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Wish # 1Category: wish
Saturday, 18 April 2009
12:14:20 AM (GMT)
wish 1.
Jane climbed out her bedroom window and out onto the roof. She sat on the top with
her knees in her arms and her chin resting on her knees. She stared at the rising
moon and the stars that were starting to appear.
	She winced as she accidentally hugged her knees tighter to her chest. She had gotten
another beating just like every other day for coming down to dinner late. She had run
to her room for safety after her mom had stopped for a moment. Her mother Raven was
never able to get Jane in her room because she had brought home a new doorknob one
day. Jane installed it herself making sure the lock was on the inside. Now she only
left or entered the house through her window on the roof.
	She sighed then pulled herself up slowly. She stood there for a moment. Jane was
very balanced for having been beaten everyday.
	As she walked nimbly back to the window, she started thinking about a constant
	“Should I run away? I’d be safer but where would I go? My stepfather is just as
abusive as mom, dad is dead, and I have no friends. I could always live near the
Corner Mart, but I would need money to buy food from the store, and that’s
something I don’t have…”
	These thoughts came by her mind at least four times a day. But she could never
figure out a solution.
	Just as she reached the window and was about to climb through, someone called up to
	“Hey! What do you think you’re doing up there? I’m coming up! And you better
not lock that damn door of yours either! I’ll still get in!” her stepfather
yelled up to her.
	“I’d like to see you try! I never unlock my door! Nor will I ever!” she
yelled. “You can’t hurt me as long as I’m in there!”
	He growled and reached into his car. When he came back out, he pointed a gun at
	She screamed and dived into the window just as a bang went off. She shut it quickly
and put her dresser in front of it. Then she made sure her door was locked and moved
her table and bed in front of that.
	While there was banging on her door from her parents, she realized that her lower
leg was hurting.
	She looked slowly at it and realized that it was bleeding. Jane pulled up the bottom
of her pants and saw that the shot had hit her leg just as she was pulling it through
the window.
	“Are you happy Frank? You’ve shot me! ARE YOU HAPPY NOW!?!?”
	His reply never came and he just continued banging on the door.
	Jane opened the bottom drawer to her dresser and pulled out one of her older shirts.
She ripped off the bottom half, folded it in half, and tied it tightly around the
spot where the bullet hole was.
	She then grabbed a large flexible suitcase and began stuffing it with her few
warmest clothes.
	Another voice was heard in the hall other than her mothers and stepfathers.
	“Yes, Julia! She obviously did something wrong and stupid again!” her mom
	“Jane! Stay there and I’ll find a way in! I’ll come and help!” Julia yelled
through the door.
	“No! I don’t need help! I’m fine!” Jane yelled back, but she knew her sister
would come in anyways, somehow.
	She continued stuffing the bag. When she was done with the only clothes she needed,
she picked up the little stuffed bear from her bed. She stared at it lovingly. It was
the only gift she had ever gotten that wasn’t some sort of desert, and it had been
from Julia. Then she gently set it into one of the inner pockets. The last thing she
put in the suitcase, was a blanket.
	After she zipped it up, she dragged it over to the window and moved her dresser. She
then opened the window, put her suitcase on the roof gently, and then climbed out
	With one last hating look at the door still being banged on, she climbed down from
the roof and started to walk away from the house that had abused her for fourteen
But before she even left the yard, she came face to face with her sister.
	“Don’t Julia.” Jane said quietly.
	“Don’t what? Don’t try to stop you? Don’t try to change your mind? Don’t
try to convince you to stop? Don’t what Jane?” she said angrily with her arms
	“Stay? Stay at what? A house where I get nothing but abused? OR stay where I’m
not wanted? Which would you prefer? They’re both the same! And that building,”
she pointed to the house, “isn’t even a home! It’s a death trap!”
	“Stay here with me! I need you here! If you’re not here, I’m all alone!”
Julia shouted.
	“Stop, yelling! Do you want them to realize that we’re out here so they can beat
me again? But I need to leave! I don’t want to die from a beating. I want to die
from the cold or starvation or something. I need to leave!” She started walking
away but Julia grabbed her arm.
	“Please stay. I need you here.” She said quieter this time, actually sadder.
“Please Jane, stay for me.”
	“I’m sorry Julia, I can’t. But I’ll miss you so much.” Jane hugged Julia.
When the hug ended, there were tears in both their eyes.
	“Be careful, please. Promise me.” Julia said.
	“I promise. Just so long as you promise me you won’t call anybody to find me.”
Jane said leaning on her good leg.
	“I promise, just find a way of communicating with me everyday so I know you’re
safe, okay?”
	“Yeah, sure. Anything for you. Bye”
	She walked around Julia and started down the street. Before she turned the corner,
she looked at her sister one last time, and smiled good-bye.
	As Jane half ran, half limped down the street, her usual thoughts came into her
	“Okay, so I’ve finally run away. I’m going to miss Julia but what else could I
do? Get beat to death? But now that I have, where do I go?…”
	She saw car headlights down the street. She looked for a place to hide and saw some
bushes just off the sidewalk, She quickly dove into them just as the car was going
	Before she climbed back out, she made sure no one else was around. It was starting
to get dark out so it would be easier to hide but it was still pretty bright out.
	The only other thing to walk by her that night was a black cat, which for her, was
very good luck.
	That night was cold. Jane had pulled on her sweatshirts but that really didn’t
help. To add to the problems, since she had gotten beat before she could eat, she had
not eaten since the lunch she had at school, and that was in the morning, and
hadn’t been very large.
	She rubbed her arms to try and warm herself up. She noticed that her vision was
starting to get hazy. Blackness started to control her vision. She was moving slower
and slower by the second. Then her eyes closed. And she fell to the ground.

