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Monday, 14 September 2009
11:55:16 AM (GMT)
"You're a brat," he whispers in my ear.
    "Yeah, well, I used to be a spoiled brat. Then my parents died, so now I'm just a
brat," I say, shrugging. Everyone gives me that weird,
look. I get that look a lot.
    He flinches. His parents died nine years ago when he was four. Another set of
parents killed by the Day Vampres. I decide to ignore the looks and turn back to out
leader--a boy named James Valdam. He's short with bright red hair, bright green eyes,
and enough freckles so that if ya put them in line, they'd be higher than my 4'11
frame. "So, when can I go?" I ask boredly.
   Everyone turns back to James. He shrugs. "You're a team by yourself. Do you--of
course. I forgot. You like to work by yourself. Nobody's as advanced as you," he says
  I laugh. "Except you, baby-cakes," I say, winking at him. He blushes bright red.
"I'll go tonight. Care to ready me, darlings?" 
  Three boys stand up. "Your outfit is in the room, Dylan. Your weapons, likewise,"
the brown-headed one says.
  "Need help dressing?" the blonde one asks, grinning at me. A brave one. 
   I wink. "Sure."
   He follows me to the room, looking eager. I look at the outfit laid out for me. I
grin. When you're killing things, you might die. You would at least want to die
looking sexy.
  I pull on the black sleeveless mini-dress. I slip on the black tights. All without
showing him anything. He sighs. "You're a jerk."
  "I know," I reply over my shoulder. "You can put my boots on."
  He falls to his knees. I get trested like a godess over here. Probably because I'm
very dangerous and can kill a vampire. Plus, I'm hot. He slips my knee-high black
socks on, and my knee-high black boots. I grin, grab my dagger and sword, stuff them
in my shoulder-length gloves, and walk out. I give the blonde a kiss on the cheek. He
shivers. I tie my flowing brown hair up into a ponytail, keeping it back from my
face. I look in the mirror. Sexy. That's what I am. Very sexy.
  I walk outside and say my good-byes. I walk down the street.
  Another tad bit of information I learned about Day Vampires. You can be one and
never know it. You never actually make the change until the Exchange. That's when you
smell the First Blood. But it has to be the right blood for you to Change. Before I
know it, I'm there.
  I see a girl that. I'm a little shocked to see she's nothing but a human girl. How
amazingly fantasically odd. "State your business," she says.
  Is she supposed to be scary?
  "I am here to visit your leader. I have a message from the Night Vampires Council,"
I say in a high, I-think-I'm-better-than-you voice.
  She glares. "Name?"
  "Shawn Felon," I state, using my real name. 
  "Go in," she barks.
  I sigh. "You're not scary."
  I walk in, looking around. A boy comes up to me. He's taller than my 4'11 frame,
but then everyone is. He's about two feet taller than me. He runs a hand through his
dark brown hair. His face is angry. "Who are you?"
  "Shawn Felon," I say, raising my head to look at him. If I stare directly ahead,
I'd see his, um, lower half.
  "Felon, huh? Here for?"
  "Killing," I say, winking at him.
  "WELCOME!" he says, smiling.
  "I mean killing you," I say.
   He has my arm in one smooth motion. Suddenly, I have that excited feeling of being
air borne. Then, the not-so-excited-and-more-painful feeling comes. I yelp as I hit
the ground with a loud thud. He laughs. "That's cute, chiuahua."
  Chiuhauha? What the--? I get up and charge him. I stop two inches from him. Lower
half. Eeep. I raise my knee up to my stomach.
  "What're you doing?" he asks.
  I bring my foot in front of me and kick him. He bends down, like any boy would.
Then, I attack. But, seriously, this is how it goes--no matter how much I would like
to think I won.
  He pops up faster than I can, then throws me about a hundred feet in the air. Upon
the loud thud, a bunch of Day Warriors has come, and now they are also fighting me.
So, One jumps into the air, grabs my leg, and flings me into the nearest building.
Painful as it sounds.
  Then, I black out.

I wake up, holding my head. I'm somewhere...stinky. And dark. I wrinkly my forhead
and look around. Nothing. My stomach grumbles. Ugh. I hear a door opening, and I look
up. I tense up in the corner of the room, looking for my dagger. Nothing. So, he
searched me? I cover myself in violation.
  He comes downstairs, smiling at me. The human is connected onto his arm, smiling
and cooing at him. Behind him, is two guys and three girls. I glare at them from my
corner in the shadows. 
  "Welcome again," he says. "Let me introduce you. The girl on my arm is the
beautiful Jayme Hitler.  The blonde girl is Maxine Hitswell, and the brunette is
Rayna Confrey. These three are my girlfriends. The blonde boy is James Concord. The
one with the blue hair is Tray Sifen."
  I stare at the guy with the blue hair. "I like your hair."
  He bows. "Thank you very much." 
  "That's gay," I say.
  The guy who introduced everyone--the leader, who forgot to introduce
himself--glares at me. "Someone in the room is gay, don't use that word."
  "Someone in the room is gay?" Jayme shrieks.
  Everyone looks at me. I laugh. "Yeah right. Let's do process of elimination. I am
NOT gay. He has like three girlfriends, he's not gay. Him with the blue hair is too
cute to be gay, so it must be the blonde. Unless it's  a girl. In that case...." I
  "She's smart."

‹NeverThoughtLoveAndLossFeltSoMuchAlike› says :   16 September 2009   532714 kewl. Plz continue my friend.


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