighed. "Whats going on between you guys? He told me to stay away from Cam and Zac... Then you showed up. And he hates you. I could see it in his eyes. Please tell me?" Aaron looked at me. "Just don't worry about it Elli..." "Fine." Cam and Zac walked around the corner and looked at Aaron and I. "Jake is coming in a few minutes. We saw him following us down the street. One of the kids from school is with him. Dante I think. You know, the kid with the silver hair... Sad how he joined up with Jake, Matt and David..." said Cam. "Oh, hello Elena. Didn't see you there." "Hi Cam" I said. No later than that, Jake came walking around the corner with Dante, Matt, and David. Jake's eyes narrowed when he saw us. "Hello, Elena." he said. "Hello, Aaron. Cam. Zac. "Hello" I said. What else would I say? "It's getting late." said Aaron and Cam almost at the same time. Aaron continued, "Elena, you should be getting home." I nodded then waved as i started to walk down the street to my house. ' ' ' I was in a cave. I don't know where, or how I got here. It's cold and dark. I could barely see anything. I was lost. Scared. Alone. I turned the corner to see Aaron, Cam, and Zac. Aaron looked at me and i saw horror in his eyes. Then I heard a loud screeching sound and the room instantly got brighter. I opened my eyes to see a sad-colored wolf where Zac was. A black wolf with black claws was where Cam had been. And Aaron.Where he had been there was a human... err, not full human. He has black wings, kind of like a dragons but small. And claws, like a wolves. I didn't scream, though. I couldn't find the need to. I don't know why. Then I turned around. I saw Jake. I heard the screech sound again, and when i looked at him again... I woke up screaming. Aaron was in my room, holding my hand. "Elli" he said. "It's ok..." Then he looked at the window. "What's Jake doing here?" Aaron went over to open the window. "Come on in..." he whispered. "What are you doing here?" Then his voices quieted. I could barely hear him. "What did you do to her... Jake shot a glance at me and Aaron looked away from him. Jake walked over to me. "Are you ok?" he said as he sat down on the side of my bed. "Yes..." I said. "Get off my bed..." "Fine, fine..." he said as he stood up and walked over to the window. Then he started to climb out. "Tell me what you saw tomorrow ok Elena?" I couldn't answer because he was out in seconds. Aaron sighed. "Go back to sleep Elli. You need it." ' ' ' The next day I woke up late. I could hear people talking down stairs. I went down to see who. I heard Jason and Aaron. I went into the kitchen to get breakfast. I turned the corner and I saw Jake. "But... How the hell did you get in?" I whispered. Jake smiled. "Ways." he said back, quietly. He pulled me farther into the kitchen. "What did you see last night? Tell me Elena... C'mon, tell me." I shook my head. "No" i said sharply. Jake looked over my head. "Hello Aaron, Jason." "Hello Jake" said Aaron. "Hi there!" said Jason. Aaron walked over to me. "Zac and Cam will be here in a few minutes." I grabbed Aaron and Jake by their arms and pulled them to the door. "They can meet us in the woods right? Ok! Then lets go!! We can meet them there!" aaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnndddddddddddddd thats probably short so im gonna have to make part 3 INSANELY long but its worth it!!!!! keep watch for part 3/3!!!!!!!
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