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Wednesday, 1 July 2009
12:41:00 PM (GMT)
He pulled on her dress and Kelly lifted her hips so he could slide it off of her. He
paused and hooked his thumbs through her sopping wet panties and pulled them off with
her dress. Her pussy wasn't shaved at all like the others he had seen lately, but it
was neatly trimmed. He thought it was by far the best one he had seen with its pink
brown lips poking up through her brown hair.

He began to kiss down her belly as her hand continued to stroke him. As he neared her
pussy he inhaled the light musky scent of her. It was different than Barbara's, much
fainter and subtler. It made him want to burry his nose in her and inhale deeply. As
he kissed around her pussy and down and up her thighs her stroking of him stopped and
he knew her entire attention was on his mouth so near her cunt. He could see her
juices flowing out of her and pooling on the couch as he slid up her thigh and so
softly licked the lips of her pussy in her soft brown hair. Her whole body convulsed
and he could see more of her juices dribble out of her. He paused for a second to
drag out the need before his own passion drove him on and he continued licking her in
long strokes up her velvety lips, her taste sweet and salty at the same time.

"Ohhh, Ohhh, Chris god that feels so fucking good!" 

She was stiff and her legs were trembling as he lowered his head to take her into his
mouth. He began to suck her gently and slowly as he had learned from Barbara, and
almost immediately her entire body began to buck and shake.

"Ohhhh Chris, Ungh, Ungh, Goooooood!" 

She came with almost reckless force and he continued to suck her very gently. She had
one hand in his hair and the other had begun to softly caress his cock again. He
could feel her light jumps as he sucked her, and slowly her motions turned into
thrusts to meet his tongue and he could tell she was building to another orgasm. He
slid one hand up between her leg and the other found her breast where he began to
twist and pinch it lightly. 

She shuddered and she felt his finger trace around the entrance to her pussy, and his
tongue began to flick back and forth across the swollen lips above her clit. He
slowly pushed into her amazed at how tight she was and began to stroke her pussy with
his finger, searching until he found the same swollen ridge he had found in Barbara.
She moaned as his finger stroked it and focused his strokes in time to his mouth. He
continued to pull and twist her nipple as he sucked and stroked her and once more her
hand on his cock fell still as she was overwhelmed with his ministrations. He could
feel her orgasm building as her pussy clamped down on his finger and her pussy lips
swelled in his mouth. Her legs trembled and he heard a sharp intake of breath as her
pleasure overtook her.

She came in complete silence except for some small grunting noises as her body rocked
with pleasure. His mouth and hands stroked every last contraction out of her pussy.
Her whole body collapsed into the couch as her orgasm subsided. Chris kissed slowly
up her body until he found her breasts again, and teased them lightly before he stood
and kicked his pants and shoes off.

His cock stood out stiff in front of him and Kelly immediately sat up and grasped his
cock with her hand. She stared at him for a moment before kissing the pearly fluid
oozing from the tip. She licked her lips and plunged his cock into her mouth sucking
as much of his large cock as she could. Chris moaned and entwined his hands in her
hair as she sucked him with wild abandon. All the orgasms of the past few days and
the ones today helped him keep from coming immediately in her mouth, but he
desperately wanted to feel her pussy wrapped around his cock now.

He pushed her back onto the couch his cock springing from her mouth with a soft pop.
She smiled and then her face took on one of absolute lust as he straddled her on the
couch, his legs pushing hers open, his cock laying on her soft belly. Hit gave each
nipple a little bite as he lowered his hips and his cock slid down her wet lips. She
shuddered her hands reaching out to grab his hips trying to pull him into her.

She slid one hand down and grabbed his cock, guiding him into the entrance to her
sex, and slowly while his eyes locked with her he began to push into her. The head of
his cock slipped in and he could feel the incredible pressure of her pussy on him.
Her mouth was open and she almost panted and he slowly stroked his cock deeper and
deeper into her. At last he felt his pubis collide with hers as he buried his entire
shaft into her. He stopped for a moment his cock twitching inside her and kissed her
gently. She smiled at him for a moment before he started to slowly stroke his cock
into and out of her. At that she reached up and bit his lip before kissing him

As he stroked her, he ground his pubis into her swollen clit, his body stimulating
her from inside and out. Her pussy felt so hot and silkily smooth on his cock as he
pushed into her, and her mouth was sweet and passionate. He felt as though every
moment of his life was somehow focused through his mind in this one event, this
transition from boyhood to manhood. 

