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my story prologue(no title yet)Category: (general)
Wednesday, 8 July 2009
05:53:56 PM (GMT)
	I'm not going to say wiether this a sad story or a happy story; a good story or a
bad story; all im gonna say is that this story is different then the rest. I'll paint
you a picture where you are the decider of wiether to see the beauty and truth or to
see the sadness and hurt, but know this my dear reader, whatever happens to the
characters in this story you could and  will cause to happen to anyone that didn't
deserve it. This story will teach you a lot about how people truly are if you let it,
if you don't and aren't ready to accept it then you might as well stop reading this
because you'll deny what you do day by day. This story will twist your way of
thinking. This story will let you see the world in a different perspective then
you're used to and will change your so called idea of whats good and whats evil. This
story begins in the shady town of Hiett, Maine where anything that can go wrong will
go wrong. Hiett, Maine is a beautiful city surrounded by the luxorious Atlantic,
Ocean  but don't let its beauty consume you just yet. See what delves inside before
you choose to let it consume you. If you let it, this city will teach you to see the
atrocity in the beauty, and the beauty in the atrocity. Lets take a walk in somone
elses shoes for a while but be warned my friend, evil can lurk about in places you
would never expect.
 	My name is Esmerelda LeeAnne Stein but you can call me Esme. At first glance at me
you would think that im just a normal nine year old girl and that i'm young and don't
know shit about the world, well my friend be ready for a taste of acidic medicine.
The problem with people nowadays is that they all take one glance at a person or a
place and if its beautiful they get intrigued, but if its ugly it gets thrown away
like trash. They all seem to read a book by its cover even though they preach not to.
They teach hypocrisy day in and day out then lie to themselves and everyone else
saying they don't. As you follow me upon the trail of my life i hope that i will
teach you a new way to think and a new pair of eyes to see the world. Now to achieve
this goal i'll also need your help, you need to be able to accept all of this and be
able to have it bestowed upon you. If your not capable of this then leave now because
you reading this book will be utterly pointless. With that said I begin my story.
									The Alley
	I was walking upon the crumbling sidewalks of Fairbanks street that were set
alongside the beach and i was staring at the beautiful orange sunset.As i was staring
upon the sunset i began pondering wiether I should go to the traumas of home or sleep
in the alleyway. I could tell you more about what happens at my home but I don't want
to lose any precious readers, and anyways, you'll learn what happens at my home soon
enough. The reason I want to keep you reading is not publicity, but because even
though i may not get a chance to have the luxury of living a wonderful life like the
most of you, I want to at least die teaching you a lesson. As I saw the sun set over
the horizon I decided I didn't want to deal with the bullshit that my parents put me
through, so I guess the alley it is.

‹PLUR› says:   8 July 2009   418244  
i cant wait
everything you write is always amazing
‹Ican'tbelivethisplacestillexists.› says :   9 July 2009   587279  
Okay, this is going to be an Oprah best seller.

Its great.


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