	“-Everything clear on east side 97? -”
	“All clear. Nothing to report.” The officer replied to the report request.
	He drove along the street looking at side to side to see if he could spot anything.
	All of a sudden, he hit the brakes and stopped, staring ahead for a moment. He then
put the car in reverse and backed up some. He stopped again and looked out her
passengers’ window.
	He picked up his radio and said, “Uh, I take that back. I think I might have found
something, over.”
	“-Check it out and report 97.-”
	He got out of his car and pulled out his flashlight. The he slowly walked over to
what he had seen on the ground. Donny Smith saw it had hair and clothes.
	He turned it over slowly. He saw it was a girl with long, dark brown hair. Her skin
was clod and bluish and her pulse was slow.
	Donny quickly grabbed his radio off his belt and fumbled with it for a moment.
	“This is Donny Smith, number 97, over.”
	“-What have you found 97?-”
	“I have found a girl on the side of the road. She is wearing many layers but is
ice cold and bluish. Her pulse is slow but she is alive. She looks to be about 14 or
15 in middle school, over.”
	“-Does she have any ID with her?-”
	He searched her pockets and suitcase.
	“There is no ID that I can find. But she does have a flexible suitcase full of
clothes and a blanket, over.”
	“-We’ll call the hospital and ask them to be ready when you get there with the
	“Roger, over and out.” Donny clipped her radio back to his belt. He then
carefully picked up the girl and brought her to the front seat of his car. He turned
on the heat and shut the door.
	After he had gone and gotten her bag, he turned on the sirens and lights and sped
off towards Lindy Falls Hospital.

	Jane opened her eyes a crack and tightly shut them again. After she opened them
again, she started to get used to the blinding light of the white room she was in.
Almost everything was white.
	A beeping. Jane could hear an annoying beeping from next to her. She turned her head
slowly to find a heart beat monitor.
	“Why, am I, in a hospital?” she asked herself quietly.
	Her bag was in a chair in the corner.
	She looked at the paper-like dress she was wearing. She sighed and sat up.
	Jane slowly pulled off all the chords and such off her skin and sat up slowly.
	As she turned her legs to let them hang off the side of the bed she had been put in,
she realized that someone had put a cast on her leg.
	She slowly made her way over to her bag and opened it. She found that her clothes
were no longer a mangled mess just thrown in, but neatly folded. She panicked and dug
her hand deep into the pocket where she had put her bear. It was still there and she
let out a sigh of relief.
	She began taking out clothes and putting them on.

