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Wednesday, 9 September 2009
11:52:39 AM (GMT)
There are three types of vampires. They all have difrferent levels. 
        The first level is Regular Vampires. These are the ones you hear about all
the time. The ones you can kill easily. Ya know, one shove to the heart with a wooden
stake. They feed on blood. No duh. But, they also don't kill. They normally NEVER
kill once they feed. I don't know why, but they don't. 
       The second level is Night Vampires. They get their energy from blood and not
sleeping. They don't feed as much as Regular Vampires. The Night Vampires don't
sleep. That's because they would sleep during the night because they are wired to
human sleeping patterns. you can easily tell them. They have bags under their eyes.
They look sleep deprived. They are harder to kill. Their energy has to be way down.
At that point, you have to stab them about three or four times with wood in the heart
to kill them. When they do feed, they normally DON'T kill. But, sometimes, they do.
      The third level is the Day Vampires. They are by far the most dangerous. They
get energy from the Sun, Moon, and Blood. They really don't need blood but twice a
year. But, they love to drink. It's like wine. People don't need it, but we drink it
anyway. They ALWAYS leave you killed. They're idiots. Not really, but they think if
you know about Vampires, you'll immediately die. No matter what. They are REALLy hard
to kill. There's no way to actually kill them that I know of. But the worst part
about them? They blend in with humans. They can look as normal as you want. And,
there's no way to even know if someone is/isn't one.
     How do I know all this? Easy. I'm a Vampire Hunter.
     It all started about a few months ago. But, before that, you need to know
everything about me.
     I was a cheerleading prep. Most popular, always saying, "Oh my God," and other
crap. I cared more about boys, texting, getting the latest gadget, and gossip more
than anything. I was spoiled rotten. Momma was one of Dad's many wives--the last, he
always said but never meant it. She didn't care. She cared more about money then me.
If I got sick, she would close my doot, send in a doctor, and keep me quarantined.
The simple cold? I had to stay fifty feet away from her. Dad never was home. Always
out 'workin' and coming back home smelling like perfume I knew Momma didn't have.
    I was a California socialite. I knew famous people. I even went to the BET awards
with one guy. The MTV awards I went with by myself. I had a security guard. That's
spoiled. I wasn't fast. I was smart. I dated one dumb jock. And it was like it was in
the movies: he cheated on me and went to my so-called best friend.
   Then my parents died.

misumi229 says:   9 September 2009   766222  
Yehyita says :   10 September 2009   259489  
Good or bad whoa?


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