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Monday, 20 July 2009
07:20:00 PM (GMT)

Katie’s POV

“Morning, Frenchie!” I said, grinning as I walked in with Gackt, “Oh, and
g’morning to everyone, I guess.”

They were all seated on a long table that sat in the middle of the room; to the left,
you could see a small space that opened up to the kitchen. The lighting was oddly
bright and yellow, a very morning-ish color bathing them. 

“Except Rachel,” Courtney said quickly, “She hasn’t gotten here yet.”

“SAYS WHO!?” said an overly dramatic voice from the doorway; there, under a pile
of lace and pure gothic Lolita, was Rachel, accompanied by Mana.

One by one, Rachel walked by the girls, making sure that each got their own personal
dress that she had styled along with her captor. Mana followed behind, dropping
accessories and pairs of shoes in our hands.

“Oh my gosh, Rachel, it’s gorgeous!” Frenchie gushed over her new dress, shown
HERE (Subtle, authoress, subtle) 

Pink and black Dolly lolita Dress Pictures, Images and Photos

“Whoah. This is the sheeyot, girl!” I said loudly when I saw my awesome,
pitch-black dress:
Gothic Lolita Pictures, Images and Photos

“This is adorable…but I don’t think it’s my style-” Kacie said, a little
unenthused that she had to wear a short dress near a bunch of older men:
gothic lolita Pictures, Images and Photos

“Shut up, Kace, we know you like it!” Rachel said mischievously, “You just
don’t want to wear a dress with Kami near, right?” Kacie blushed.

Rachel was wearing her own dress, as well:
Gothic Lolita Pictures, Images and Photos

But when she reached Courtney, last in the lineup, she did not deposit a dress on her
lap; instead, Courtney had a shirt-and-pants set.

“FWACK! This is frickin’ awesome!” Courtney enthused:
Gothic Lolita Pictures, Images and Photos

“And that’s all of you!” Rachel squeed, sitting down at the long table that we
were seated at. “Er…is there any breakfast here?”

“…I think I have some cereal left in the cupboard,” Gackt murmured sheepishly,
“Since we really don’t cook much here, is that okay?”

“No, no, that won’t do!” Frenchie said, standing up from her chair, “Can we
actually make breakfast for everyone?”

“Go nuts,” Gackt said resignedly, and we all filed out from the room into the


The kitchen was quite a big room; there were exactly five stoves, five large
countertops, five sinks, and a very large drawer filled with tons of kitchen
appliances that seemed totally new.

Frenchie was the first one to speak.

“Okay, we need something to keep us entertained, so…” Frenchie said, her
‘plot-making’ face on, “Let’s have a contest. I’ll make my breakfast for
Kozi and I, and then Katie will make breakfast for her and Gackt, and so on and so
forth, so we can all be busy with something! So, whomever has the most satisfied
captor wins.”

I nodded feverishly; this was definitely my kind of challenge. I mean, I finally was
going to have a chance to show how much I had been watching Food Network lately. Our
group was a very competitive one, so we were all up to the task.

There was a huge pantry the size of a walk-in closet, so we headed there first; and
thus, one by one, we gathered our ingredients and split up, each of us taking one
stove in the room.


Courtney’s POV

Okay, so I wasn’t the best chef on the Earth, mind you. But cinnamon toast probably
wouldn’t be too hard, right?

I foraged a toaster from underneath the countertop and plugged it in.

The worst thing that could happen is that the toast would burn and my dreams would be

I mixed powdered sugar and a little bit of water to make a sugar-glaze, then added

“So, how’s your captor doing?” I heard Frenchie ask to Katie from across the

“I’ll tell you the stories later, trust me,” Katie answered in a dark voice.

I heard the *ding!* of the toaster and quickly turned around, avidly hoping that my
toast hadn’t burned….


Okay, it was just a little singed.

They’ll work.


Rachel’s POV

I poured cereal into two bowls.

Added blueberries on top.

Fresh OJ.

“…Is that really all you’re offering, Rachel?” I heard Frenchie say

“Chef? Me? Never,” I said, giggling, but that was a bit of a lie; honestly, I was
just craving my cereal fix.

“I hope Mana likes Frosted Flakes,” I mumbled under my breath, plopping a
blueberry on top of his bowl with a resigned sigh.


Frenchie’s POV

“What is THAT!?” I heard Kacie shriek from beside me, “Err, whoops, wrong verb.
What WAS that!?”

“But I did the recipe perfectly!” I groaned, scraping the burnt mess off of the
frying pan; luckily, it didn’t spout legs and walk away as I expected it to.

Grudgingly, I attempted again; I threw a couple eggs into the skillet and worked on
my scrambling skills (which were apparently nonexistent). But, yet again, I ended up
with a charred piece of an unknown substance. 

