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Shaymin is so badassCategory: (general)
Tuesday, 9 June 2009
11:27:52 PM (GMT)
I went to see shaymin last weekend. I don't F%#$ing care what you think, that flying
hedgehog is a badass mofo.
He walked up to me like "You Lusario?" and I was like "Hell yeah!" and Shaymin was
like "I can break your ears off with my bare hands" and I was like "Whoa! hot DAMN!
Let's be friends." and we ate manly things like BROTWURST and RAW FISH. It was
AMAZING until darkrai came along like "Guys, I'm loooost, can I have directions?" and
he kept being whiny and emo at us and shaymin was like "MINDLESS STREAM OF PROFANITY"
and darkrai gave us this reeeallly dirty look and then we both fell asleep. I woke up
a few days later in a river.
So this really cool gyarados helped us out and was like "GET OUT OF MY LAWN" and we
were like "OK" but really shaymin was like "YOUR MOM" and they got into a battle. Now
like, Since shaymin is so badass he taught that overgrown magikarp a lesson. But
like, we weren't expecting kyogre.
Here's the thing about Kyogre, he's like.. Huge. And powerful. And shaymin, No matter
HOW badass, can not beat a giant mother-effing whale from hell.

So we ran like sissies. But shaymin ran less like a sissy-sissy and more like a
galloping stallion in small hedgehog form. And then he flew away. 
And I was left there to face kyogre. I was no match for the most epic whale ever. 

Moral of the story: give darkrai the goddamn directions.

KokiriForest says:   9 June 2009   474817  
That was awesome.
You are epic.
Next time call me and I'll put that kyogre bitch to sleep with my
‹[~ ♥Kanashimi♥ ~]› says:   10 June 2009   557291  
Me and Darkrai are tight, yo.
You should've really GAVE HIM THE MOFO DIRECTIONS.
LittleMissEccentric says:   10 June 2009   942739  
Darkrai totally needed the directions.
‹TheRulerofNightmares› says:   10 June 2009   264271  
Obviously, that's not the darkrai I know of. He's bent on the
destruction of the world for his own amusement. O_o

Shaymin rock! So do kyogre. But I like Groundon more then kryogre.
Lusario says :   10 June 2009   741959  
nightmarequeen@ Nah, darkrai is really just a whiny beeotch who
always wants his way. He's too much of a wimp in my eyes to take over
the world. Plus, what would he do with it once he took it over? Make
everyone fall asleep? lolololol

Littlemiss@ EFF YEAH SKY FORM 


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