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Eminem/My war on..../5 reasons why I hate school/Heartfelt sad momentCategory: (general)
Sunday, 8 March 2009
10:58:13 AM (GMT)

Now, the important stuff.
This is my first edition of the; My war on....   Series.

My war on; The Credit Crunch.
Honestly repost this if you wish the government were competent.

My suggestions of how to save the country from falling any further into the deep
fiery hell pit of financial turmoil are;
Frickin' hold an election, let Gordon Brown go... He's the worst bloody Prime
Minister we've had.
That was an interesting look into my opinion.

Now for 5 reasons why I hate school;
1. The rumours
    So, okay, there are some rumours floating around, but because they're true, and
people want others to know it's okay.
But seriously, just because I make a friend without someones permission, I'm suddenly
using her.
It's like,"Are you talking to me or chewin' bricks cuz either way, you're teeth are
coming ou."

2. The stupid people that think they're dead clever
Samuellina Ballerina
(All the same person.)

He dumped my mate right, and ever since he's been walking around like he's some sort
of hard man.
He's like; "Eww, go away.... You upset me so much.... Like you have the right to
So Immature!

3. The people who think they're more cool when they are
    If no-one likes you, you're not frickin' cool. Okay; Emily.

4. The posh freaks who look down on everyone.
     The same person who thinks they're it and spreads rumours about me; Emily.
God I'm so sick of it.

5. Boys
    What else can I say, they're stupid, big-headed,loud, they think they're cool,
most of them are soft.

Heartfelt sad moment.

It's just not fair, why won't people let me live my life.
Whether it's spreading rumours about me, having a go at me.
Someone even tried to nick my phone at youth club for a laugh.
Not only that but the people who watch me, looking for faults or things to offend
People telling me how to live my life, who I'm allowed to talk to, where I'm allowed
to go. Do people forget that I'm my own person.
Then the people twisting it, trying to make feel bad, then acting like they couldn't
care less, then beign spiteful, then jealous, then boosy then loud.
It's just not fair.
Actually, just to prove my point let me illlustrate this week.
So, first off people steal items of clothing, then take the mick when I react, then
ditch me after I apologise although they're supposed to be my friends. Then at he
youth club the same people ditch me again, talk about me behind my back and try to
steal my phone.
On the next day someone spreads a rumour about me.
The next day I make a friend for  myself and the same person who did the things a day
or two back follows me around like a puppy dog because I'm in with a cooler crowd. On
the day after that the girl who had been following me left me alone and took the
opportunity to talk about me behind my back and then I got the blame for ditching
them.The next day the same people gave me dirty looks then had a go at me then had a
laugh at me. All the while rumours have been multiplying.

Thankyou, I needed that.

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