“You better get that right, lest the fire alarm go off!” Katie yelled from her
stove. I stuck my tongue out at her.

A small chant went through the back of my head:

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming…


Kacie’s POV

Hmph. Not that bad.

My mother’s recipes for waffle sandwiches and fruit smoothies were never favorites
of mine. But I wanted to win, and winning was the only thing on my mind as I stuffed
ingredient after ingredient into the blender.

“So, has Kami’s jerkiness decreased at all, Kace?” French asked while
attempting to make another batch of eggs.

“Not much, really, but…”

“…But what?” she said eagerly, leaning forward and looking at me expectantly. 

“He called me gorgeous this morning.”


This was not said by French, but by the entire room simultaneously.

“Aw, shut up!” I said gruffly, adding a couple more strawberries into the mixture
I was making.

“Whatcha making?” Courtney said, walking over to me and peeking over my

“Just a very basic strawberry cream, sandwiched between two waffles, and an Island
Berry smoothie.”

“Oooooooh!” Courtney goggled at the food hungrily. 

Oh yeah. Oooooooh. This was going to be the perfect dish, and I could tell that Kami
would love it.

You’re going down, Katie. You’re going down.


Katie’s POV

“What in the WORLD are you going to make with THOSE ingredients?” Rachel said

I grinned. 

In front of me sat:

Dark food coloring.

Red sprinkles.

Red M&Ms.

And pancake mix.

“You’ll see, you’ll see,” I said kindly, “I think I know exactly what Gackt
would love.”

And, while humming a tune frighteningly similar to “Illuminati”, I began working
on my masterpiece.


We filed back into the dining room, trembling plates clutched in our hands.

“So…what did you do?” Gackt said simply.

We had already decided on the order that we would hand out our dishes. Courtney went

“Cinnamon toast, glaze, and some juice,” she said lightly, handing a plate over
to Yu~ki with a smile.

He took an experimental bite out of a piece and, immediately satisfied, ate the
entire plate in about six seconds.

“Cereal, with blueberries, and OJ,” Rachel sighed, placing an anticlimactic bowl
in front of Mana. 

He merely shrugged and said “Sure. Blueberries are good.”

“Er…” Frenchie handed a blackened, burnt plate over to Kozi with a small dark
lump on top of it. “I think you don’t want to eat anything for breakfast, right,

“You, um, read my mind,” he said quietly, quickly handing her back the plate.

“Waffles with strawberry cream in the middle, along with an Island Berry smoothie,
freshly made,” With a flourish, Kacie presented her dish to Kami, whose eyes bulged
at the sight of the huge breakfast.

“…Wow. Here Kozi, have half…” Kami mumbled, separating the plate in two.


All the girls turned to Katie.

She gently placed her dish in front of Gackt: Black pancakes with spots of dark red
throughout them.

“Bloodcakes,” she said simply.

Gackt just sat there, staring at the stack.

“Er…” he groaned slightly, then, as if resigned, took a small chunk out of the
side of one pancake and shoved it in his mouth.

“…Mm. Pretty dang good,” he said happily, devouring the rest of the pancakes in
a couple bites. Katie grinned.

“So, I petition that Kacie wins for the best dish,” Frenchie declared, and even
Katie nodded in agreement.

“Although these Bloodcakes were damn awesome.” Gackt interjected as he brandished
an empty plate.

Kacie shot a quick glare to Katie, who shrugged as if to say “Hey, I knew what he

“Either way,” Gackt said, “Today is one of the lucky days when we can say that
we’re ‘off’ from work, so we’re pretty much going to be just relaxing and
lounging about. All the better seeing as that means we can watch you all in case you
decide to bolt.”

Yeah, Kacie thought, All except for Katie, the loyal lapdog.

Kacie’s gonna be the first one to ‘bolt’, Katie thought to herself.

I’m hungry… French thought.

“Anyways. Go do…whatever!” Gackt said, waving his hands absently.

“Wait, that’s it?” Rachel said, “We’re just going to hang out?” 

“Er…pretty much, yeah.” Gackt answered, “Just…Guys, take your girl and go
do something mildly productive.”

All nine of us blushed simultaneously.

“Not in that way!” Gackt yelled, smacking his forehead. “You get the point.”


What’s going to happen?

Are the pieces starting to fit together?

Are Katie and Gackt really...a thing?

Will Kacie ever see a light side of Kami?

Will Frenchie ever notice Kozi as something more than a scythe-wielding psychopath?

Will Rachel and Mana ever get to know each other?

Will Courtney and Yu~ki recognize the signs?

All next time in…

The Puzzle-Piece Effect, Chapter Six.

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