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What's your problem, "Eddie-bear"?Category: FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT
Wednesday, 8 July 2009
07:49:00 PM (GMT)
Alright, I've had enough of this. I've got something to say to Eddie. His huge rants and assumptions that my sisters and I are "evil" (going so far as to comparing us to Nazis -- yes, I'm serious) is giving me a MASSIVE headache. But that's what Eddie has always been -- one big, massive headache. And of course, a pedophile and a pervert. So, because my sisters and I disagree with him, he assumed we're "evil". He continually attacks us, bashing us in his diaries, giving us nicknames ("SS", join us, we're totally fascist) and even calling us "judgmental" WHILE he judges us. What a hypocrite. How do you go about calling someone a "self-righteous, inexperienced judgmental virgin" and act like you're so innocent? You just called someone self-righteous and insulted them -- YOU'RE JUDGMENTAL, K THANKS. And another thing that ticks me off. Eddie, I am getting absolutely SICK and TIRED of you insulting us, calling my sister a "naive virgin" and saying we believe cybering is "horrid", as if we have ridiculous beliefs. You act like being a "virgin" is a bad thing. You know why you act like it's a bad thing? Because you like your girls to be just like you -- perverted, loose, easy and gross. Just like you. Is that why you hate my sisters and I so much? Because we don't engage in anything like that? So what if we don't like cybering, why do you act like that's such a bad thing? You're just mad because you don't LIKE girls that hold back and deny you. You like girls that cyber and the ones that are just as perverted as you. So we're not perverted -- big deal. Are you going to whine about that in your diary some more? News flash, perv -- being a pedophile and a pervert is NOTHING to be proud of. Quit BULLYING girls and talking down on them just because they don't cyber or because they're "virgins". Good for them. They have some self-control. My sister is only 17, by the way -- is she SUPPOSED to be cybering on the internet with guys? What if she doesn't want to? That's not a bad thing. If I catch you talking down on her for not being a perv like you again, I'll deal with you myself. I'm not playing around. Quit attacking my sisters. And LOL -- I totally love how you try to make my sisters and I out as the bad guys. "Oh, they don't like being pervs! AND they don't CYBER! They're the DEVILS! They'll only bring EVIL to Kupika and create a bad environment!" Oh, PLEASE. You're SUCH an angel, Eddie. Like you're the protector of Kupika, as if you're some kind of angelic being that's fighting off the "evil" that is the Smith Sisters. Give me a BREAK. We're not in third grade here, stop labeling sides as "good" and "evil". It's absolutely arrogant of you to think that you're the "good" side and we're the bad side. Here's another news flash -- just because some disagrees with you, it doesn't make them "evil". You're calling a group of teenage GIRLS "evil" and trying to make your brainless friends think the same. Go ahead and label us as evil. Call us whatever you want -- Nazis, fascists, evil, whatever. Whatever helps you sleep at night, Eddie. By the way? We never said we're "anti-cybering". As always, you assume things about Doo and I. We are NOT "anti-cybering". I'm going to make that clear. We are not. There's nothing wrong with it, you can do it on your own time, whenever you want. I don't care, nor does Doo. But when you're an adult and involve a child, THAT'S what we're against. We're anti-pedo, understand? You can say we're evil and judgmental for it, you can whine about it all you want, but you're a pedophile and we're against your pedophilia. It's illegal and if we catch you talking to kids and harassing them, we're going to do something about it. And yes, "Eddie-bear" (very fitting name, if I do say so myself), this IS a threat. If we catch you soliciting minors on Kupika -- or anywhere else -- or doing anything illegal with them (yes, it's illegal to solicit minors on the internet) then we WILL do something about it, and we WILL take action against you. I'm sick of you acting so innocent. And don't bring Tails into this -- this has nothing to do with him. If we catch you pulling anything on any kids, we won't hesitate to get the police involved. I'm not playing around -- take this as a warning. We don't care for your opinion or your friends' thoughts, either -- you're a pedophile, plain and simple. Kupika knows it, and so do we. In response to what you called my sister (since you enjoy attacking her, even though she said NOTHING to you in her first entry), I have this to say to you: You're a pig. You're a bullying, judgmental, hypocritical, lying, perverted, nasty old pedophile. You're a sorry excuse for a father and you should be ashamed -- you have DAUGHTERS. Do you ever think about that when you're hitting on 12-year-olds? They deserve better than that. And yes, Eddie, that IS an attack against you. At least in my diary, I can admit it, rather than saying "that's NOT an attack against you", as you did with my sister when it was an OBVIOUS attack. Quit bullying girls into cybering, trying to get them to be as pervy as you and insulting girls who have a bit of decency and a brain. Hopefully one day you'll realise that you are a pedophile and quit denying it. Be a man and admit to your mistakes. And hopefully you'll keep away from the kiddies and stop hitting on them. It IS illegal. And remember, if we catch you harassing any kids, we'll do something about it. Have a nice day, pedo-boy.
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