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Update in Death NoteCategory: Death Note
Thursday, 26 March 2009
09:50:45 PM (GMT)
I's sitting on a couch,thinking it might be time to change his bloody banages that
from his elbow all the way down to his wrists.

A walks in.

I smiles, the dead look gone from his eyes. Unable to stop himself, he hugs A. 
"Hey A. It's been a while." I doesn't remove his arms from around A's waist.
They hurt and it's a force of habit.

"Yeah hello." A replies. I takes a good look at him.

A is wearing a black long sleeve shirt, his usal jeans.
But his face lookes pale. His eyes' were red, puffy, glazed over with bags as bad as
His blue hair a gentle disarray. I and A's ribbons, about 90 of them are tied around
his waist.
The knots poking at I's arms.
Bad sign.

"A.....Are you having dreams? What's wrong?" I asked concerned.

"W...What's wrong is that you're too close. Get off."
 A said trying and failing to be mean and to avoid I.  

I ignores this.
"Why won't you tell me?"
I asks in an even voice, feeling A's hands clutching and pushing away all at once.

"There's nothing to tell!" A sobs.

"Then why are you crying?"

"You're too close. Get off." A responds firmly.


"Get off! Don't come near me."
A shouts and leaves.


"Good news!!!" Misa singsong dancing into the room.

"L's in Oka-laho-ma!"

Beyond and Light look up.

Beyond brightens.
Light looks puzzled. "I thought she was in Brazil....."
"She was! But she started to act werid so they sent her to a....." 
Misa doesn't want to tell the place she's stuck in. 

"Where? Where'd they send her? Where in Oklahoma?" Beyond shouts

"An Asylum."

Light ignores B's pained look. "How'd you find this out?" Light asks somewhat jealous
that Misa found L.

"An American doctor heard about a strange case of a woman in Oklahoma. She called
herself Lola."
Misa said hoping he wouldn't press the subject.

"Did he tell you or did you hear it second hand?" Beyond asks wanting to be
completely sure.

"He told me because....."

"Because....?" pressed Light

Misa's face turned red she looked down. She decided it'd be better if she told them.
"Because I slept with him."

She feels a pat on the back. Beyond's smiling at her. "You did what you had to. Plus
we found L! "

"Right!" Misa says trying to act shamelessly. It's easier then she would have
thought, seeing as Light didn't care.
"Right, you should be groveling at my feet for this, Beyond."
"I live to grovel, before you Misa."

Light rolled his eyes annoyed. "You live to grovel before L, that's you you fucking
live for Beyond..." He
continued to map out the chart for the plane while gripping his mug of expresso a bit
harder then needed. 

         And a page from Hiro's Diary:

        Hey Diary,

        I just heard mom screaming "Oklahoma!" I think that's where L is.
        I hope so. Near's acting werid.......Like L.
        He's treating me like L treated Beyond. In the early days. At first I        
           noticed that 
        he just stoped talking to me, but now he gets annoyed when I "waste his      
        and whenever I hug him. So now adays I just hang out with him in the         
        from six to twelve. I follow him around with Bumble Bee and leggos, but we   
       don't talk.
        I haven't talked to him in days............
        Well today we did. I screamed at him when I found him with....Gevanni in the 

        I......opened the door and I just felt sad and hurt. Near just stared at me  
            with that pokerface of his.
        ...........But then Gevanni looked at me and I felt so damn pituiful. So I   
                  screamed"Near what the fuck?"
        Like I was surprised. "I thought it was time to lose my virginity. I'm the   
                 only one here who is one." 
        he said in that stupid monotone voice. "So you're letting him de-flower      
                      you?" I sneered I'm sure I 
        looked exactly like Beyond with longer hair. "I don't see how that's any of  
                     your business,Hiro."
        I stood there in shock for a bit. He opened his mouth looking like my Near
for                  a bit.
        It looked like he was going to take back what he said.....But I slapped him  
              before he could say anything

                                                    Today sucked.
Last edited: 10 June 2010

foreverchacha says:   26 March 2009   281424  
Everyone needs L to pimpslap them around a bit.
rikus_gurl says:   3 April 2009   671787  
Slap Near again, for Age?
Akiba23 says :   4 April 2009   714721  
Hiro:I can't I'm not mad at him anymore.....Sorry Age.

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