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40 questions about him!Category: (general)
Wednesday, 11 February 2009
12:29:47 AM (GMT)
Try to answer 40 questions about just one person,

1.) What’s their name?
Rather not answer that... This person is ananymous

2.) Does he or she have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
Not that i know of...

3.) Do you get along with this person all the time?

4.) How old is the person?

5.) Has he/she ever cooked for you?
If it meant were married, then yes
Really no if we are still friends!

6.) Is this person older than you?
I'm 11, he's 12
I wonder?

< 7.) Have you ever kissed this person?
No, I wish

8.) Are you related to this person?

9.) Are you really close to him/her?
Not as a best friend, not as an emeny, friends through a wierd awkwd stage, If he
just talk to me ususally does that count? XD
Definetly not his gf >.>

10.) Nickname?
His or mine? He don't got a nickname!

11.) Do they have a nickname for you?
Highly doubted... A nickname mean *cough* DATING XD

12.) How many times do you talk to this person a day?
like... over 20... xD

13.) Do you think they will repost this?
Who? HIM? Oh, well then no because he don't got a kupika account

14.) Could you live with this person?
Of course...Does that mean sleeping together? :P

15.) Why this person?
He's my ex-crush, well I am ALMOST over him >.>

16.) How long have you known this person?
Since September 2nd

17.) Have you ever been to the mall with this person?
Why? To buy bras together? LOL
Sadly I have never been with him outside of school, except field trips

18.) Have you ever had a sleepover with this person?
Like my parents would let a boy sleep over.... >.>

19.) If you ever moved away would you miss this person?
YEPPERS! I would probably use Skandar as a ice cream number for me tho... xD

20.) Have you ever done something really stupid or illegal with this person?
No... Maybe sliding on the ice at my school... That's illegal at school... >.>
Does that count?

21.) Do you know everything about this person?
I wish I did, I know pretty much though
I know what your thinking
Just very... obersvative >.>
Okay, maybe I'm a stalker xD

22.) Would you date this person’s siblings?
He has an older brother like 10 years older then me and other than that he has
sisters... I may be a stalker but I am not a lez

23.) Have you ever made something with this person?
like a baby??? I wish xD
But no, maybe a class project, I think

24.) Have you gone skinny dipping with this person?
Moooooooo. Nooooooo. I wish... Ithink
What exactly is skinny dipping?

25) Is your he/she on drugs?
I hope not!

26.) Have you ever worn this person’s clothes?
He's a boy and if I had his clothes I would probably, like, worship them

27.) Does this person wear your clothes?
Ya, of course! *sarcasm*

28.) If it was “freaky friday” would you switch bodies with this person?
DUH! I could totally find out what he's thinking! And then make him like me and kiss
me and be amazing!

29) Have you ever heard this person sing?
Sort of... In music but his voice is not as loud as I would like it to be so hear it.
i heard him sing with his buddies for a assignment once, but he was either really bad
at singing or his voice was too quiet to be heard >.>

30.) Do you and this person have a saying?
Ya. Kiss me and let's go make love. *sarcasm again*
But i wish

31.) Do you know this persons facebook password?
I don't even know if he has internet!

32.) Have you and this person ever gotten into a fight that lasted more than 2

33.) Have you and this person gone clubbing?

34.) Do you know how to make this person feel happy?
I hope so

35.) Do you and this person talk a lot?
most of the times

36.) Do you LOVE this person?
Most of the times when he's not crushing on my best friend xD

37.) Has this person yelled at you?

38.) Have you and this person got into a fist fight?
No... But he did keeping giving me Charlie Horses and I charlie horses him back, way

39.) Do you want to go out with this person?
Maybe... :D

40.) Do you want to be friends with them forever?
If it meant be girlf friend and boy friend yes, 
but if not, it would be far too painful to watch him go out w/ other chicks xD

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