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Sunday, 26 April 2009
06:06:19 PM (GMT)
Wow, two in one week.

These are characters I've been creating lately, that perhaps I can have someone make
a comic of. Most of them don't have names. NOW you will see the unknown world of my
mind!! :D

Let's start with my favorite, B.U.D. the Bashful Android. He is a glitched Android
that has human feelings and relationships. He likes to have fun, and is a bit shy
near people he was not programmed to know. He can analyze anything and read out info
on it. He can also take on any form as they are programmed into him. He has a
weakness to water and magnets. And yes, he is doing Jazz Hands.
Me and my brother have been trying to think of a scientific meaning for B.U.D. He
came up with " Bashful Understanding Droid".
Meg/AlmondPaw thought up "Broken Universe Droid"
Anyone else have anything better?

I haven't thought of a name for this one yet. I plan he or she is a leader of a big
organization. And yes, this is the right picture.
This octapus-look-alike is probably going to be very military based. He or she lost
her eye in a battle, and the other eye is always shaded. 

I'm not sure about this one either. He's probably going to be a proud (and perhaps
cocky) tribe leader. Yes, he is a lion.
The skull on his staff was that of his greatest kill. I don't have much for him yet.

Not sure about the name. Probably something like a Whisp or something else.
Basically a ghost. This one has a cross on it's forehead, so it was probably tribal
at a time. It's weak when it's near it's body.

Some weird dog slash dragon. It's basically just a head with wings.

I have no idea what this thing is, but I thought it was cool. O_o

We all know of evil-step-moms and such. (well, in this case, it's a bit more...*cough
cough* adult-based.)
I love this character's hair. But the outfit is probably going to change before I
finalize the character.
And I just figured she'd have a cigarette.

Believe it or not, this is actually a good guy. Some people call him delirious, and
who can blame them? He's always been a bit mad since his parents went missing.    
I still haven't thought of a name for this character, nor a defined past. I figure
that he's a young genius, who created B.U.D. way at the top of the page when he was
8. Then, a few years later, he woke up and found his parents were missing from the
house. He frantically started calling neighbors and friends, but can't locate them.
He then calls the police about it, and send out a "Missing Persons" file. 
Then there's a gap where I have something happen to him to lose his sight/eyes. 
He then gets B.U.D. to get him materials from around the house like a helmet, a
camera, and some wires, plus other things, and he blindly makes himself a machile
that allows him to see. The helmet is the base, the camera was stripped of it's lens
to create an eye for him, and the wires connect to a back control area that picks up
his brain waves, so he can control the eye normally. To accomplish this blind was
unbelievable, and he then sets out to find his parents, who have still not returned.
That's basically what I have so far for him.

I am starting to form an idea for a comic/manga, and will share when I have something
More coming soon!
Last edited: 27 April 2009

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