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Sad Walmart story (With logic!)Category: Chain letter, meet logic. Logic, meet crap!
Saturday, 18 July 2009
10:07:29 AM (GMT)
You are going to cry after you read this sad story.
(OK... I'm going to read over this chain letter. Let's see if I'll cry.)

A sister and her brother were inside the new Walmart built in town. The sister at
six years of age, the brother seventeen years of age. 
(They must have walked there,
for their parents were not with them. Unless he knew how to drive... and which town
were they in?)

The brother was fixing to buy a present for his little sister on her birthday, but
as soon as they were fixing to leave she had to go to the bathroom.

Her brother showed her where it was and started to look at some earrings she would
probably like for her next birthday.

As he started to buy them (you mean he picked a pair?), he saw people running
the end of the store
and yelling with fear.

Before he knew it, he smelled smoke and saw fire, he ran to his little sister as
fast as he could but when he got to the bathrooms they were already on fire 
(though bathroom tend not to be made out of wood but instead made of concrete and
doesn't burn very easily. Also, bath rooms tend to be damp.I mean they can catch
just not very fast. And they tend to be near the entrance/exits of the building...
not near
the back... that must have been one fast fire, and I bet no one bothered to try and
it back, like a new building would have fire sprinklers wouldn't it? And was she
trapped in
the bathroom? She could have ran out....)

He knew he had to get out as fast as he could to get help. But when the firetrucks
arrived it was already to late. (Ain't it always for a sappy story?)

(Wait... did the boy get out?! What happened to him?! Too late for him, or his
sister? Or both?! What?!)

Two days later the family got a call from the hospital saying they had someone
by the name of Sandy.

They asked "How did you get this number"?
(Did the boy call his parents and tell them what happened? 
And why didn't the parents call two days ago about their missing kid?
Did they not notice?
Did they not stand by waiting for the fire men to get their kid?
And you think the local news would have picked up the news about
a burnt local walmart. They could have read about it!)

The hospital said she was holding a purse in her hand with a card that had her name
and number on it.
(Why didn't the hospital call sooner?! They could have called
at least a day ago! Maybe as soon as they saw the name & number? Was her
purse to hard to open?)

The family drove to the hospital to see their little angel. While they looked at
her, they noticed her arms were almost all the way burnt off, and her face was so
burned it needed surgery. (Wait, but if she was holding her purse... why didn't
purse burn to a crisp?
Was it fire proof? You'd think it would burn before the girl would... and if it was
plastic purse it would have melted!
So she would have plastic all over her..... And everything in the purse would be
unreadable... I mean, a purse is 
more flammable then a person! And how did she hold it is her arms are almost burnt

But the family didn't have enough to cover the bill. So now they need you to help
(Oh... it's that bad? Instead of a proper organization who help people like them,
they need you!)

Every time someone reposts this AOL will take $2.00 off the hospital bill. DO NOT
(How? Really, how? A tracking device can't track copy
and paste. 
And when did AOL do this kind of stuff? And when did they have tracking devices and
chain letters?
And no organization or business would use chain letters in this way!)

repost this saying "sad walmart story"

God knows who you are &

KARMA knows it could

(But what happened to the brother?! Did he die?! Why didn't he tell his parents
he did live?! Did he not care?!)

(I'm sobbing.... boo hoo hoo.... what a sad flawed chain letter.......)
Last edited: 18 July 2009

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