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Fourth of July, 2009 *Category: Home Friends
Sunday, 5 July 2009
10:37:19 PM (GMT)
I kinda forgot it was INdependence Day until I saw two of my neighbors with flags
up. So I put up four mini-flags in my driveway.
... that's basically it for most of my day.
Then I went swimming, and remembered Kyna was coming over. WHen I got back she was
watching TV. I watched with her for a while but later moved upstairs to watch
dESTROYbuILDdESTROY (never heard of it before). I was peacefully watching the people
on TV forklift flip a half-finished boat-car until my mom came up and told me to
leave to watch fireworks (i forgot). So Kyna, her mom, my mom, and me (my dad didn't
want to come) got into Kyna's car and drove to Foster City, and looked for parking
for longer than it took us to get there while it got dark. Finally we just parked in
the middle of a parking lot (some other cars did likewise), and Kyna and I climbed
onto the roof. We took a lantern, some kind of blanket to sit on, and snacks. We
screeched a bit every time we felt the roof bend down on us. 0_o
The fireworks weren't so impressive; I'd seen better. But it WAS better than that
time I had to sit on a sidewalk with crowds of other people waiting for a parade to
come by or something. At sunset five jets in formation streaked across the sky and
people got so excited but we had to wait so long I got ice cream. Then there were a
few measly fireworks that I couldn't even really see. Many of my July 4ths were spent
with Kyna.
So, anyways, we watched for like ten minutes, and told each other what our favorite
fireworks were, and Kyna pointed out the echoing booms. They threw up a bunch of red
hearts and deformed smiley faces (which were small but really loud, since it was
three fireworks going on at the same time). I gobbled two bags of onion rings.
Suddenly they started exploding a ton of fireworks at once, and I asked "Is this
supposed to be the finale...?" But Kyna said "The finale has to be better than this."
We watched a couple more minutes and it stopped. Kyna said that it sucked. We got
back in and drove home. *Phew* and that wasn't even the long fun part. -_-'
Kyna got these exploding pop-it things, like balls with TNT inside and a twist on
top. When you throw one at the ground hard enough, it makes a BANG sound and you can
kind of see it tiny orange flame. People were still exploding fireworks and whatnot
around, and Kyna and I noticed this great green fireball. We climbed up a tree to see
better, but KYna was a little freaked and going higher was no help. Plus we threw
some bombs on the ground, and then got down.
We decided to go back into my house, where my dad told me Sophie and Angelica called.
We got lanterns and glowsticks, then headed over to their house. Kyna stood on the
street so I rang the doorbell and threw a bomb right in front of their dad. I then
asked him why/if/idk they came to my house. He just said that Angelica was in the
shower. I gave him a bomb.
KYna and I just sat together at the curb waiting for something, exploding bombs. I
used mine more sparingly to save them. Kyna got up and told me, "Let's see if we can
run over there, and back." I was feeling pretty dizzy with the greatness of the bombs
(she probably was too) so I agreed. As we ran to the first left turn of the street, I
tried throwing bombs on the way (why KYna ran faster). She was kind of panting, and
we headed back and sat down. I got drunk-acting and was all swaying and stuff,
ranting about how powerful I felt with the bombs and falling into the grass lawn and
stuff. After a while Kyna said, "Are you okay? You're kinda scaring me now..."
Later Angelica&Sophie's mom came out and went to my house to talk about stuff (omg
she just rang the doorbell).
Then Sophie came out. I was still doing hat ranting thing, and he was all like "Cool,
pop-its!" and he shoved his hand into the box and got his own bag. He started
throwing them. Then Angelica walked out and said about the same thing. I wandered
next to him and gave me my bag, but noticed there were no more in the box so I
snatched it back. They looked at me still acting drunk and maniacally laughing. Kyna
and I sat down on the grassy lawn, while Sophie ambled around and Angelica tried
scaling the pillar thing in front of his house. "Show-off" I called at him. He said,
"I think this is the highest I've ever gotten.
A car came by, and Kyna shouted "Happy Birthday!" after it. She and I laughed
hysterically, and Angelica&Sophie gave us those weird looks. Angelica noted that the
people in the cars might actually think that we were drunk (helped by me, of course),
and that our lanterns might look like beer bottles. We agreed. Kyna suggested we
chase cars (kidding). I drawled out, "Yeah, let's chase after cars." Angelica said,
"I'm going to stay a safe distance away from this madness."
A car came by.
I did nothing but kind of laughed and pulled Kyna.
Another car came by.
I stood up but said, "I'm not gonna chase that car. It's going too fast so I might
die. Or explode. [insert pschyo laughter]" Angelica said, "I knew you were going to
say that. It's so predictable [I continue laughing]." "Fine," I said. "I swear I'm
going to chase the next car that comes by." "Wouldn't it be ironic if no cars come by
now?" We waited a while, and she continued, "See? No cars..." But then
A car came by.
I got up to my feet rather slowly, and ran after shouting happy birthday. I didn't
chase it very far though, and came back laughing and gasping. They all looked at me
crazily. Kyna asked me if I was okay again.
Last edited: 12 July 2009

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