	“Officer, I think you should come look at this. You might find it interesting.”
Doctor Jones said to Donny.
	He got up from his seat and followed her into another room where some X-rays were
	“What am I looking at exactly?” he asked her.
	“The X-rays from that girl you found. We already told you that she had been shot
less than two hours before you found her and we’ve treated that. But after we took
her X-rays, we found these.” She started pointing out several marks on the bones.
“Who ever this girl is, she had been beaten several times before. All her ribs have
been fractured and or broken, she did have a very old crack on her skull, although it
is very small. She has also had improperly healed broken arms, wrists, and legs, as
you can see. And there are also some fairly fresh fractures to her ribs. Probably
from tonight.”
	“Yes, I can see it.” he said slowly rubbing his chin. “But who could have done
it, and why hadn’t she ever gone to a doctor?”
	“I think we’ll only get the answers from her.” Doctor Jones said.
	“Yeah, I’ll go see if she’s up yet.”
	“I’ll go with you. I would like to see how she’s doing.” She said.
	The two walked out of the room and back down the hall towards the girls’ room. To
their surprise, they saw her dressed in normal clothes and shutting her door quietly
with her suitcase over her shoulder.
	“And where do you think you’re going young lady?” Jones demanded with her
hands on her hips.
	“Uh, checking out?” the girl answered.
	“I don’t think so. You are staying here until I am done with you.”
	“Why? You’re not my mother! I’m allowed to do whatever I want!” she yelled.
	“Young lady, this is a hospital. Please be quiet.”
	“Yeah, I kind of figured that out when I nearly blinded myself just opening my
eyes! Why is that room so white?” she crossed her arms.
	“It calms the patients. Now back into that room. We need to ask you a few
questions and you’re in no condition to leave.” Jones replied calmly.
	“In no condition? Look, I’m walking, talking, breathing. I can see, hear smell,
and touch. I think I’m in pretty good condition.” She narrowed her eyes.
	“Now.” Jones narrowed hers into a glare as well and pointed to the door.
	Grumbling, the raven-haired girl walked back into the room. Donny and Jones sighed
and followed her in.
	Donny took a chair and sat in it backwards facing the girl.
	“Hey, I’m Donny Smith. Would you like to tell me you’re name?” he said
holding his hand out to her.
	“No, I can’t.” she said losing the fierceness in her voice.
	“Why not? I’d like to help.” He said smiling.
	“If someone finds out and tells them, they’ll hunt me down, and then I’ll
die.” She said looking away from him putting her hands in between her legs.
	“Finds out what? And who would hunt you down?”
	“I said I can’t tell you. And I’m only going to talk to Julia.” She
	“Who’s Julia? And where does she live?” Donny asked.
	“She’s my… best friend. Here’s her address.” She wrote it down on a piece
of paper Doctor Jones handed her and handed it to him. “Tell her Z needs her.”
She then turned around and sat there hugging her knees. “But make sure her parents
don’t answer. And if they do, tell them you’re her teacher and would like to talk
to her at the school. She has the same hair as me, but shorter and straighter.”
	“Okay, thanks. I’ll be back in a little while. Stay here. I want to help,
okay?” he said standing up from the chair.
	She didn’t answer him but continued to sit there with her shoulders hunched
	Donny was riding along back towards the hospital with the girl named Julia. He had
gone to her house to pick her up after the girl he had found earlier said she would
only talk to Julia.
	“So, the girl I found said you were her best friend.” Donny said, trying to get
something out of this girl before they got to the hospital.
	“I’m all she has. Nothing’s going to separate us but death. She promised me
she would be careful after she was left. The nutcase. She lied.” Julia answered.
	“After she left? What do you mean?” Donny asked confused.
	“I’m only going to talk to her first. Then, if she wants me to, I’ll talk to
you officer…”
	“Smith. Donny Smith.”
	“Smith. And it’s only if she wants me to.”
	“Okay, but I’m going to need to get some information from somebody. I want to
help her.”
	Julia didn’t reply but stared out the widow as they drew nearer to the hospital.
	When they got there, Donny stayed outside the room in the chair he had been in
earlier while Julia went in and talked to the girl.
	“Jul’s, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to just collapse there in the middle of the
street. I was going to the old ladies house at the end of that road, and I was going
to sleep on her porch. But I was tired and it was cold! Not to mention the empty
stomach I had. Please don’t be mad!” Jane pleaded her sister.
	“I’m not mad; and here. I brought you something to eat. I knew you’d be
hungry.” She pulled a candy bar and a banana out of her purse.
	While Jane started eating them, Julia continued.
	“I just wish you could have at least walked over towards the houses more. Then
that officer wouldn’t have found you.”
	“Jul’s, what am I going to do? If I tell him about mom and Frank, their going to
get arrested and then when they get out, they’re going to find me and kill me. And
if I tell him that it was a group of older boys who had been beating me up for years,
other people would get in trouble and that would be bad. What am I going to do?”
Jane cried.
	“Don’t worry, we’ll figure something out.” Julia went over and hugged her
younger sister tightly. “But if mom and dad do go to jail, they won’t be let out
for a long time, and when they are, they’ll be under police surveillance. They
wouldn’t be able to get to you.”
	“Yes, but then I’ll be sent to a foster home or something.” Jane looked to the
side a little.
	“And what’s so bad about that? You’ll get fed constantly; you’ll have a nice
warm bed, and new friends. Why wouldn’t you want that?”
	“Because then I won’t be able to get in touch with you at all. I just don’t
want to go.” She sighed.
	“But you’d be much better off, I’m still not understanding why you wouldn’t
want to go. But I’ll drop the subject. Let’s just think of ways to get out of
this.” Julia began pacing back and forth in attempt to gain an idea.

