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Thursday, 9 July 2009
06:37:29 AM (GMT)
Favourite one from the first page: Customer: “I have a problem. You people sent me this install disk, and now my A drive won’t work.” Me: “Your A drive won’t work?” Customer: “That’s what I said. You sent me a bad disk, it got stuck in my drive, now it won’t work at all.” Me: “Did it not install properly? What kind of error messages did you get?” Customer: “I didn’t get any error message. The disk got stuck in the drive and wouldn’t come out. So I got these pliers and tried to get it out. That didn’t work either.” Me: “You did what, sir?” Customer: “I got these pliers, and tried to get the disk out, but it wouldn’t budge. I just ended up cracking the plastic stuff a bit.” Me: “I don’t understand sir - did you push the eject button?” Customer: “No. So then I got a stick of butter and melted it, and used a turkey baster and put the butter in the drive, around the disk, and that got it loose. Then I used the pliers and it came out fine. I can’t believe you would send me a disk that was broken and defective.” Me: “Let me get this straight: you put melted butter in your A drive and used pliers to pull the disk out?” (At this point, I put the call on the speaker phone and motioned at the other techs to listen in.) Me: “Just so I am absolutely clear on this, can you repeat what you just said?” Customer: “I said I put butter in my A drive to get your crappy disk out, then I had to use pliers to pull it out.” Me: “Did you push that little button that was sticking out when the disk was in the drive, you know, the thing called the disk eject button?” Customer: “No, but are you people going to fix my computer, or am I going to sue you for breaking my computer?” Me: “Let me get this straight. You’re going to sue our company because you put the disk in the A drive, didn’t follow the instructions we sent you, didn’t actually seek professional advice, didn’t consult your user’s manual on how to use your computer properly, and instead proceeded to pour butter into the drive and physically rip the disk out?” Customer: “Ummmm…”
Last edited: 9 July 2009

‹Avada Kedavra♥› says:   9 July 2009   679621  
‹Maria   ;♥› says:   9 July 2009   676911  
xxxKaitiexxx says:   15 July 2009   787467  

that's funny
GORE says:   18 July 2009   222321  
 I put butter in my A drive.

: D
‹Lost.♥.Confused› says :   7 August 2009   291496  
ROFL. thats just..... wow. x]

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