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Sweet Seduction: Part 2Category: (general)
Wednesday, 1 July 2009
12:25:32 PM (GMT)
entire situation and instead of screaming, which Chris fully expected, she smiled.
Her eyes locked on his swollen cock and she licked her lips as she smiled.

"Stand up mister, right now!" 

Her voice left no room for argument as he struggled to rise with his cock waving in
front of him rock hard. He fished for his sweat pants but somehow he had managed to
kick them under the couch in his ministrations to his cock. As he stood he saw her
workout shorts on the floor, and that her lower body was completely bare and his cock
twitched at the site of her. She smiled and looked down at his raging hard on.

"You have had this coming to you mister,." She said and in one fluid motion leaned
forward and took his cock in her mouth. 

He felt the incredible warmth of her mouth as she leaned over the back of the couch
and sucked his cock, bobbing her head up and down his shaft. He was in pure heaven.
He realized her naked ass and pussy were facing right at the camera as she sucked him
and he felt the cum already boiling to the top of his cock.

"Oh god Barbara I'm going to..." his sentence faded into a moan as his cum shot into
her mouth and she sucked it from him, her eyes now looking up at him as she swallowed
every drop of his cum

.He had never felt an orgasm be so powerful, even this morning while masturbating for
Sabrina and Mandy. She sucked him until he had completely stopped cumming then let
his cock slide from her mouth with a soft pop. She smiled at him and sat back on her
legs with her hands on her hips.

"That will teach you to tease me!" She said with a sparkle in her eye. At that moment
the sound of the garage door opening could be heard. "Quick, lay back down!" 

Barbara looked truly alarmed and he dropped to the floor, which was not difficult
considering the state his legs were in after that. 'God Barbara gave me a blow job!'
he thought to himself. He couldn't believe it. He heard her quickly pull on her gym
shorts and the quick squeak of her shoes as she walked across the room to the garage
door to meet his mom.

The next morning he just about leaped out of bed even though it was earlier then he
was used to rising. He made his rounds through the house and grabbed his usual coffee
and toast before heading upstairs to his mom's room. He checked the pool and found it
empty before he decided to check the bedroom and bathroom view from the office.

He walked in and turned on the computer as he sat down in the office chair and looked
across the way. The window next door was open and in only a few moments he saw Mandy
cross the window. She glanced his way and saw him sitting there in his robe and a
huge smile broke out on her face. She was wearing her robe and her hair was wet from
getting out of the shower. She gestured to him to close his curtains by doing the
same with hers. Though she pantomimed that she wanted him to keep them cracked and
watch her. Whatever he figured, he stood and closed the curtains except for a crack
to look through. Mandy smiled and gave him a thumbs up before holding her hands up
and mouthing the word, "wait" to him.

She disappeared into the house and a few minutes later she returned with Mr. Nelson
in tow behind her. She had dropped her robe and was splendidly naked as she dragged
him into the room. She turned in front of the window and began kissing him
passionately. He could see her fumbling with his pants and soon she had dropped them
around his knees. 

Mr. Nelson was a big man, taller even than him, but what he saw next stunned him.
Mandy dropped to her knees and pulled down his shorts revealing the most massive cock
he had ever seen. It had to be 9 inches long, and as big around as a salami. Mandy
licked around the head before plunging it into her mouth. He could see Mr. Nelson
roll his head back in pleasure as she stuffed his cock into her hot mouth. He thought
of last night and he started stroking his already hard cock watching Mandy give her
husband head.

Chris could feel his orgasm building when Mandy stopped and stood back up kissing her
husband again. Her hand was wrapped around his massive cock and pumping away as she
kissed him, and his hands alternated between her tits and between her legs. He could
see Mandy squirming as her husband rubbed her pussy. Finally, she pulled away from
him and bent over turning her ass to him as she grabbed the dresser next to the
window. He could see her in perfect profile as her husband walked up behind her and
in one fluid motion rammed his cock all the way into her.

Chris was stroking his cock hard now, thinking how his seven and a half inches didn't
even begin to compare to what he was seeing in front of him. Mr. Nelson held Mandy by
the hips with his hands and pulled her into him as he drove his cock into her. Chris
couldn't believe she could take that whole thing inside her. Mandy's tits were
rocking back and forth madly as her husband fucked her. Her face held a look of
absolute pleasure as she took his rod over and over again. 

Chris could feel his orgasm coming and it felt like he was going to cum like a
madman. Mr. Nelson was fucking Mandy faster and harder now, his hips almost a blur as
he pistoned into and out of her. At last he threw his head back and yelled as he
drove into her. Mandy pulled off him and turned to take his cock in her mouth again.
A huge blast of cum shot across her face before she could take him in her mouth. Mr.
Nelson grabbed her hair as he gently fucked her mouth, his cock twitching as it
pumped out his cum. He could see Mandy swallowing as some dribbled out the sides of
her mouth. At that moment Chris couldn't take it anymore and he shot his load all
over the curtains, one streak even shooting between the curtains to hit the glass.

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