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O_O Monday. Dance Competition.Category: Kaylee's Bloggerz. <3
Monday, 19 January 2009
01:12:12 PM (GMT)
January 19, 2009

What the heck are they doing on Barney?! WHY THE HECK DO I HAVE IT ON?! They are like
dancing REALLY badly to a song that was in the Nutcracker. Now they are singing about
Itsy bitsy spider. O_O Well anyways. xD -WHAT THE HECK ARE THEY WEARING? Dx My
stomache hurts.  u_u Because this weekend....I had dance competition and like...we
took all these classes with the judges. There was like...Uuuh.......a lot of judges.
Lets just say that... and in one of the warm up classes on Suday. Holy Tights. xD
They made you do crunches and then they made you hold this position which hurt like
heck. D; Dude. Ow. And now everytime I cough...D; It hurts. But the first class on
Saturday was like some Spanish Dancing thingeh. I dont remember all the names of the
classes but this wasnt my favorite class. xD This girl wasnt very good at teaching
how to do it so I got confoozed on a partner spot. xD Then I think we got to work
with this dude...who is most likely gay...<3 He had AWESOME hair! It was blonde and
it was just AWESOME. xD Then I dont remember what we had next or anything. xD We
might have had tap. ;P Tap was really really hard. xD The steps were easy but it was
so fast it wasnt easy. D;

Ohshi-. Barney. I love you. You love me. Blahblahblahblah. Well. Anyways. xD Then
there was African jazz. I LOVED THAT CLASS! Then um...there was some conteporary
ballet class. I hated the teacher but the choreography was cool. ;DD Dude. I just
noticed. On the category thingeh. xDD Its messed up fer me. xDDD Lmao. Hahaha.
Kaylee's. xDDDD I'm so stupid. xD Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Hip hop was pretty
cool but it wasnt my favorite. xD Um.Thar was a character class on Sunday. That was a
lot of fun! ;D "Shes lucky. Hes lucky. I'M LUCKY! WE'RE ALL LUCKY!" xD Lmao. Thar
were some other classes too but I dont member all of them. xD

Then the competition. ;o My group did a good job. ;D I got a gold metal fer Jazz and
a gold metal fer Tap. ;DD Woo. ELMO. <33 He is on my TV. ;3 I love him. MR. NOODLE.
XD Then my dance teacher made up audition fer a solarship or something. Im not quite
sure what it tiz fer but....xD I didnt win anything. Hahaha. Yupyup. I'm eating
popcorn. ;DDDD And drinking rootbeer. xD  Yumyum. AND I LOST A TOOF THIS MORNING AT
4AM. XD I was like on the phone and on the computer with my friend, Taylor. We were
both on gaiaonline and we were just so cool. xD Hahaha. Then I got tired and so did
she so we went to sleep. xD I was supposed to go asleep at 11. O_O Lmao. xD Heh heh.
Yeeeaaahhhh. All my popcorn is gone. D; NOSE! xD 

And my mom is annoying me. O_O I mean she is a cool mom...And she nose that. u_u So
since she nose it she trys to act cooler. Dx Which is annoying. OH AND I GOT A
you read all this....xD Woah.

‹goodfornothing› says:   19 January 2009   588637  
Congratulations on the dance dear ;D
‹kaylee<3› says :   19 January 2009   565865  
Lol. xD Hahahaha.


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