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Unhappy girl far away part 1 chapter 9Category: (general)
Sunday, 21 December 2008
07:06:21 PM (GMT)
Jacob looked at her and let go off her. Cindy stood up and she looked at him. Jacob
then said 

Jacob: I kissed the girl because it was a dare and I love you to and will you go out
with me.

Cindy looked at him with a shocked looked then Jacob smiled  and he took his hand
from his back and he bend down to one knee and put a rose in front of her. She looked
at him and then said 

Cindy: Yes Jacob I will go out with you .

They hugged and went into the room holding hands. The blond girl was there and there
was no teacher in the room yet. The girl walked up to her with a smile and then
Cassie came beside her and then Cassie slap her hard. Cindy let go off Jacobs hand
and she backed up. The girls laughed. The blond girl punched her in the face. Blood
poured out  of Cindy’s mouth and Jacob told them to stop. 

Cindy walked to Jacob but as she was walking Cassie tripped her. Cindy fell to the
ground. As she was getting up they flipped her over to she was on her back. One of
the kids in the room got up and walked to the door but Cassie ran to the door and
locked it and she told the kid to sit. 

The blonde girl called out a boy name and a boy walked to them and he had a huge grin
on his face and he was taller and stranger looking then Jacob.  The guy  walked over
to Cindy and the girls . He kneeled down and he grin wider. The girls hold her done
as the guy took off his clothes. When he was naked the whole room looked away. He
strip Cindy and Jacob tried kicking him but another guy stopped him and forced him in
a chair and made him  watch.

The guy kissing her and he stick his penis in her and started raping her. She cried
and screamed and when he was done they heard the teacher banging on the door and then
the door came flying open. The guy was still kissing Cindy when the teacher walked
in. The teacher heard Cindy crying and she pulled the guy off of her and told him to
get dress. 

She told the girls to get off of her and they did and the teacher helped her get
dress and the guy let go of Jacob and the teacher had Jacob picked Cindy up and
brought her to the nurse. 

The teacher grab the guy and girls hand and brought them to the office. At the nurse
Jacob put Cindy on the bed. Cindy sat there scared and had tears coming down her
Jacob hugged her and the nurse called her mom and said 

Nurse: Hi your daughter is going to the hospital with her boyfriend Jacob. 

Mother: Why what happen?

Nurse: Well in homeroom she was punch by two girls and she was rapped by a guy.

Mother: What hospital?

Nurse: ST Mary’s 

The mother thanked her and said bye and Jacob picked  up Cindy and brought her to his
car. He sat her in the front and he got in the driver seat and he drove to the
hospital. Once in the hospital  he picked her up and he notice she fell asleep. He
walked into the hospital and he told the front desk nurse how she was rapped. The
nurse wheeled a wheel chair near him and he set her done and the nurse said to go to
room 100. Jacob nodded and he wheeled her to the room and once there he picked her up
and laid her on the bed .

The nurse came in and Jacob was told to leave. Jacob left and the nurse close the
door and took off Cindy’s skirt and underwear. She did a swab test and she put
cream down there so it will not hurt anymore and she pulled her skirt and underwear
up and she took off her shoes. The nurse took off Cindy’s Sweatshirt and put a iv
will some special medicine so she want be pregnant. She washed Cindy’s nose. She
put a ice pack on her eye and she kissed her head. Jacob came back in with Cindy’s

Cindy mother stood in the door way crying and Jacob sat in the chair.  Cindy’s dad
came in with a suit case and he ask Jacob to come to his car with him.  Jacob got up
and he follow Cindy’s dad and mom to the car and he hand him a bunch of boxes and
Jacob looked at them and brought them to his car and put them in the truck then he
look at them confuse and ask 

Jacob: What’s going on? 

Cindy’s mom: We can’t do it anymore. She is to weak and we don’t know her
anymore and we think she is better off living either with you or a foster home.  

Jacob: But she loves you.

Cindy‘s mom:  We know but she needs some body else is love. Please tell her  we
said bye. 

Cindy’s parents walked to there car and drove off. Jacob locked his truck and took
out his cell phone. He dial his mom’s number and when she picked up he said 

Jacob: Mom do we still have that extra room. 

Jacob’s mom: Yes why you ask? 

Jacob: Well my Girlfriend Cindy mom and dad didn’t want her anymore and I am
wondering if she can live with us instead of a foster home.

Jacob’s mom: Yes she can when will you guys get here? 

Jacob: Well right now we are at the hospital. 

Jacob’s mom: What happen? 

Jacob: Well Cindy was rapped by a dude at school. 

Jacob’s mom: oh well I’m on my way bye.

Jacob said bye and he walk back in the hospital and sat back in the chair in
Cindy’s room. Cindy woke up  and looked around. She saw Jacob sleeping and she saw
a women that looked like Jacob sleeping on the couch. She sat up. She saw her suit
case and she didn’t see her parents anywhere. She tap Jacob on his shoulder and he 
didn’t budge. She got up and she walked to the window with her Iv pole at her

She sat on the window ledge and wrapped her knees close to her and watched the world
move. She lean her head on the window and cried. Jacob walked behind her and sat at
the other end and he smiled at her.

Cindy looked at him and smiled.  Jacob hugged her. The nurse came in and said she can
go home. Cindy got dress and she walked to Jacob car and the Lady walked to her own.

Jacob drove to a big house. When the pulled in the drive away Cindy sat there and
Jacob asked her

‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says:   21 December 2008   773545  
Oh.my.gosh. please rigt more!!!!

I'm dying here!
‹Emma Bear› says:   21 December 2008   496361  
i will  contuine
‹♥Kirsche♥› says:   22 December 2008   754675  
jacob asked her.... what!!?? tell me!! I need to know! plz continue
‹Emma Bear› says :   22 December 2008   852225  
Find out in the next chapter

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