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My Awesome Story Part 2Category: Amelia
Wednesday, 28 January 2009
07:29:17 PM (GMT)

A hot guy. "Sorry!" I blurted out. I had never seen him before. Why hadn't I seen him
before? Our school was small enough that I knew everybody's names. So, why didn't I
know him? Sam obviously didn't know him either. She was standing there looking stupid
with her mouth wide open. I shoved her. "It's fine," he mumbled. Then suddenly he
looked up. "Do you guys know where Mrs. Hausers homeroom is?" He asked. I was going
to say yes, that's my hoomroom, but Sam interupted. "It depends," What was she doing?
She was in Mrs. Hausers hoomroom too! And we were already late! Late! Then I knew
what she was up to. "On what?" Hot Guy asked. "Well..." Sam started. "It just so
happens that we're late. And you see, we just can't be late today. So.." and then we
asked him to tell Mrs. Hauser we were giving him a tour. He shrugged. "I don't see
what else I'm supposed to do to find my dang hoomroom," Hot Guy said. "Oh, and by the
way," I said. "I'm Amelia." Sam rolled her eyes. "Sam." Hot Guy shrugged. That was
getting annoying. "I'm Stephen." was all he said. We showed him the way.

When we entered the classroom, all eyes were on us. Stephen shifted uncomfortably
from foot to foot. "Samantha. Amelia. This is the fourth time you've been late," Mrs.
Hauser squaked. "Actually, they were just showing me around." Stephen smiled and
flicked his hair out of his eyes. No um. This guy was good. "And who might you be?"
Mrs. Hauser asked. "I'm Stephen. Stephen Cook." Mrs. Hauser looked down at her
atendance list. "Well. Okay then. Class, I'd like you to meet Stephen." Nobody said
anything, but Stephen's fake cofidence glowed like a light bulb. 

"He's everywhere!" Sam hissed to me in between classes. Ans she was right. He was.
Besides hoomroom, he was in all of my classes so far. It was last period, and his
fake cofidence was still plastered on like paint. I was starting to wonder if the
uncertain thing was all an act. "I know! It's like he's following us," I said,
shooting him a sideways glance. "Whatever." Sam said. "I'm going to home ec." I waved
and walked on to art. I loved art. Even though Sam wasn't in my class, art was still
awesome. We usually got to draw or paint anything, and I just let my brush go. It was
almost always a good result. Mrs. Calbat was using the bathroom, so I got my supplies
together. I would neet cadet blue pastels, peach, kelly green, maybe a couple shades
of red and pink,and-Mrs. Calbat interupted my thoughts. "Class, we have a new
student," She said. I dropped my pastels. So much for that idea. "This is Stephen C.
and he's going to be joining us today, so instead of free paint, we are going to do
scenery paintings. Please grab the appropriate pastels and an easel and follow me
outside." Great, I thought. Just great.

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