	“Officer Smith, it is considered rude to eavesdrop on someone’s privet
conversations.” Doctor Jones lectured.
	“I know, but they might not tell me anything. I can’t hear anything anyways, but
it’s worth the try.” He said still keeping his ear to the door.
	“Officer, if I may, I would like to tell you my hypothesis as to where those
fractures came from.”
	“Hypothesize away.” He said pulling his ear away from the door.
	“She was found in the middle of the street at the beginning of the night, with a
bag filled with clothes and a blanket, correct? Well, maybe she was running away from
something. Perhaps child abuse from her parents?” she said.
	Donny thought about it for a few moments.
	“You could be right, but let’s ask her about it when they’re done.”

	“I got it!” Julia said suddenly.
	“What if you told them that you were extremely clumsy? That all those injuries
were from you falling down all the time?”
	“I don’t want to sound like a ditz!” Jane protested.
	“It’s either that, or tell them the truth. What would you rather do?”
	“Oh, fine. But can we make sound like I’m a little less ditzy?”
	“No, now, come on. They’re waiting for us to finally get finished.” Julia
walked over to the door to let in Officer Smith and Doctor Jones. “We’re all done
now, so come on in.” she said and walked back into the room with Donny and Jones
following her.
	Donny pulled up the chair again as he had earlier.
	“Okay, I’m going to tell you what I think I’ve figured out, and then you can
tell me the truth if I’m wrong. That good with you?” He set his perfectly shaped
chin on his hands and looked at her.
	“I don’t care.” She replied coolly.
	“Okay then. From what we’ve seen on your x-rays, we think that you may have been
beaten quiet a few times. And perhaps you were running away from these people after
they had shot you tonight. Could it possibly have been your parents?” He asked
	Jane quickly looked at Julia with fear in her eyes. Her gaze seemed to say:
“How did they figure it out?”
	And then Julia’s responded as such.
	“I don’t know! But tell them the truth, they’ve already figured it out!”
	Jane nodded and swallowed. Then she said, “You’re really smart officer.”
	“I am? Well, why didn’t you just tell me in the first place? I would’ve helped
even sooner.”
	“I’ve already told you, they’ll hunt me down, and kill me. Frank isn’t
afraid to do so.”
	“Well, I won’t let that happen.” He said protectively.
	“What’ll happen to Julia?” she asked hugging her knees and looking away from
	“Since your sister will be 18, she’ll get the house.” He answered.
	“I never said she was my sister or how old she was.” Jane looked at him
	“I guessed. Like you said, I’m smart.”
	“Oh, well, what’ll happen to me?” she looked away from him again.
	“Miss,” he started.
	“Jane.” She interrupted.
	“Pardon?” he said.
	“My name. It’s Jane.”
	“Oh. I like it.” he commented. “Anyways. I’m going to give you four choices
Jane. And I’ll let you pick. How does that sound?”
	She didn’t reply but looked at him again.
	“Choice one, you could go to an orphanage. Choice two, you could live with a
foster family until adopted. Choice three, you could live with your sister.” He
stopped for a moment.
	“And choice four, Officer Donny?” Julia jumped into the conversation.
	“Choice four is the one I hope you pick. Be adopted by my wife and I.”
	“Excuse me officer? I don

‹♠PrincessLea♠› says:   18 April 2009   376154  
what the...?! adopted by his wife and him?! that threw me completely
off course! i really was not expecting that!
‹TrulYandForeveR<3› says:   18 April 2009   336235  
‹♠PrincessLea♠› says:   18 April 2009   878259  
lol it threw me completely off course! it's good! really really
‹TrulYandForeveR<3› says :   18 April 2009   322257  
hhaaha, thank you!


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