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Lol 6th grade is hilariousCategory: (general)
Tuesday, 6 January 2009
06:34:41 PM (GMT)
Bus School
The bus driver said I had to sit in the front for the stunt I pulled yesterday, so I
sat next to Nikki. She was messing with something stuck on her fingers, so I just
stared out the front window. UNTIL we hit a cat and Maria threw up.

Lol, just found out that Lena was going out with Riley. As soon as I heard that I
spit out my milk and was like "OMGWHATTHE****" and I got in trouble with the teacher
for swearing. Tomo started doing a magic trick to distract her and I snuck off. 8D

Study Hall
Kailee was eating the computer mouse cause she was hungry. Mrs. K walked in and
snapped at her. She said something about not eating electronics. I wasnt paying
attention. Then when Mrs. K opened her drawer silly string and confetti sprayed out.
It was hilarious, and it was all Lena's idea. 8P

Threw paper airplanes in class. One landed on Tomo's head. I got yelled at but I was
listening to my MP3 player so I didnt hear the teacher. :D :P

Probably the only class I behave in, because it's my favorite. Mrs. L came in with an
umbrella even though it wasnt raining. Maria asked her what it was for, and she said
for the falling things. I believe it was Nikki's fault. Lol

Study Hall #2 
Mrs. K let us all talk. Bad idea. This one kid in our class, Nicorin is his name,
angered Lena and she threw a chain of swear words at him. Mrs. K sent Lena to the
office for punching him too. Lol, Tomo ended up laughing so she was sent to the
office too.

Holly and Nina fell asleep in their lunches, and when Maria woke them up they had
mashed potatoes all over their faces. Holly ended up falling back to sleep, and Nina
just left the lunch room.

Nina collapsed outside because she was tired. So did Holly... and Holly's sister Tara
told Andrew. Andrew is new here and he already has a crush on Holly. Lol

Social Studies
We all had to choose projects on Aincent Greece. Kailee and I are gonna do a
popsicle-stick Trojan Horse, Holly and Nina are gonna do a dress theme, Tomo and
Nikki are gonna do a diarama, Lena and Maria are gonna do a poster, and I didnt pay
attention to the other ones cause I turned on my MP3 player and started listening to
Love Song.

Kailee ate something weird, and now shes in the hospital. Holly and Nina were asleep.
So there was a minus 3 in the class. We started watching Bill Nye The Science Guy and
I only payed attention to the TV then.

Bus Home
Fell asleep. :P

Kirti says :   7 January 2009   991299  
nice! much more fun then my 6th grade experiences. I hope your freind
is okay...


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