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South Park SURVEY. 8DCategory: I'ma Ktty-cat, and I dance dance dance.
Sunday, 12 July 2009
10:27:08 PM (GMT)

[ ] You're the normal kid 
[x] You have an older sister 
[ ] You often puke
[ ] You have a poofball hat 
[ ] One of your parents is a geologist
[ ] Your dad can be really stupid  
[ ] You have a boyfriend/girlfriend
[ ] You have a lot of talents
Count: 1


[ ] You're Jewish 
[ ] You own an ushanka 
[ ] You have an adopted sibling
[x] You easily get mad 
[x] Your hair is curly 
[ ] You're diabetic 
[x] Green and Orange are one of your favorite colors
[ ] One of your parents is a lawyer
Count: 3 


[ ] You're fat/big-boned
[ ] You get made fun of because of your body weight 
[ ] People make fat jokes about you
[ ] You eat a lot of junk food 
[ ] You love acting/dressing like Hitler 
[ ] You think Ginger Kids have no souls
[ ] You've once made over 10,000 dollars
[ ] You have a single mother for a reason
Count: None. ♥


[ ] You hide your face 
[ ] You're quiet 
[ ] You love girls
[x] You're such a pervert with a dirty mind 
[x] You have cheesed before
[ ] You're poor (Average. Kthnx.)
[ ] Your parents fight all the time
[ ] Your beg for money
Count: 2


[x] You often get called "gay" 
[x] You get grounded all the time (Just got grounded. 8D)
[ ] You don't have a lot of hair 
[x] You've seen your parents naked before (NOT MY DAD, LUCKILY.)
[ ] You have a fatass friend 
[x] You're not that popular at school 
[ ] You dance 
[x] You've fallen in love with the opposite sex
Count: 5


[x] You flip people off 
[ ] You're one of the cool kids at school
[ ] You've gotten ripped off before
[ ] You think you're cool 
[ ] Most of the time you're not happy 
[x] You don't participate in anything you think sucks 
[ ] If you did something you have never done before, you would be sooo happy 
[ ] Your last name starts with a T
Count: 2


[ ] You're attractive 
[ ] You love tacos
[ ] Girls/Guys love you
[ ] You love parties
[ ] Your friends are mean to other people 
[x] Your hair is messy at some times 
[ ] You often wear red and/or blue 
[ ] You look at Playboy Magazines
Count: 1


[ ] You're African American
[ ] You're rich
[x] Anything racist gets you mad
[x] You're a nice guy/girl
[ ] You wear purple and yellow 
[ ] You know/knew someone with the last name "Black"
[ ] You live in a big house
[x] You've kicked a fat kid before (I'm so mean. 8D)
Count: 3


[ ] You're a Straight A Student  
[ ] You're a feminist
[ ] You have a cute boyfriend/girlfriend
[ ] You fall in love with other boys/girls 
[ ] You get called a "hoe" 
[x] You get mad easily at things against you
[ ] School is fun to you 
[x] You're a bitch (Can be.)
Count: 2


[ ] Your hair is blonde 
[x] You love boys/girls with hot asses
[ ] Your boyfriend/girlfriend is the eye candy
[ ] You are/were a head/regular cheerleader
[ ] You like playing Truth or Dare
[ ] You love girl talk
[x] You think your boobs are too big for your age (Save me. D:> )
[ ] You're part of a Secret Committee
Count: 2.


[ ] You have straight red hair
[ ] You wear violet
[x] You can be a total bitch at some times
[ ] You love talking on the phone
[x] You get called by your nickname (Sometimes.)
[ ] When your parents are gone, you invite people over 
[ ] You have fallen in love with the eye candy
[x] You talk only to your friends [Eh. Kind of..]
Count: 3

Randy Marsh:

[ ] You've been drunk before
[x] You are often stupid 
[ ] You want to become a geologist one day
[ ] You fight with baseball fathers/mothers
[ ] You have gotten arrested for a stupid reason
[x] You play childish games 
[ ] You've once did something gay in your life 
[ ] You love beer
Count: 2


[ ] You're British 
[ ] You get called French
[ ] You wear a big bow tie
[ ] You are friends with the Son of Satan
[ ] You wear out dated clothes 
[x] You haven't been seen for a while by your friends 
[ ] You have a funny accent 
[x] You are good at dodge ball when mad
Count: 2.


[x] You are twitchy and shake all the time [I'M HYPER A LOT. STFU.)
[ ] You drink coffee 
[ ] You have been in a fight at school
[ ] You lose your underwear
[ ] Your father own a coffee shop
[ ] You have long blonde hair 
[ ] You have seen underpants gnome 
[ ] You can't button your shirt right 
Count: 1


[ ] You're Asian 
[ ] You wear light blue shirts 
[ ] You love Star Wars 
[x] You always say random things at random times 
[ ] You are always in the background and are never really involved with other
[ ] People call you by your race even though you were born in America
[ ] You have a twin sister
[ ] You love the movie 'Juwanna Mann'
Count: 1


[x] You like stand up comedy
[x] You are good with telling jokes (You have to get it in. :D)
[x] You are special in a way 
[ ] You have taken steroids
[ ] You impersonate Letterman and Leno
[ ] You lost your virginity before anyone else in your class
[x] You stutter or know someone who does (Kyle. xD)
[ ] You have a friend named Timmy, or a friend whose name rhymes with yours
Count: 4

Last edited: 12 July 2009

‹adorkablemaknae› says:   13 July 2009   795669  
‹Momo;MyFinalBreathIsGone.♥› says:   13 July 2009   198431  
Im kenny :D
Yurichan123 says:   13 July 2009   384271  
I'  Wendy  (so lame!)
alleygirl92 says:   13 July 2009   135524  
I wanna take this..
I'd be so many of those ppl.
JonieBGoode says :   25 July 2009   599928  
Craig, my bitches...

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