He pulled his mouth away from Kelly's and they stared into one another's eyes, their
bodies moving in a rhythm as old as a heartbeat, as sacred as a holly chant. Each
stroke of his cock into her he could feel her tightening on him, and his balls began
to constrict against his body. Each stroke they looked into one another and the
boundaries between two humans melted away. The isolation of the human mind was no
more as each movement connected one to the other, and their eyes shared their souls
with the other. All the pleasure he was feeling was building from his toes to his
head, and filled his body with an electric tingling so fierce and powerful his
movements became autonomic as his body took over on the oldest dance of all.

Kelly's mouth opened and her eyes grew wide as her orgasm built to a peak within her.
It rolled across her body like waves caressing the beach with immense force, and yet
amazing gentleness. At the moment Chris felt her contract upon him his orgasm shot
stars through his head as he felt his whole being rushing into Kelly as he filled her
with his cum. They never stopped looking into each other's eyes, and for a moment
they were one-person, not separated by physical being, but whole and fulfilled in
both spirit, mind and body. For that fleeting moment there was no isolation of the
human spirit, there was only union.

As the orgasm drifted away and they felt once again the fatigue and pleasure coursing
through them Chris relaxed letting his body curve into hers. He kissed her face and
neck lightly as he lay on her, and he could feel his cock and her pussy twitching in
little spasms of pleasure. He lay like that for long minutes as she gently stroked
his bare back, and he kissed her neck and shoulder. At last he leaned up to look once
more into her eyes.

She was smiling, and her eyes were bright and shining. He kissed her lips gently and
smiled back into her eyes.

"I don't know what to say to you,." he said ,his voice soft and gentle, his mind
awash with emotions. "That was the most amazing experience of my life." 

Kelly smiled at him. "Me too. You don't have to say anything Chris. I felt it too."

He nodded and nuzzled her face with his before kissing her again. He smiled suddenly,
a mischievous smile. "You still want to go out with me tomorrow night?"

Kelly suddenly looked serious and shook her head no. "No. I think we should stay in
tomorrow night." Her face broke into a smile and they both laughed the tension in the
room relaxing into a gentler comfort and ease. 

"Oh shit, Chris said as he leaned up and looking out the window. Kelly did as well to
see what the neighbors were doing. What greeted them was quite a site. Mandy and her
husband were sitting on the bed, and standing to the side of them was Tony and
Sabrina. They were all naked, and when they saw them sit up to look they all began
applauding most enthusiastically. 

Chris snorted out a laugh before looking at Kelly with worry. She was very red but
smiling, and they both broke out into gales of laughter. "Should we give them a bow?"
Chris asked in jest but Kelly jumped up dragging him with her and they gave a full
stage bow at which point the audience applauded even harder. 

Laughing he walked to the curtains and drew them closed before turning back to Kelly.
She was flushed but smiling and radiant. She stood naked facing him unashamed or
self-conscious, even as he stepped to her and took her in his arms. He held her for
long minutes before they pulled apart slightly looking at each other. 

Kelly spoke softly, "Well I never expected to lose my virginity like that,." She said
as she looked at the now curtain-covered window a smile on her face.

God, me either!" Chris said chuckling. Kelly looked surprised for a moment.

"You mean? That was your first..." Chris nodded and she smiled even bigger before
kissing him passionately.

"There is another guest room down the hall, are you going to be staying?" Chris asked
a little nervously. Kelly smiled before kissing him passionately again her hand
sneaking between his legs to rub his growing cock.

"Let's go to bed shall we?" She said and Chris led her from the room and down the

"To bed yes, but not to sleep." He said with a smile.
Last edited: 1 July 2009

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