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Friday, 30 January 2009
11:26:49 PM (GMT)
[yeah. I know I'm totally taking Grace's idea xP Give me a break, it's a good idea!
And plus...I'm bored...]


I was born on February 13th, 1995 at St. Anthony's Hospital in Denver, Colorado. I
weighed 6lbs, 3oz. Apparently I had a problem with boobs; wouldn't nurse. As well, I
had "funky toes", my second and third toe were stuck together. Mom and Dad were


Just a happy bouncing little girl. Had a bit of a stutter and I got so excited when I
was talking that I would get stuck on a single word and just repeat it over and over
and over and over and over and over....


My mom was pregnant with my sister. I thought it was cool; use to go around telling
people there was a baby in my tummy, too. I was in love with books and music, loving
every minute of life.When Misty was born she was my best friend in the whole world.


Was quite the sassy pants. Oh My God, pb&j sandwiches were the love of my life. Still
in love with my sister. Then, all of a sudden, we left Colorado behind. Me and my
mommy and daddy and sissy packed up all our things and left. I was very excited.
Where were we going? What would we do? I didn't realize that I wouldn't see my
beloved Grandma, of whom I spent a lot of my time with, in a while.
If I remember right (which I'm not sure I do) this is the year my Grandpa died. I
didn't know what to think of it. It was really all of a sudden. I couldn't even
remember the man. I remember my mom and dad telling me that my Grandpa was very sick
and we were going to see him. I was brought out to an old house and stood in a room
with a bunch of sobbing adults, staring at my Grandpa. He lay in a hospital-like bed,
tubes sticking out his nose. I wished I had known him better. If I remember right, it
was on the way back that my mom and dad got the call that he was dead. They dropped
me back off home with Grandma and they drove back. I didn't get it.


Missouri was...different. Very. I wasn't quite sure what to think, but it was
something new so I liked it. I was starting to dislike my sister (I had to share
EVERYTHING with her! I mean, it's mine so why should she get to play with it?) but I
still liked her. Didn't eat much; worried my mom a bit. Coloring rocked my socks. My
mom was starting to go to school so I didn't see a lot of her. Plus, she was pregnant
again. All of a sudden, low and behold, my Grandma joined us! And I had thought that
I'd never see her again.


I was going to Pre-School at this time. Always talked about kids named Tyler,
Matthew, Heather, and James. I was in love with animals; aren't they just so cool?
Wanted to be a judge when I grew up. I apparently had a good taste in prehistorical
creatures: I loved dinosaurs. Makenna was born, everybody calls her Mickey. I'm not
sure why, my dad made it up


Played with the neighborhood kids (Corey, Clint, and Clay, triplets) all the time.
God, they were awesome. I was doing pretty good then, nothing much happening. Loved
my life.

[fast forward three years]


Life's still chugging along. I'm totally in love with Missouri now; I've forgotten my
former life. I'm in 3rd grade now. My best friends are Caleb and Tyler. Pokemon rule
my life. Just when I think life can't get better, my dad sits down me and my sisters
(Misty's 7, Mickey's 5) and tells us about way back when. Way back when we wasn't
married to mommy and instead was with someone else. He told us that they had two
kids, a boy and girl named Jon and Lisa. And if you think that's a load to take in,
he then dumped on us that we were going to be meeting them soon. He was right. Soon
we headed out to an Applebee's close by. My mom and dad lead me and my sister's to
table. At it were sitting two grown people, a boy and a girl. The boy had shaggy hair
and the girl was very pretty. They were 19 and 20 years old. The whole evening felt
rather..forced. Awkward. I didn't talk much for a change. Neither did Jon or Lisa.
All I can really remember saying is "yeah" when my dad asked me if I wanted an x-box
(he had asked Jon if he had an x-box) I didn't get it. We walked out of that
Applebee's and I never saw Jon or Lisa again.
Later on that year my mom told me that we were moving. I was heart broken. My whole
life was in Missouri! I didn't want to just leave all my friends behind and start
over again. My mom said that she had gotten a great job in Florida and that we would
just love it there. I hoped she was right.


I spent the whole year in a sort of a blur. There was swimming in the apartment
pool...the long walk from the bus stop to home...having fun at school...hiding from
hurricanes...being scared to death of going to a Middle School that the police were
at everyday...It was a weird way to live. This was the year I started with my
role-playing; my first one was a Warrior one. I made a movie at school and still own
it to this day. I actually got accepted in the ACE program, of which the Missouri
school had never considered even though my grades and scores towered above everybody
There was one day that I remember. Mom and Dad were fighting, they were very loud. It
scared me and both my sisters, so we hid in my Grandmas room all day. She made sure
she talked over all the screaming and cussing. When they finally stopped she sent us
back to bed. In the morning everything was very awkward. Mom cried a lot. When Dad
got home from work he started packing a suitcase. We all filed out of our room and he
explained to us that he was leaving for a little while. I hugged him but I didn't
cry, I was positive he would come back. He did. I didn't understand or know or at the
time, but he had been cheating on my Mom.


After only a year in Florida, we headed back to Missouri. I was thrilled (I had been
writing Tyler throughout my whole Florida "vacation") to be able to see all my old
friends. We moved in a two story duplex. I had to share a room with my sisters still,
but it was a big enough room that I didn't really mind. When I went back to school I
was pretty much accepted. I made best friends with Karlie and Kayla. Everything was
back to normal. The only bad thing was that the neighborhood we lived in wasn't
great, people were always getting busted for drugs and such. In 6th grade Karlie and
I drifted away from Kayla and towards Ciera, who I could remember a bit from before.


Interesting year. Lived next to a murderer for a while. Good thing he got caught.
Hannah moved in. She was slightly annoying, always ringing our doorbell and asking if
we would come outside. But she was good kid. I felt really bad when I was gone the
day she got taken away. You see, her parents had been bad people. Drug dealers, they
did drugs themselves as well. One day a swat team in masks holding huge guns crashed
through their door, knocking it down. They then dragged out both parents with little
six year old Hannah watching. My sisters told me that when they got home from a
shopping trip with Grandma (who still lives with us, by the way) Hannah came running
up to my Grandma, sobbing her eyes out. The police question them. They questioned
Hannah. In secret, Hannah told my Grandma that they had asked her if her daddy ever
stuck needles into his arm and that she had told them no, but then whispered to my
Grandma "cause daddy always says to lie to the cops." She was taken away, put in
foster care. The same year her brother was attacked by a tiger.
Nobody's sure if he's alive or not.


Meet Grace. She changed my life. I turned all dark; favorite store is Hot Topic. I
got in contact with Jon and Lisa via internet. I found out a lot of stuff about them.
Life's at a high point right now.

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