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I spent a week training in the mountains. I'm not kidding.Category: (general)
Monday, 31 August 2009
05:01:34 PM (GMT)
All exagerations of reality will appear in the "exageration section" below.

Back from camp. It was much further away then I figured it would be. I also didn't
know that it would be up a mountain. So most of the running we did was up hill. As
in, the coach purposly created routes which would loop back to where we started while
going down hill as little as possible.

Typical work out involved a two mile warm up, stretches, then we would run anywhere
between five to seven miles, before running another three miles at the same pace to
"cool down".

Then we would go for an hour long swim in the lake, get some free time, and eat lunch
before running a differnt path of the same distance later. Another warm up, another
cool down.

About the food- appearntly this camp has lots of young children and deliquents, so
the staff all liked our cross country team coming over, since we said please and
thank you and cleaned up after ourselves. In return they made the perfect food for
long distance runners. Lots of carbs, lots of protein, tons of health food, and
veggies with every meal. Unfortunately I'm experimenting with a pescetarian life
style, and there wasn't alot of fish, so I got my protien from eggs with breakfast.
But back to the point, the food was very tastey.

My friends and I were in Haggey 1 (the cabin) and had around one fourth the ammount
of campers in our cabin that most people did. And we also ate lunch alone, and were
in good part shunned. Siigh. But we hung out with Zac alot. Zac is a senior, and I'm
a freshman, so it's cool to hang out with him. He's also really fun to hang around

My cabinmate Jessica started to get annoying after hanging out with her nonstop for
three days,  because she laughs at everything she says when she's not funny, but that
was really the extent of problems at camp. Well, that and the fact that I'm one of
the slowest runners with the suckiest endurance.

There was a camp contest at the end of the week, of course, because that's a true
stereotype. The so called "triatholon" has four events and seventeen teams. There's a
swimming event, a short distance running event, a long distance running, and then
canoeing for the finish. I planned to run (short distance) but coach put me in
canoeing, which is weird, because canoers are usually people who can't run due to
injury. I was pretty insulted. What's more, I was on the only team that has three
canoers, and so one canoer had to sit in the middle doing nothing. Take a guess
towards who the dead weight was? Meee.

I was pretty insulted.

On my team was some girl I didn't know, who ended up doing short distance running,
some slightly overweight kid, a guy from my seventh grade class, a tall guy, and a
boy who until the day before I had known only as "That Crazy Fast Kid". So the tall
guy was in the front of the canoe, I was on the floor in the middle, and the kid was
behind me. Tall guy and kid strategized about how tall guy was stronger and in front,
so he would supple the speed/ force, and kid would need to steer. Thanks to Crazy
Fast Kid whoes real name I shall not divulge on the internet, our canoe got a sizable
lead, and won by a long shot. I like to think the fact that I was leaning to one side
or the other to keep us balanced helped.

So yeah, it was fun.

exagerated version
We had to run a million miles for a warm up, then another billion, then we ran until
we collapsed into siexures, before being forced to swim laps and run another trillion
miles. We just ran up entire mountains without stopping, basically.

I ran so slowly everyone passed me like I was going in reverse, but my team still won
the triathalon.

One of my roomies drove me craaaazy...

Haggey 1 was exiled by the other runners.

And the food was fit for the Gods.

Exageration concluded.

‹SqueeneyTodd› says:   31 August 2009   519552  
A triathalon with four parts? Weird.
Kirti says :   31 August 2009   473558  
Yeah, it makes no sense no matter how you look at it.


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