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A Vampyr's Love StoryCategory: Stories
Saturday, 25 July 2009
03:36:10 PM (GMT)
-mans voice- come in Mr. and Mrs. Rox Sammi- -walks inside the castle, holding Jayston's hand- Jayston- -follows holding Sammi's hand- Sammi- Jacred, we need to see Father Jacred- Right away Mrs. Rox Jayston- -whispers to Sammi- so your taking my last name? Sammi- -wispers back- I don't know why they're calling me that... do u want me to? Jayston- -shrugs shoulders- -whispers- i didnt even know they knew about me Sammi- -wispers- i didn't either, but they WERE the king and queen so... -A man that has Sammi's eyes and hair walks in. The man looks Jayston up and down then looks at Sammi- Hello, Daughter Sammi- -nods my head- Father. Jayston- -smiles shyly- Sammi- Father, Jayston has removed your sword. Jayston- woh! your king arther?! -Arther nods at Jayston- Of course! Did u think I was a petty mortal? Jayston- -looks down at feet- -mumbles- no... Sammi- -wispers to Jayston- don't act weak in the presence of my father Jayston- -stands up strait- no sir Sammi- -Arther looks at Jayston skeptically- Show me my sword, BOY Jayston- -puts hand/arm behind me- -pulls out sword- -Arther has a look of shock then goes calm again then looks at Sammi- Wat color were his eyes glowing when he showed u the sword? Sammi- They were blood red, Father Jayston- -is stiff- Arther- Hmm. Well then... I guess it is time for your mother and I to pass on our crowns. Jacred, get Maria. Jayston- -looks at Sammi- -Maria appears- Maria- Hello, little sister -Maria eyes Jayston- And hello handsome Jayston- -looks confused- -smiles- Sammi- -Glares at Maria- You will NOT be stealing Jayston away from me. Father, tell me she's not the new Queen. Jayston- -hooks hands with Sammi- Sammi- -smiles harshly at Maria- Arther- Actually, she is. And Jayston there is the King. We will have the wedding in two weeks. Jayston- -gets bigeyed- -whispers to Sammi- is there someway it isn't me? Sammi- -shakes head- Maria- Oh goody!! I WILL be stealing this one!! Hehehehehe. Sammi- -wispers back to Jayston- no, u r the King... and I'm not your Queen...-tears well in my eyes- Jayston- -hugs Sammi- -starts to cry also- Sammi- -pushes Jayston away and runs up the stairs crying- -Maria comes takes Jaystons hand and smiles evily after me- Jayston- -looks at Maria's hand in mine- -then looks away- -Arther looks at both of them, smiling proudly- You will make a good husband for Maria, Jayston Jayston- -looks at Arther- where did she go? Arther- Who? Jayston- Sammi Arther- Samantha has simply run to her room where she finds comfort in her annoying little black cat, Thunder Cloud. -Arther looks up the stairs in disgust then looks back at you smiling- Now, seal your wedding with the first kiss of love. Go ahead, kiss Maria. -Maria takes Jayston's other hand smiling at him expectantly- Jayston- -looks at Maria,then back at the stairs- -looks at Arther- may i please speak with her first? -Arther sighs- Why are you wasting your time with that half-blood? Jayston- half-blood? Arther- Yes, her mother is mortal, died a few decades ago. Jayston- whats that? Arther- half mortal, half vampyr Jayston- oh. because i LOVE that half-blood -Arther looks angry- NO YOU DO NOT! YOU LOVE MARIA!! -Maria kisses Jayston- Jayston- -doesnt kiss back,but doesnt pull away,depressed- -a little black cat jumps on Maria's back, clawing her- Jayston- -stops- -backs away- -Maria cries out in pain- HELP ME JAYSTON!!! -Sammi appears at the top of the steps- DON'T YOU EVER LAY A HAND ON JAYSTON AGAIN! Jayston- -takes cat off- -runs with cat up to Sammi- Sammi- -takes cat from Jayston- Good job, Thunder Cloud. -Arther looks up- Your too late, half-blood. Jayston- -looks confused-

‹Jayston;;Gives You A Crap About Everything› says:   25 July 2009   867699  
its awesome =]
‹Sammi;TheSouthernBelleThatNeedsNoSaving› says:   25 July 2009   548884  
=] thx fer helping with it =]
‹Jayston;;Gives You A Crap About Everything› says :   25 July 2009   891614  
i think i did pretty good on my part


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